The Facility -FIRMHAND

22 Feb

Yet another series from Amelia Jane Rutherford, 2020 release.  Here, she plays an investigative reporter embedded in a training school designed to teach girls submissive traits. Implausible enough, but in this series  we will have some more inventive directorial ideas.  Amelia has been embedded before, very early in her FIRMHAND work in ‘School Spanking  Expose.’ The results of her ruse are the same.

(A) (M/f; year: 2020; time: 6 minutes) Amelia’s pretense as an investigative reporter seems to collapse immediately. She is marched into a building in handcuffs. The set is the very familiar office scene used so frequently by the producer. Amelia’s long blond hair is curled. Anthony P. Scott plays the lead in some of her newer films. The rest of the male leads are on injured reserve.

Not sure how it happened so fast,  but lefty Anthony will begin spanking Amelia over the desk. “I need you to stand up and take your clothes off.” “Why should I do that?” But she starts. Red panties. And she has to remove her blouse. She is not much for wearing a bra. Solid spanking to start. Slow motion repeats. And she is going to be volunteered as a “companion” for Facility staff. Promising.

(B) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) The episode opens with Amelia standing in the office  in just red bra and panties. Her undressing not complete. The camera angle is low and close enough to depict her looming in the scene. Wonderful.  Anthony demands that she remove her bra and panties. She turns just to the perfect angle to pull down the panties. We marvel again at Ms. Rutherford’s exquisite body.

Anthony flourishes a dog collar for her, but first he will spank her. “What is that? I’m not wearing that!” OTK naked on a straight chair, her long blond hair, ringlets in this series, abounding. Anthony spanks quite hard, encouraging for this early in the series. More low camera to accentuate the buttocks.

After a very entertaining spanking, Anthony locks on the collar, Amelia helping by getting her hair out of the way. Anthony collects ALL her clothes and leaves. In an entertaining concluding scene, Amelia is locked in the room stark naked. She tries the windows and door. We see her pressed against the frosted glass door.

(C) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Discovered now,  Amelia sleeps on the little brass bed, in the nude of course, except for the dog collar, locked on and not removable. There must be no pajamas issued at this facility. Anthony enters, rips off her duvet, and makes her lie on her stomach, pillow under her hips. He straps her.

Amelia always excels in this posture. Her long blond hair, curled here, r takes 10 years off her chronology. After this strapping she falls to the floor and sits on her haunches, another specialty. Lovely frontals along the way. Amelia then dresses angrily. Anthony gives her the Facility handbook to study. He will be back unannounced to see how she is doing. She knows this will be another guaranteed spanking. Slow motion repeats.

(D) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia is on the brass bed studying the handbook, knowing a spanking is coming. Anthony enters and takes Amelia OTK. Lefthanded, with a plastic hairbrush. We like to see one of those wood long handled jobs. White panties down. Very hard, spectacular bottom. Slow motion of the jiggle.

(E) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Anthony will give Amelia a mouth soaping here. A new bar of soap is soaking in a bowl of water. Anthony inserts it in her mouth. As often happens in such scenes, the bar is too big to go in very far.

Amelia bends over the bed, bare bottom, for the crop. A medium spanking, the soap pops out, and Anthony reinserts it. Some bruises now—something is happening. Amelia crawls around on the floor then washes her mouth out. Slow motion repeats.

(F) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Some variations on the theme here, and a pinch of BDSM, appreciated. Amelia sits on the bed, still studying the Facility handbook, having already been spanked for slow learning. She decides to break out of the locked bedroom. Using a Bobbi pin from her long  curled blond hair, she is able to pick the door lock.

Fastidious actress that she is, she returns the pin to its purpose in her hair and sneaks outside. We have an exterior scene of the English country house being used in many FIRMHAND series. As Amelia sneaks away,  Anthony catches her and drags her in the front door. He removes her dog collar and locks on a shock collar. After a brief warning, she is much impressed by what could happen to her. She hurriedly strips naked, probably the record in all her films.

With the same willingness, she drapes her naked self across a spanking trestle, here in the ‘Punishment room.’ Anthony will strap her with a long implement which looks like a whip. Mild stuff though, the shooting day for this series is only partway through. After the whipping, she is left naked in the room overnight.

(G) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) It must be the next morning. Amelia is naked in the punishment room. Anthony returns and will keep up the training. She arranges herself on the trestle, standing and leaning on it. She will be caned. There are a variety of bruises. The caning is moderate. Anthony has her dress. There will be more. Slow motion repeats and closeups.  















Spanking at the Training Centre – ARIELANDERSSENSTUDIO

19 Feb

M/f; time: 26 minutes

The set is the familiar FIRMHAND studio, the space with the single brass bed. Ariel/Amelia narrates for us. She is confined in a slave training centre. Last night she tried to escape, was caught, and caned bare bottom over a trestle in front of an audience of partygoers. (Is Mr. Phillips handy? We’d like to see this acted out.)

Ariel stands and drops her black shorts, teasing her. She hears Earl Grey coming and jumps into bed. He is not fooled.  “We’ve had enough of your stories.” He will spank her. Out of bed, she bends over, hands on the mattress, knees locked. First, Grey photographs her bottom.

Maybe because of better camera angles, Ariel and Grey move to the FIRMHAND  office. OTK first, then she kneels on the floor in front of him. Grey slaps her face, several times, rather ironic, and rare, we think.

On the floor, she works herself into the wheelbarrow position. Grey has his chance, but her black panties stay on. We read somewhat that Ms. Anderssen is acutely aware of the exposure in this position. The camera is challenged because there is no position over Grey’s shoulder. After a short time, she falls off.

