Caned Every Day – MISS MARCHMONT

22 Aug

F/3f; time: 15 minutes

A nifty little primer for CP aficionados, starring ‘Miss Brown.’ Female students, in full kit, report to her for the summary execution of a caning, no time for chitchat.

A tall brunette, whose face is protected, arrives first. “This is the second time you have been caned this week. In fact, you ought to be caned every day.” The girl bends over, Brown carefully tucks up her skirt and pulls down her knickers, to display the marks from her previous visit. Brown lays on 12 vigorous left-handed crackerjacks, the brunette jumps on each. She is allowed a moment to compose herself and leave.

Actress Nicky Montford plays the next student. “You also are going to be caned every day this wek.” Red marks show, and Brown adds twelve more lines.

The third girl, another brunette, gets her twelve, despite jumping about and desperate pleading glances. Miss Brown gives no quarter in any of her films. “How sore your bottom is going to be by the end of the week, young lady!”

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