9 Dec

M/2f; time: 21 minutes

An old film by CP standards. A thin Emma Brown has long light brown hair here, which we will guess precedes her more brassy period to follow. She reports to Mr. Stern, who presides in the very same classroom we have seen in so many films, in all its corners. She claims to have been spanked by a teacher, for no reason.

Stern wants to see her bottom, and Emma does not hesitate in turning and pulling down her knickers. “Not very red to me.”

The set is the familiar classroom and adjoining space, seen in some many films.

After a fade, Emma reports with the teacher, model CJ. Teacher CJ denies spanking Emma. “Liar.” Emma was caught cheating. Emma is silly and impudent. Turns out security cameras will verify the spanking. CJ revises her story. She only resorted to the punishment because she couldn’t find the Head.

Stern is going to spank both of them, and a “severe caning.” He calls in “Mr. Jameson” (actor ‘Agean’) to help. Agean agrees to “warm their backsides up.” Both girls are taken OTK and bent over a desk. Cute dispute from Emma, and red knickers. Bare bottoms. Stern flexes his selected cane as he watches.

The caning begins. Six for each girl over the desk. The girls face the wall. Emma again, six more, counted aloud. Same for CJ. Hands on head, zoom on their bottoms.

Kimiko – wardrobe – NU-WEST

8 Dec

M/f; time: 6 minutes

The formulaic appearance, another employee chastised. Asian Kimiko arrives—Vanna lets her in the studio office door. They must keep it locked, all these girls seen going in and out.

Vanna escorts her to wardrobe, patting her bottom. “Put on a little girl outfit.” Kimiko strides with screwed-up courage onto the sound stage and steps onto the pad. “Pull down your panties and keep your skirt down in front.” She doesn’t quite do this, and the editor left in a brief pubic short, the only one in this series we remember.

Kimiko has a cute full bikini bottom tan line, challenging Katie’s classic presentation. Lee enters, snapping his whip. He is unhappy that Kimiko’s panties aren’t the required white. She admits Vanna directed her to put them on. “Vanna!” Stage set for Ms. Cantrell’s appointment.

Lee whips Kimiko as she takes the required posture—elbows on knees.

The Hooker – KOOBOO

26 Nov

M/f; time: 11 minutes

A blond model very much in the style of Kyrie Kelly is dragged off the street and into a kitchen, where she will be spanked and caned. Hands on the counter, very hard caning, MOOD style. Top off, thong off, she screams, unusual for a CP film. Heavy and wild marks, including down the thighs.

Flat on the counter for even more. Tears. This model will get some time off. She wears the KOOBOO ‘hard caning’ T-shirt.


21 Nov

One of our projects is to find the definitive birching film. Happily, this endeavor is not complete.

‘Deep Impact’ LUPUS/RIGIDEAST. Our best yet.

Dreams of Destiny-Victorian Interlude’ FIRMHAND. Rosaleen Young

Five O’clock Birching’ GIRLNEXTDOOR PRODUCTIONS. (F/f; time: 41 minutes) We have found this producer’s work mostly silly. Not this one. Miss Svenson and Rebecca, not the redhead seen often with Svenson at XEROTICS. Rebecca has been caught stealing from the charity offerings. Svenson is going to give her a whipping at the end of the day.

She is lectured and must report at 5pm. There is a notice posted on the door, informing a possible visitor that a 24-stroke birching will be underway inside. Rebecca arrives in a robe, which she must drop. Svenson wants the bra and panties off too. Thus the announcement on the door.

Blond Rebecca bends naked over a vaulting horse. The birch bundle is an unusual and and nasty one. Really, it looks like five canes taped together. Birch bundles are usually handfuls of twigs, which produce fiery patterns on the buttocks. Rebecca takes 25 slow strokes, repeated from various angles. Stripes appear across both cheeks. It is an impressive and realistic punishment. Good facials.

Rebecca gets a rest period in the corner, naked still. More birching, more marks. She must kiss the birches. Then her palms are strapped. We enjoy these after-hours punishment appointments.

‘Warlock’s Revenge’ LUPUS. Reviewed here. A naked maid is birched on a ‘Spanish donkey’ horse. This performance will be hard to top.

Nightmare on Kane Street – CALSTAR

18 Nov

2M/f; time: 44 minutes

An unusual film for CALSTAR, influence from the BDSM department on the ninth floor of their headquarters. A girl, identified on the box art as ‘Wendy Keeler,’ and called Evelyn here, ambles down a country lane, and is waylaid and dragged into an empty industrial building by a hooded male. She doesn’t struggle much.

In the building, they are met by a second hooded male. They get her top off quickly, we didn’t see a bra, and string her up with handcuffs. She struggles mildly. While one guy fondles her boobs, the second guy eases down her jeans and teases down her thong. He has to remove her heels to get her jeans off, and he puts them bsck on. He respects her feet on these floors?

