Be Home By Midnight – SMAX

11 Sep

M/f; time: 26 minutes

A British film, and an awkward attempt of some father-daughter discipline for a missed curfew. In fact, Vicki was out all night.

There seem to be recollections and flashbacks. She seems to get spanked the next day. And her bottom is already red, suggesting misplacement of scenes. Decent OTK spanking and struggling. A graphic for part 2 suggests Vicki will dress as a schoolgirl for her step-father.

Something Long Overdue – OOHTEEKAY

4 Sep

F/f; time: 43 minutes

A bit of a silly exercise to tick off your list. A blonde not very convincing as a domme, will spend the entire film spanking a showgirl-like brunette.

The girl’s clothes gradually come off. The best parts of the film are when she stands naked at the wall.

The blonde will spank her in various positions, with a hairbrush, several paddles, a stick bundle, a few straps, a sort of yardstick, and a cane. It is all very mild, producing only a rosy glow. The girls hug when it ends.

Lazy Maids – PAIN4FEM

3 Sep

MF/3f; year: 2004; time: 50 minutes

Another long form film from PAIN4FEM, and a bit of a disappointment, given this producer’s attention to detail and plot development in most of its films. Two very pretty girls, brunette Susanna and blonde Tanya, work for their mistress in the manor.

Madam goes off to work and wants a clean house when she returns. The girls work awhile and then fall into Lesbian play. Of course the mistress catches them naked. When the girls, pretty runway-style models very much in the P4F tradition, beg to keep their jobs, the mistress offers corporal punishment.

She will call in the gardener (Peter Schober as ‘Josef’) to do the hard work. First, the mistress gives each girl an OTK spanking. Peter arrives for his part, two bare bottoms on display. He is unfazed. He takes up an “African whip,” it is called, and straps both bare bottoms. The mistress wants it “harder,” because she should, and she enjoying all this. The intensity so far is a bit below P4F standard.

Madam has a cane nearby. The girls must strip naked, which they do slowly, side by side. Josef canes each girl, almost 30 strokes each are shown. There are repeats, maybe in triplicate. Facial, rear, closeups of face and bottom. Lots of chance for repeats. Mild stuff. Tanja jumps and screams, the best part of the film.

The girls are sent naked to their room. The madam signals she has something more for Peter to do; we hope we know what that is. The mistress brings the girls powder and they tend their stripes and have daydreams about spanking and caning their mistress in revenge, giving us the third bottom for the film.

At tbe conclusion, the girls’ mistress returns to their room to compliment them on their courage. She is feeling better about things and we see why. Her bottom is striped. The gardener has caned her and maybe done some plumbing.

Four Girls-dress code – REALSPANKINGS

30 Aug

M/4f; time: 21 minutes

Another multi-bottom show from Dean Masterson. Betty delivers four brunettes—Miss Roxie, Harlan, Allison, and Miss Kemp. Another dress code violation, a regular spanking theme. The girls have already been spanked today. They must show their bottoms. “Barely pink, handspanking not enough, get the rest of your clothes off.”

Brunette Allison gets the strap first, bent over the desk. “I’m going to go to 16.” She’s been spanked once today. The other girls must count the strokes in unison, lest Masterson start over. Allison gasps and coughs legitimately through the strapping, a doubled belt. Even Masterson is impressed. “I think I might have made an impression.” We’ve seen thousands of spankings. Only a few models react like this. 16 strokes, viewed side and rear.

Miss Roxie, a pageboy auburn haired model, is next. She gets her 16, alternate views. She fixes her hair without direction and looks at the camera.

Miss Harlan, pigtails, next. Masterson is disappointed with her bottom. “It isn’t pink any more.” Sixteen for her. She shakes and quivers, like we have seen for surprised models.

And Miss Kemp. Ponytails and tattoos She gets only six and gasps out an apology. Facial tears, what REALSPANKINGS likes.

The girls line up naked, as is done in these episodes. Bottoms to us then frontals. Lovely young models, an enduring credit to this marvelous producer. Where does he get all these teenagers and what does he tell them?

Steve Meets Chelsea – NUWEST FD-074

30 Aug

F/m; year: 1992; time: 29 minutes

Another Female/male video. In our interest to review as many NUWEST films as possible, we take a look at this one. We’ve said before this isn’t our genre. ‘Steve,’ poor Steve, reports to ‘Chelsea,’ described as the dominatrix ‘Chelsea Allat’ on NUWEST’s website. He kneels before her and is ordered to strip.

Once he is naked, the white shorts coming last, she wants him to kiss her thighs. We are in NUWEST’s versIon of a sitting room, sparsely furnished. Hard handspanking, and a strapping. Flashes of his cock. He is endowed for the part, but, as we have said before, he is no ‘David,’ who could spring an erection just in conversation.

Some foot kissing, Steve has to ,put on female panties and suck a dildo, you know where it’s going to go. After more strapping, he is made to stroke himself. Face slapping, wanking, he seems erect. We are rooting for him. He must lubricate the dildo, and here HE puts on its condom.