Grey leaves her. She has been instructed to strip naked, which she does slowly, with the pubic flash. When naked, she rearranges some furniture and gets out the spanking implements and handcuffs. They know we love to see her moving about in the nude. She sits on her haunches on the familiar table, ready for Grey.

Grey returns and selects a large red flogger. Ariel gets on all fours, on her elbows, so that her bottom is highest. He shifts to a cane and uses effective hard short snaps, harder and harder. He handcuffs her and we see her back in the bedroom. Might be a tough night.














2 daughters spanked – RAVENHILL

17 Feb

M/2f; time: 27 minutes

Early and clunky RAVENHILL, but we have said their films are always a lot of fun. Producer Tierre Ainese, with a lot of hair in this period, plays a father disgusted with the behavior of two daughters. After some discussion and shivering acting, the girls will be spanked. They appear to be two showgirl-types, a bit long in the tooth for a CP film.

Short shorts and bare midriffs. Tierre takes them, a blonde and a brunette, OTK one at a time, shorts and panties down. He switches from right hand to left, suggesting they kept rolling.  Both girls then bend over the couch arm for a strap. Both seem a bit bruised. Was the handspanking harder than it appeared?

The blonde is sent to get the big RH paddle. The girls will drape themselves all the way over the back of the couch. They paddle each other, and not very hard. Tierre takes over and paddles them side by side, and harder. We like this spanking position,  but of course there is no way to catch facials. Lotion applied to conclude.


4 Feb

MF/f; time: 20 minutes

Spelling by the producer. Agean plays a priest in frock and a younger Sarah Stern is a parishioner needing cleansing. After a long instruction, a woman takes Sarah into a bathroom, where she is stripped and given a sponge bath in the tub, standing, for us to enjoy it.

The sponging includes a thorough soaping of her bottom and crevices, as well as a cavity cleaning. The woman wears plastic gloves, and Sarah rises up on tiptoes as she is frigged with multiple fingers.

A spanking is part of the process. Sarah bends over a portable towel rack. In order to provide the alternate facial view, because the bathroom is too small, the action is stopped, the rack moved, so that Sarah can bend over again, facing us.



School of Nursing – SPANKINGSARAH

30 Jan

F/2f; time: 39 minutes

Sarah Stern with Molly Malone and Aleesha Fox. Sarah has caught two nurses—drugs are missing She has a strap. It will be the police or “I can beat it out of you.” The set is the familiar FIRMHAND studio with windows looking out on foliage.

Standard stuff. Aleesha lies over a stool and makes one of those little dialogue slips you see from time to time in CP films. She asks if she should drop her panties. Ms. Stern is not yet ready for that. Strap on red slacks. Molly gets the same, on her uniform and then on white panties.

Aleesha again,  slacks and panties down. And Molly,. The girls take turns. Sarah gets to bare skin. Routine stuff here.

When the girls are left alone, they argue with each other over who is responsible. Aleesha seems the culprit and Molly will try to spank her. Over the stool, the red slacks and panties down. Molly will use 2 rulers and a hairbrush, leaving some familiar bruises. Tall Molly steps over and straddles her, facing her bottom. This is a nifty pose for the very tall Sarah, and not possible for Earl Grey or Philip Johnson when they are on the payroll.

Sarah returns with a cane. She doesn’t buy their internal dispute and will cane them both. The girls begin to strip, down to foundation garments, appropriate for working nurses. The girls get some caning on their panties and soon strip naked. Sarah snaps the cane with authority and experience. Aleesha has a tramp stamp which appears to read ‘Jaome-Leigh.’ Lots of legitimate marks on both girls.


Caning For Jasmine – XEROTICS

30 Jan

M/f; time: 26 minutes

we write this film separately from our collections of XEROTICS because it is special. Peters is on the phone with Jasmine’s school, where he is receiving reports of her bad behavior. He tells the school this is “nothing short of disgraceful” and “I’ll soon knock her into shape.”  Jasmine is going to spend a weekend with Peters.

Jasmine arrives—the exotic dark redhead, not quite a schoolgirl, even though she wears the kit. Peters seems to be some friend of the family. “You seem slightly nervous.” He tells the sexy lady: “Sterner measures are needed….a good dose of the rod.”

The spanking starts. OTK, skirt up, white panties. Jasmine conveniently spreads her legs for Peters. Panties down, slow spanking. Jasmine has shaved to a pencil thin landing strip. She steps out of her panties and Peters unfastens her skirt. Nice closeups.

Peters has her bend over an arm of the couch for the cane. Hot scene. The slipper is next. Jasmine will  now undress. Necktie, sweater, blouse, white bra. She hands the clothing to Peters. Some family friend! She is naked for a standing handspanking. A terrific body— she hasn’t done this often. Long hold on her nudity. And the weekend begins.








Corruption of Two Cousins – STRICTENGLISHCP

24 Jan

F/f; time: 22 minutes

It appears Amelia Jane Rutherford made a few films with this producer, not to be confused with STRICTLYENGLISH. We will do some research. Amelia and her cousin Amanda find a cache of spanking implements, a CP instruction guide, and a camera with a selfie film of Amanda’s parents doing some CP play.  The girls will experiment themselves.

The girls are dressed in party clothes. Of course it is Amelia who will be spanked. The girls try handspanking and various positions, using paddles, straps, rods, and canes they find in the room.  Amanda tries a rugbeater on Amelia’s bottom and some slaps on her palms. Amelia prefers the bottom. The girls keep consulting the CP instructional manual they found.

 Amanda is going to try a cane on Amelia and practices on a pillow, with some pointers by Amelia. When Amelia bends over, bare bottom, the strokes are much lighter. The girls hear male voices and run off.

A rather silly film after all Spanking is too mild.