13 Aug

F/2f; time: 45 minutes

Another surprising film from this producer. We suggested in our last review that there might remain some enthusiastic local spanking film crew from the LUPUS days. This film may approach the severity of that era, but the staging and production techniques are different, and just fine.

Two schoolgirls, wearing the store bought kit, report to a woman. After a short scold, they are directed downstairs to a basement room, unfinished space worthy of GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL or REALSPANKING. Open piping, bare walls, musty feel, and nothing but a table with a cane lying on it.

The first schoolgirl, a tall blonde, strips naked, slowly and passively. With some reluctance, she bends over the table. The matron adjusts her position to get her high  bottom just right. The caning proceeds, maybe 50 strokes. Stripes and wheals develop as we watch.

An anomaly here. This ‘matron’ does not seem to be a very good caner. She strikes hard enough for sure, but as wild as you can imagine. A few strokes are inadvisably high and come on or near the coccyx, and surprisingly,  random stripes develop down her thighs, almost to her knees. The girl struggles through it. The second girl watches in horror. You can imagine.  Roving camera angles show welts.

It is the brunette’s turn. She steps forward and strips naked with the same theater.  Over the table for her 50  or so. The authenticity of this caning can be verified by the terrific beating the far buttock takes from the cane tip. Most directors find a way around this.

The naked girls are made to kneel erect, hands on head, on display. When they begin to fuss with each other, the matron orders the blonde over the table again for another vigorous dozen strokes or so. Watch for this producer.

Training School Enema

12 Aug

F/f; time: 9 minutes

A hot little film, made without sound, and we don’t have a title. This might be an amateur film. A woman is reading ‘Enema Hotline’ when a girl in school clothes reports to her. It is a training school for girls. They quickly proceed to an OTK spanking, after a convincing little struggle.

The girl is taken to ‘Discipline Room #3,’ which is fitted out with a gurney and all sorts of enema equipment. Film cut (there are several). The girl is naked, on her back, her legs strung up into the spread diaper position. The woman puts Vick’s VapoRub on her pussy and anus, a lot of it, way too much. We know.

The woman also coats the nozzle and inserts it. She then squeezes the hanging bag to Increase the pressure. The girl is fastened down, and she thrashes and moans. There is a shadow shot of her kicking feet, like the execution scene in ‘Public Enemy No.1.’

Another  cut, another enema, kneeling hands and knees. A bulb is inserted. A little cloth plug with a string attached is inserted so she can scramble to the toilet. After the girl is gone, the woman strips and begins to masturbate.


9 Aug

M/f; year : 2004; time: 40 minutes

A rare long film from NORTHERNSPANKING, featuring a British model who only made a few films we are aware of—a few here at NORTHENSPANKING and a long series at BARSANDSTRIPES. Hannah Martin  is a willowy and expressive blonde, with a nice little trait of twitching her bottom in response to strokes. And she is one of the more brave ones.

Here Hannah plays a nurse who has been caught tampering with medications, and under interrogation, it transpires that she also has been performing as a stripper at night. This gives supervisor Paul Kennedy all the leverage he needs.

Hannah stands before him, wearing that great British nurse’s smock featured in many films,  so easy to get off. After a long scolding, he takes her OTK. She yelps nicely from the start. Smock up, print panties. She puts up a legitimate and entertaining struggle to keep him from pulling them down, but he succeeds. He makes her stand in front of him on full display.


Next will be the cane. Hannah is caned in almost all her films. The smock comes off, and the matching bra and panties soon follow. Very nice. Unabashed frontals. A naked caning, bent over. To the wall naked. We always like to imagine Office visitors at this point.

Cheating the Taxi – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

STRAND production we will assign here. Kami Robertson and Mr. Stern. STRAND must have been easy with the air fare or they came to Scotland on occasion to harvest bottoms. This film starts off with the video shot from the back seat of a car, reminiscent for us of NU-WEST’s motel episodes, among others.

Kami is running up a big taxi bill and the driver, Stern, suspects she can’t pay him. She rides in the front seat of the taxi, an anomaly we will forgive for theatrical purposes. “I hope you’ve got the money.”

After some discussion, Stern will accept another form of compensation. Into the back seat For a spanking. You see lots of things happen in back seats in adult films, but rarely spankings. The space is too confined. Handspanking on black panties and then on the bare. And this cab driver, ever the optimist, carries a strap with him.