Various attempts to get the dido working, typical NUWEST snafus. When Steve is forced Into the diaper position, the dildo seems to find a home. Lots of ‘ma’am’s’ and sexy talk. Various dildo actions we doubt. On the bed for more spanking then a crouch for the dildo. He must sit on the dildo while Chelsea lies on her back. And to conclude, he gets into the diaper positIon for the long thin dildo. We are convinced.

Dreams of spanking

27 Aug

2M/2f; time: 1 hr 35 minutes

An American film we can’t title or identify, a failure at emulating plot lines from many British or Czech CP films. A potentially good story: a girl is returned expelled from her school to an ‘uncle,’ just a guardian, not a relative. The girl will be spanked by both this guardian and a male tutor, and a female governess will get it from the tutor. The spankings are tepid, but at least plentiful. Everyone in this house has the fetish.

Brunette Lucinda is delivered to Uncle Charles and governess Clara. Because Lucinda has been acting like a child, she will be treated as if she were still in the nursery. Clara takes her to her bedroom and shows her the hairbrush. “You can’t mean….” Clara wants her clothes off and if she doesn’t get right to it, a man will brought in to help. Slowly, most of tbe clothes come off. Bloomers open, bend over for the hairbrush, disappointing after all this preamble. The male uncle and tutor listen outside to the yelps. The arrival of this girl is a gift.

After the spanking, Clara will wash Lucinda’s pussy and shave what little hair there is, the most erotic part of the film.

Lucinda is brought to Uncle. She must show her red bottom and the shaving job. “Nice job, Miss Clare.” A “hateful bastard” costs Lucinda more spanking. Governess Clara is fascinated and turned on.

Lucinda is taken to the tutor, who himself wants a shot at that bottom. He will spank and cane her.

After a fade, the tutor appears in Clara’s bedroom. He will spank, strap, and cane her, despite her protestations. Once again, all these models must have in their contract—take it easy. She is forced into the diaper position, a welcome escalation. Some tears with the cane—22 strokes we counted.

Lucinda is caught masturbating. She is spanked of course. Around we go, it becomes obvious that Lucinda is loving, as is Uncle, who more frequently puts his fingers where they shouldn’t be.

The film ends. “Lucinda” has slept over in her office employment and has been dreaming about the erotic spanking. She prepares to receive a new boss, who looks just like Uncle in the dream. If she plays her cards right…

A long review about a film not worth much. Good bottoms, good plot, we hoped for a firm hand.

Ariel Anderssen at ONLYCOUGARS.COM

23 Aug

So far we don’t know the logistics of Amelia Jane Rutherford/Ariel Anderssen/ Joycelyn Phillips making films being distributed by this producer. Hywel Phillips’ influence is not felt. The style is webcam, POV. We should say that this stunning lady should not be ashamed of moving into the ‘cougar’ classification. We do puzzle about how old Ms. Phillips is in this series.

‘Abducted by a pervert’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Another male character is filming Ariel and someone is taking still shots. Ariel is tied and gagged on a bed. The webcam angle is weird, low shooting up. No panties as usual. At the conclusion, the gag is taken out so Ariel can narrate the experience.

‘Ariel abducted and groped’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) POV style. Ariel struggles on a bed, bound hogtie-style and gagged, dressed in only gray bra and panties. A guy torments her, groping her breasts. Closeup of an amateur-style BDSM struggle.

‘Ariel bound and gagged’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Ariel is naked but for just a G-string, bound spreadeagled on a bed, face up. Further, she is gagged and blindfolded. The film is done POV with an intended amateur webcam feel. A male is working on her. He narrates: Ariel is his stepdaughter. He has broken into her apartment and subdued her to teach her a lesson. She plays unconscious to start. The ball gag could be imagined as a pad of chloroform.

The guy puts clothes pins on her nipples. She is gradually waking up and begins to squawk in her fright as to what is going on. He takes the blindfold off so she can enjoy her torment even more. G-string cut off, a pussy closeup the likes of which we have never seen for Ms. Anderssen. Nipple torture. We’d like to see the guy turn her over, but not here. Closeup up her legs. She is left to struggle in the dark.

‘Feet’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Ariel poses and undulates in just black lace net pantyhose, nothing else. It is a leg and bare feet show. She gradually pulls the pantyhose down and cavorts nude. She spreads her legs but teases by covering up. Lotion spread on her feet.

‘Job applicant’ (F; time: 3 minutes) Ariel reports for a job interview, in an odd place, on a bedroom set. To the webcam, she gives her measurements, including the fact that she is 6’ 1” tall. Sexy talk, she pulls up her skirt to show the interviewer her panties and bottom. She agrees she could work topless, although it is often cold in England. She takes off the rest of her clothes. What kind of job is this?

‘Repo Man’ (M/f; time: 29 minutes) Long and a bit silly. Webcam focuses on Ariel on a couch. She has let in what appears to be a repo man. We’re not going to zone in on the dialogue again, but the guy appears to be there to repossess a bag of sex toys. Ariel wears a silly outfit—very short skirt, bare midriff. Her hair is pulled back in a tight bun and ponytail.

Ariel is going to tease the guy and let him play with her. A bit of spanking, a lot of time taken with soft ropes. No panties, we discover. The guy gets up to change a cassette tape in the camera (this should help us with the vintage of this film), and he adjusts it to zoom in on her pussy, soft tawny hair here.