16 Aug

M/3f; time: 30 minutes

An odd film from this, the best producer ever of CP films. The scene is a pre-fabricated industrial-like apartment in Prague. Two girls, ordinary brunettes, return home from school, bearing report cards. Not a good day for them, they are reluctant to enter the high-rise. Report cards are always fun in CP films.

In the apartment, the girls’ parents are partying with visiting cousins. Food and booze, pork and brandy in a pig fest. Cut to an adjacent apartment where a horrendous caning is underway. Another girl has brought home her report card. The LUPUS website describes 125 strokes in less than a minute. Bottom and flanks, and all the way down the thighs to the knees. No faces. LUPUS found a model who would do this, and the cosmeticians were standing by.

The sisters screw up their courage to enter the party and present their report cards. The parents rage with anger, one of the girls is sent to the kitchen to get a long-handled wood stirring spoon, and the spankings will begin, bare bottom, in front of the visitors, who keep on eating and drinking.

Two moderate bare bottom spoon spankings by the father, lots of screaming, and some suspicion that the cousins got a kick out of watching, spilling as they watch.


The Punished Maid – ELITEPAIN

16 Aug

M/f; time: 25 minutes

An odd film, which reaffirms that ELITEPAIN productions are not our particular interest.

An auburn-haired maid is caught stealing by her master and sent to what must be the basement of the house. While he watches, she strips naked, taking off her French maid’s outfit. She certainly has the credentials for a CP film, powerful little body and thighs, with prominent boobs and a round hot bottom.

The guy cuffs her and fastens her to a chain link fence. We then whips her, just on the back for this phase. 50 strokes are counted.

She is then turned around and fastened. 50 strokes on her boobs.

Then 50 strokes on her pussy, while she lies on her back with her legs open.

Her bottom is still clear. She kneels on all fours, knees wide, for 50 strokes on her buttocks. The evidence of the previous whipping is noticeable, so the sequence of these phases may have been as shown. For us, for our tastes, the eroticism was absent here.



Punishment of Delores – SHADOWLANE

16 Aug

M/f;  time: 35 minutes

Early SHADOWLANE, directed by Eve Howard. ‘Arthur Meeks’  is working as an interior decorator for his client ‘Delores Cortez.’  He arranges his next appointment to visit her place and informs her that her last check bounced. “You are going to get a spanking.”

Delores prepares for Arthur’s visit and gathers literally armloads of spanking implements and puts them away. His threats must be music for her. He arrives, there is some teasing, he opens a closet with a plan to organize the space, the contents dump out, and he finds more spanking tools.

Ms. Cortez, an older model, apparently in the years when SL began accessing Las Vegas girls and name models in the CP field, goes OTK for a long spanking with all sorts of things–strap, paddles, crop, from the piles of implements. Panties off.

Delores has stripped to just bra, garter belt, and stockings–we’re in the girlie-show era of spanking films. And a little bundle of birches. Bend over a table, not much of interest here.

Aunty’s Old Fashioned Medicine – SCARLETTHILLENTERPRISES

16 Aug

F/f; year: 1999; time: 57 minutes

A clunky old film from a New Jersey producer we have never heard of. From the production values we saw here, someone probably raided his basement cave and he is out of business. But we’re always up for a good spanking, and there are one or two moments here.

Well-fed blond ‘Elizabeth’ writes in her diary of spanking experiences she had when visiting her aunt. She masturbates as she recalls, and we have flashbacks. In CP films, dour aunts are always spankers.

Elizabeth hears her aunt tell her own daughter she will be spanked for various infractions, the thought excites her. Later, Elizabeth is challenged on what she is wearing as she goes out for the evening. Long scold and discussion, then an uneventful OTK spanking.

The next flashback–Elizabeth is awakened in bed. She doesn’t feel well. In CP films, there is a good way to check this out. Aunty takes Elizabeth’s temperature rectally. The insertion is done in closeup, and slowly, and aunty twists the thermometer slowly while it is in place. The only scene in the film worth noting.

The last flashback–another bedroom spanking; the model’s bottom is well positioned this time, for handspanking and the hairbrush.

Asking For It -Belinda Lawson and Earl Grey 3 – FIRMHAND

16 Aug

Belinda makes another series with Earl Grey copyrighted 2015. No storyline here. They will use the classroom to further experiment on spanking practices. Earl Grey wants to be called the “professor” to add some melodrama.

(BA)(M/f; year: 2015; time: 9 minutes) Belinda narrates the opening. She liked her previous spankings and will expand the experience with ‘professor’ Grey. “He knows her won’t get a better bottom than this one,” at which point she drops her slacks and panties to/ show us.