They gag her with a necktie, not very effective, but ritualistic. Lots of rather intimate frontals during these struggles, reflecting tonsorial styles for this year. The staging and blocking do not feel like a regular producer for CALSTAR. One of the guys whips her with his belt. Not hard, but she twists and surges.

After a fade (needed of course to transition from one BDSM scene to another), Evelyn is tied naked over a plain sawhorse, which is covered with a blanket. She gets slippered here, the guy pulls his punches.


Another fade, she is tied onto a chair for the classic BDSM squirm, legs open. A cane appears. She is forced to drink some beer. When some spills, the men lick it off her body.

Fade again, Evelyn is strung up strappado for that cane. Somehow she is wearing different heels. CALSTAR’s box art says this torture went on for several days, but there is little indication of such passage of time.

Fade to an exterior scene. Evelyn is partially dressed and strung up again spread eagle. She gets the strap here. They get her skirt out of the way. She is seen walking around naked, essentially volunteering to go OTK.

More scenes; she is tied naked to a post and gets a modest frigging from behind.

On of the guys carries her upstairs, sack-of-potatoes, always colorful when the girl is naked. (Katie at NU-WEST, Samantha Woodley at FIRMHAND) Evelyn is tied into the chair again, but this time she escapes and we see her running around buck naked in the industrial rubble, those heels coming in handy.

Of course she is snagged, taken to the horse again, and caned. The guys spread lotion on her bottom.

In the final sequence, she lays naked on a bed, masturbating. Flashbacks suggest this was all a dream. Fun film, a number of set changes, unusual.

Heavenly Heinies – CAMERAART

4 Nov

3f; year: 1995; time: 67 minutes

A nothing of a film, unless you collect moments with Sarah-Jane Hamilton, as we do, and as it appears the director does here. She is a redhead here, and about 24 years old, if you accept dates in her biographies and this production. She has a light day here, letting her body do the display. She probably was due for, or had gotten, a schtuping at another producer recently.

Sarah appears here with Ariele Cole and Angela Faith. The girls will spank each other in a forgettable series of Lesbian episodes. Sarah spanks Ariele; Sarah spanks Angela; Angela spanks Ariele.

Finally, both girls celebrate Sarah’s bottom. Light day for all the girls.


28 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Pretty blonde ‘Veronica Weston’ narrates. One of the most entertaining bathtub/wet bottom films we have seen. She wears a breezy summer print dress. She holds one of the most lethal straps we can recall, a 2’ leather Spencer model, at least an inch thick.

A male who will remain unseen begins a mild handspanking, Veronica kneeling. Split screen, dress up, routine. White gauzy panties down, dress off, the scene shifts to a sudsy tub. Veronica has gotten her hair on the walk.

Into the tub, nicely filmed. She sets up on all fours in the water for the big strap. After each stroke, necessarily mild from this tool, she ducks her bottom underwater, an entertaining first for us in a bathtub spanking. Veronica spreads her knees wide for balance. The spanking concludes with Veronica standing, squirming to hold position.


14 Sep

‘The Spanking Hitman’ (M/f; 2013; time: 1hr 8 minutes)

In the year 2013, we wonder who between these two entrepreneurs hauled their ass to whom. We’ll bet Dallas packed his equipment and flew to Great Britain. Or possibly Amelia was in the US for a spanking party.

In this simple story, Dallas plays a hitman, hired to kill Amelia, but when he sees her, he would rather spank her. Smart guy, not to let this bottom get out of circulation.

For the entire film (released in five parts) Amelia will be stretched across a bed or parade around the room, wearing just a gauzy negligee or  less or nothing  at all, while Dallas spanks her exposed bottom and she negotiates maybe more  spanking in return for living on. We didn’t focus too much on the storyline.

The set is a hotel room, intentional, not a cheap set alternative.

There will be a few good lines, typical of Ms. Rutherford. As she sits in her favorite pose, on her haunches on the bed, Dallas offers her a snack. “If I’m going to die I don’t want to eat.” And when she squirms away from the first spankings, “I’m not going to be accosted in a hotel room!”

Amelia answers a knock on her hotel room door and Dallas bursts in, brandishing a .45 or a Glock. Amelia is commoner engaged to a Prince, and Dallas is hired to prevent the marriage. But somehow he sees what he can do here and changes his plan.

He pulls Amelia over the bed, pulls down her panties, and begins a startup handspanking. She is docile—she thought she was going to die. When he pauses: “Are you finished?” He holds his pistol to her bottom and admires his start. There are two cameras here, one for Amelia’s facials and one on her bottom.

Dallas pulls out an armful of implements. (We didn’t see him carry them in.) “And behind door #2…” he says as he shows them. Amelia feigns not to know what they are. “I am not going to be clubbed to death.” Not exactly, but it could seem like that.  Dallas starts with a small paddle, next a strap, hairbrush, another strap. Cute rocking bottom.