Couples Spanking – NU-WEST

6 Aug

3M/3f; time: 29 minutes

Very old NU-WEST, the washed out graphics, early sets, and early actors, not yet the NW regulars. A sexist spanking fantasy. Three couples meet for a party, and the men will gamble and wager the bottoms of their wives.

A series of similar scenes which do not need to be detailed. The men play cards at the kitchen table, and the winner of each game goes into the adjacent room and spanks the girl he won. The girls await their fate. Strappings, spankings on girdles, paddling. Nothing special except the naughty concept, and we imagine a modern, more aggressive version of this storyline.

Mystery Spanking – SHADOWLANE

6 Aug

M/f; year: 2018; time: 35 minutes

It would appear ‘Alice’ made this film at about the same time as her more substantial oeuvre with REALSPANKINGS.  We read somewhere she was 23, 5’1” and 85 lbs. How is that even possible? She appears here with ‘Joe Stryker,’ who is a therapist who will spank her to help expiate some sins.

The spanking is conventional. Alice starts off in bra and panties and soon gives up the panties. Stryker spanks her on a commercial spanking bench and in some bend-over positions. She will tied naked over a table.  Mild to moderate. Ms. Alice must have had a busy schedule, because she not going to leave here marked. She doesn’t get the spanking you would have hoped for.

Domestic Discipline – STONEFOX

5 Aug

AMF/3f; year: 2000; time: 1 he. 8 minutes

An old and prototypically clunky STONEFOX. A couple and their daughter and a niece have retreated to the Colorado mountains to seek the untarnished life. The two girls and the wife are very pretty. The husband bears some resemblance to one of the Three Stooges. Smarmy he certainly appears, he will have his fun with these pretty women in this wilderness. This is STONEFOX.

The girls sneak off for a smoke and are caught by the mother. Back into the chalet/cabin, she spanks both girls with a hairbrush. When the father returns home, the transgression is reported to him. There would appear to be a household procedure for such matters.

He will deal with the blonde first. She enters a bedroom and strips naked. The mother enters with an enema bag and hoses. The blonde seems to know what to do-she kneels on the bed, opens her knees and thighs. The father does the nozzle insertion, the mother holds the bag up for gravity.  Not the best of camera work, but hot stuff nevertheless.

After a  fade, mother and father march the girl up into the unfinished attic. She takes off her robe and is naked. They give her a nice strapping, all part of the sequence.

Tne second girl, a brunette, goes through the same drill. She gets her naked enema on the bed-this better filmed, maybe because the girl’s knees are wider. Then up to the attic for the same strapping.

We assumed someone was getting excited here. The wife strips naked and she gets her enema and strapping.

Gillian Lancer Borstal

3 Aug

F/4f; time: 28 minutes

Not the title, and don’t have a producer. Miss Gillian-Lancer spends a good part of this film talking and scolding, which must have been a financial arrangement with the girls, because she is a hard spanker and can bring it when needed.

Miss GL is in a tight little shot meant to be a borstal dormitory. She wears a bit of a uniform, including cap and handcuffs at her waist. One of the girls is a trusty, who will help her spank the other three girls. The models seem slightly amused at the dialogue.

GL begins paddling the girls. They change into bright red leotard-type outfits, where the bottoms can be pulled down to access bare skin. GL also has a cane. The trusty shares in the spanking. The film doesn’t get off the ground.

Miss Disciplinarian -LIZZARDCREATIONS

3 Aug

F/f; year: 2005; time: 35 minutes

SHANVAN UK affiliation. Featuring ‘Shanelle’ and ‘Miss Rigby’ as the domme. A simple little production and not bad. Very British. Miss Rigby admits Shanelle to a tiny overlit room, where the ceiling beams won’t permit the door to be opened fully.

Rigby is going to spank Shanelle. OTK first, then the girl stands to drop her pink slacks. More OTK, panties down,  brief frontals. She is sent off to put on a school uniform.

New scene, Shanelle returns in schoolie kit. She bends over for a leather paddle, quite hard, making this producer worth seeking out. Hands on chair, panties down, a simple but very entertaining punishment.

Absent Without Cause -AAASPANKING

2 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

John Osborne enters a room of a rather older schoolgirl with a cane. It is not a very well appointed set for a girl’s room. He has her remove her blazer and skirt and parade for him before he starts. The girl kneels on the bed, Osborne pulls her white panties down. She already has a red bottom.

Osborne starts with a hairbrush. She first lies flat on the bed, then kneels up, much more flattering to a bottom. Osborne switches to a cane and achieves bruises and marks. Otherwise a routine film.