Grey arrives and a straightforward OTK begin, slacks down and then panties in due course. This first spanking raises the standard mottled pattern Ms. Lawson gets.

(BB)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Belinda sasses Grey because he is not spanking hard enough. So more OTK, Grey will spank both right- and lefthanded. Belinda steps out of her panties and gets some slipper.

(BC) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Belinda rushes into the classroom out of breath. For Earl Grey, the way for Belinda to “warm down” is to begin more exercises. She is barely covered in shorts and a gymslip. Stretching, bending. “Yes, professor.”

She came for her spanking, so she bends over the vaulting horse. Her bottom is already red. Handspanking, crop, panties down. Into the thrust position no girl likes, for the riding crop. Top and bra off, naked, back into the thrust position. Belinda’s boobs hang on full display. FH often gets her into similar postures for these results. Terrific.

(BD)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belinda confesses in narration that she borrowed Grey’s credit cards and ran a bit wild. He has been “subsidizing” her in order to spank her, but this is too much.

Grey discovers the missing cards, Belinda confesses. What can happen? More of what she wants. Bend over for the slipper on her shorts and then on her pink panties. Then the crop on her bare maroon bottom.

(BE)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Standard stuff, Belinda narrates. She is at her sexiest here, in white top and jeans. Tawse on jeans, then jeans down, white lace panties. Ms. Lawson may not have the panty drawer that Amelia Jane Rutherford has, but it is close. Panties down, bruises now.

(BF)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Grey is going to spank Belinda for the expensive shoes she keeps buying. Diaper position on a bench, handspanking and paddling on her jeans.

Next, a very thick “meter stick.” In the diaper position, Grey peels Belinda’s jeans UP. Plenty of bruises this late in the day of this series.

(BG)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) As always, we are working our way to the cane. Grey is distressed with Belinda’s credit card debt. Bend over the desk, the caning starts on her jeans. Then on panties and the bare. Plenty of  bruises.

(BH)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda has dressed as a schoolgirl  here, to enhance the fetish for everyone. She holds a huge tawse and awaits Grey. He arrives. Over the desk, on skirt, then white panties, then on the bare. Bruises are less here. “Oh, professor!”

(BJ) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) The finale. Grey is going to top it all off. “That tawsing wasn’t severe enough.” This session continues, Belinda’s panties are at her feet. Grey has her bend over the back of a straight chair.

“Professor, how many canings are you going to give me?” Grey never likes to commit. Belinda will count out 18 strokes; Grey traces the lines with a finger at 12 strokes and tells Belinda how much he likes her school uniform.

Belinda screams on the 18th stroke, which Grey made her acknowledge would be the hardest one. How is she feeling? “Very sore. Is it to your liking, sir?” Almost. Grey has Belinda strip naked. She does it slowly, doe eyes to the camera, and walks to the wall naked, the camera zooming in on her very thoroughly spanked bottom.

Another series with Grey. By now, Belinda is addicted to the sensation of being spanked and has decided to return to Grey for more of his “corporal punishment motivation course.”

(FA)(M/f: time: 11 minutes) Belinda reports to Grey. “Good to see you again. It’s been a while. ” Belinda goes to a blackboard where Grey maintains a list of personality “issues” he treats. Does he have appointments on the hour, the half-hour?

Belinda writes in “profanity.” They will start right, which suggests Grey DOES have a busy day. Belinda takes off her jacket and skirt and goes OTK. Grey takes down her full white silk panties. “This does seem familiar,” she says.

Standard handspanking on one of the great bottoms in the business. Facials. She has added another issue to the list. “Emotion-anger.”

(FB)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) An exterior scene, Belinda approaches Grey carrying spanking implements. She wants a spanking. She climbs over a spanking horse there on the grounds of the estate.

Grey selects a tawse and goes to work on her shorts, and pulls them down to expose blue panties. We learn that she has just popped in, that she could not wait for her next spanking appointment.

Grey hooks his fingers in the elastic. “These are coming down.” “No surprise there, sir.” Lovely grounds and artistic furniture. He leaves her, bare bottom. Birds sing.

(FC)(M/f; time: 13 minutes) The exterior scene continues. Belinda climbs off the horse without permission. Now Grey will spank her with the magazine he was reading.

“Stand up. Take your clothes off.” “But I don’t have a bra on.” That is no surprise to us. Over the horse again, naked, ping pong bat. Boobs hang so nicely. Grey breaks the paddle and switches to a strap. She is left again. In this sequence, FIRMHAND added some out-takes of Belinda’s fighting off some bugs as she lay over the horse.