Dallas jumps her on the bed, a chance for him,  but he is a spanko.

The next segment is a segue. Amelia lies naked over a bolster, her wrists bound and fastened to it. A simple bondage device we haven’t seen. Her bottom is elevated high enough for several purposes. What a display for this famous lady.

Dallas uses a floppy double strap, a stiff strap, and other implements. A split screen is introduced for us to enjoy the facials. They seem to address the camera, as if the storyline calls for this to be filmed. Suspend disbelief about how all this equipment appears. Room service?

And working toward a conclusion, Amelia is naked at her room window, on an upper floor. Dallas now has a cane. Little hard experienced snaps make her squeal. Nobody in the hall? Wood paddle next, a standing spanking. He has to hold her still. Her nakedness is silhouetted in the big window as the light fades outside. Amelia has become linked with her spanker, a Stockholm relationship.

In outtakes, Dallas’ Sabrina, the director, has added some delightful nude poses from Ms. Rutherford, challenging the best she has ever done.

Somewhere we read Amelia is the fulfillment of a Nicole Kidman without pants. There are examples of Nicole without pants. No offense, we vote for Amelia.

Amelia Jane’s First Spanking – DALLASSPANKSHARD

14 Sep

First Taste of Real Discipline’ (M/f; time: 37 minutes)

This may be the first film Amelia Jane Rutherford made at DALLASSPANKSHARD. From the dialogue about their email interchange, her present anxiety, and her hairstyle, this could be 2007 or so, not long after GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

The scene opens with Dallas interviewing Amelia from behind the camera. She sits, shyly and nervously cowering on a couch.

Dallas sets the fantasy. “She has got a discipline problem at home and might be able to use my services.” Amelia can’t make eye contact with Dallas. He gets her to acknowledge she knows what Dallas does here. He takes her OTK full length on the couch, flower print dress up, and he begins a warm up spanking–just a little attention-gainer. He spreads some Aloe Vera gel on what buttocks are exposed from her skimpy panties–“This will keep your bottom wet…it stings more.”

He sends her to the corner. “Take off your dress and your underwear…you’ve seen my site. You know what we do.” She unwraps the summer dress and strips off little white boyshorts. She does in fact know how Dallas likes to pose his naked models. She leans against the wall, hands on head, elbows touching the wall, bottom out. Wonderful. He asks her to look to the side at the table where the spanking implements are displayed.

Naked and Gelled -Implements’

Totally naked now, Amelia returns to an OTK position with Dallas, flashing

the teasing frontal, so important a moment in all her films. He begins spanking moderately as they chat. He asks she hold her head up and look into the camera. She struggles seductively and complains. “This isn’t hard. Do you want to see ‘hard’?”

Lovely shots, overheads of her long thin body. Her hair musses, she shows an unhappy face. More gel on her buttocks. She doesn’t like the sting. “It makes it worse,” which of course is the intent. There is some alcohol in it. Dallas proceeds with a fast handspanking before he stops, winded.

Now Dallas will employ some implements, which are laid out for her to reach. First a round paddle, then a stiff leather paddle, very hard and sharp. Amelia squeals in surprise and struggles. She counts out a last 10.

More gel and then a leather strap. Lots of rubbing, some adlib out of roleplay dialogue, as the spanking progresses. 10 counted.

More gel, glossy bottom and thighs. Then a short hard red strap, hard, sharp and local. Laughing tears. Amelia is marking up like you will rarely see in all her future work. And a wooden ruler, 20 counted. then back to the corner, very naked. The camera zooms on her blotchy bruising. Some of the best corner time we have seen. Amelia’s bottom might actually be swollen. She will be itchy on the flight to London.

FADE. The spanking is over. Amelia is curled up in chenille robe, perched at an angle so as not to press on her buttocks. She looks shaken. They discuss the experience and she demurely comments on the spanking tools. “This (the “red rubber one”) was the worst…I didn’t think it would be,” referring to one of the paddles. Dallas thanks ‘Colorado Spankers,’ who supplies him with the naughty implements.

Jacque- Model/Distribution NU-WEST

13 Sep

M/f; time: 7 minutes

The employee punishment series. Vanna and Lee are awaiting the arrival of Jacque in the office/studio. She arrives and Vanna announces: “You’re here for your punishment, dressed as a schoolgirl.” Not a surprise. Almost eagerly: “OK.”

We don’t watch Jacque change clothes. Vanna positions her on stage, on the pad, kilt up, panties down. There is a shot of her extraordinary bubble butt, ready for the museum. She waits and fidgets. Lee arrives. “All I do today is whip naughty girls.” But in this case Jacque has not committed a company infraction—her boyfriend has requested this whipping. For that she gets double, 36 strokes.

The normal whipping, very entertaining.