(FD)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) More exterior. Grey went in the manor to get a paddle and Belinda got off the spanking horse without permission. “Get your clothes off and get back in position.” Belinda is quite Amazonian all naked in the sunlight on the lawn. He paddles her in this position. [aircraft noises] She stands and rubs, then walks away, the camera following her undulating buttocks.

(FE)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Here, Grey and Lawson sit at a table inside, in earnest conversation. She wants to increase the intensity of the corporal punishment program she has enrolled in.

Grey is always obliging. “Clear the table…lie flat.” Her straps her on her slacks Russian style. The strokes jolt her. “Trousers off.” Now that’s a surprise.” The windows are open, birds chirp. Wonderful facials as she takes the blows. “Panties down.”  “Aah, really?” Long hold on her mottled bottom.

(FF)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda rushes in, a little late for her 3:30 appointment. “I assume you would like bare-bottom, am I correct?” She quickly gets her panties down and bends over his desk.

Ping pong bat–fast and loud. “Are you enjoying yourself, Mr. Grey?” A strap next, then a bigger tawse. The hardest yet. She narrates for us. “That really hurt.”

(FG)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Who has the bigger fetish here? When Belinda misses an appointment, Grey goes to her house and pulls her out of bed. Of course she is sleeping naked.

He spanks her OTK on her bed, quite hard, achieving the same rosy buttocks. Struggling, and hanging boobs.

(FH)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda reports to Grey again. He is tired of Belinda dictating the terms of her punishments, which, from where we stand, is not happening. So  he is going to paddle her. He shows her a huge fraternity-like paddle. With a gulp, “That looks, uh, wooden.”

Belinda will bend over a tall stool, and to do that she must stand on the first rung. We appreciate FIRMHAND going to the trouble of finding these odd pieces of furniture. Six very hard strokes on her jeans. Belinda counts aloud, with gasps. Reaction CAM.

“Jeans down, Lawson.” She does this slowly, very good at it. There is that well-spanked bottom. Belinda bends at 90  degrees here for six more on the bare, and reaction CAM. She must remain in this uncomfortable position with the paddle balanced across her back.

(FJ)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Belinda is trying to work off the list of her faults written on the blackboard. This time Earl Grey is late. He finds her looking through her “case notes” and fingering a cane.

She is provocatively snippy. “Maybe you should give me a good caning, sir.” Belinda bends at a 90 degree angle at the blackboard, Grey bunches her panties, and he gives her a very hard caning, a dozen strokes, and 2 more for unauthorized rubbing.  We really wonder how they did it, albeit we are near the end of the series (and the filming day) here.

Caning Of the Shrews – KANE

15 Aug

2M/2f; time: 48 minutes

One of George Harrison Marks’ largely silly girlie-show CP films. The best  part of this one is the identification or preview of about 20 other KANE/BIZARRE films, giving us yet another goal in our compulsive quest.

A bride, in full bridal regalia, strips off her wedding dress and undies, piece at a time, in a seduction and spanking scene which does not advance the genre very much. But it did lend to still shots. She is, though, one of the nudie types Marks coveted in late 70’s early 80’s period. She is eager to masturbate while he spanks. They hug at the conclusion. We presume British law prohibited the suggestion of anything else.

The next scene is a few years into the marriage, “Matrimonial Bliss.” The husband has a daughter, a KANE regular, who is sassy to her stepmother. The husband must deal with her when he gets home. He goes to her room, scolds and spanks her, bare bottom. She is not unfamiliar with taking her pants down for her father. And there seems to be a leather martinet available.

“Three years later and wedding bells again.” The daughter has married, and when she rejects some attention from her husband, she will be spanked. The couple wrestle around in their bedroom. Her white teddy becomes unsnapped along the way. There is a long handspanking, long and hard enough to matter. Like her stepmother, she likes to be spanked, and she too will seduce her husband, who probably is quite ready anyway.

Sleepless in Surrey – NORTHERNSPANKING

15 Aug

M/2f; time: 10 minutes

‘Adele Haze’  and ‘Niki Flynn’ cuddle in bed. ‘Stephen Lewis’ catches them.  Niki is wearing loose two-piece pajamas, erotic in a CP film.

Lewis grabs them by the ears and marches them to a sitting room seen in a number of NS films. Scolding, spanking. Niki first, OTK, her pajama bottoms come down but her panties  stay in place for the moment.

Adele is spanked OTK next, then Niki again, and this time the panties come down.