Being Keith Jones – SPANKINGEPICS

17 Jan

2M/3f; year: 2005;time: 1 hr 6 minutes

’Trouble In Carson’s Gap’  Part 1 of a trilogy. Keith Jones revisits his spanking therapist and lives out fantasies to slake his spanking desires. On the couch, after some surely spiked tea, we dissolve into his time travel dream in a somewhat silly costume drama. This will not be a ‘Longmire’ for sure. Producer Jones surely did put a lot of effort into this film.

Keith plays the sheriff of Carson’s Gap and Steve Fuller his deputy. Three fake nuns—CP stars, ‘Erica Scott’ as  a mother superior, and ‘Paris Kennedy’ and newbie ‘Sierra Salem’ as  novices, carrying carpet bags, arrive in town ostensibly to set up an orphanage. Actually, they intend to take legal control of a saloon and do what girls did out West.

The  girls have run away from an abusive household—we are treated to some spankingflashbacks. Their father whips the and their bloomers fall open.

The film contains an annoying overdubbing of music. To drown incongruous traffic or airplan noises? The sheriff and his deputy do not trust the nuns. Fuller catches the two younger girls swimming in the nude. He roughs them up and spanks them at creek side. Silly stuff.

”Where are your drawers?” the deputy asks. But the girls are skinny dipping. (Maybe the room we haven’t come across this film is its impenetrable nature, this exchange in point.

Sheriff Keith finds a chance to spank the girls in his office. We give up on the plot.

In succeeding scenes, the girls seem to have gotten control of the saloon and are entertaining customers, to the consternation of the townsfolk. The sheriff and his deputy grab the girls and spank them more. Keith wakes up from his time travel dream, so we can stop trying to decipher this morass.

Spankings for Two – DROPSEAT

17 Jan

M/2f; time: 40 minutes; year: 2002

CP warriors Ralph Marvel, Amber Michael, and Casey Sinclair are credited.

’At the Office’ Tepid doings. Blonde Amber Michael will entice  and  take a spanking from Ralph Marvel rather than be fired. She has a show biz body. She takes a standard spanking, more revealing than most, especially the diaper position on the desk. After the spanking, she sneaks a call to her girlfriend. “Bobbie, it worked.”

‘At Home’ Casey Sinclair gets a belt from her husband for being late. She must call the folks she was late for and gasp out an apology while the spanking continues on her bare bottom.

’In the Kitchen’ Michael and Marvell again. She gets the belt in the kitchen, where her clothes come off, and the Las Vegas body alluded to in the above sections pops out on full display. In the best part of the film, she is put to work naked, wearing just a skimpy and diaphanous apron.

Training of the Shrew -SPANKINGSARAH

14 Jan

F/f; time: 12 minutes

A continuation of the storyline where Amelia Jane Rutherford is the village neighborhood watch person and crusty Sarah Stern is a dominatrix  secretly servicing the neighbors. Amelia wears her yellow knit dress. Sarah berates her for her judgmental remarks. And Sarah has some leverage she can use to enjoy herself with Amelia. “I’m going to teach you to be a nice person.” The book would say that corporal punishment does not do this, but let’s try.

Sarah has Amelia select an implement out of the bag she found when she was snooping earlier. She selects a strap, they have to hurry, because the vicar is coming by for his 2 pm appointment. “Take off your dress.” “Why?” White undies, the bra comes off, just to increase the subjugation. Over the duty trestle, Sarah gets the panties down. Routine stuff.

Schooldays -SHAN VAN

14 Jan

,M/2f; time: 33 minutes

A British producer we are not familiar with. Blonde ‘Shanelle’ and brunette ‘Elizabeth,’ schoolgirls in class. A male teacher in cap and gown quizzes them in geography and will spank them for laziness. He spanks both girls OTK, panties down. And when they still fail the questions, a trip to the headmistress is advised.

Off to see ‘Miss Bond,’ the obligatory hall waiting scene, decently staged. The girls are called into the Head’s office,  more or less an empty room with painted brick walls. Take  a moment to admire the producers who recreated realistic school settings—FIRMHAND, MISS MARCH,ONT, RED STRIPE, ROUE, and sometimes CALSTAR.

The girls will get the strap and cane, bent over a table, mild stuff.


14 Jan

M/f; time: 10 minutes

We see ‘CJ’ here,  in a rare appearance other than MOONGLOW. With ‘Mr. Stern’ in the gym/dressing room setting used so often with Miss Gillian-Lancer. CJ caught smoking. He will spank her. She is very good in all her films at caring less. Over the vaulting horse which comes with the room, skirt up, panties down. Routine stuff.

Sandy’s Sizzling Spanking – KURTSTEVENS

13 Jan

M/f; year: 1990; time: 39 minutes

An older film, at least by the standards of the evolution of the CP film  business. This short-lived Philadelphia producer certainly had the feel of NUWEST in the same early 1990’s–cheap and skimpy sets, zero budgets,  girls with big hair, awkward lighting and sound, stiff acting, and modest spankings, at least for STEVENS.

Kurt Stevens himself may be playing the lead here. He growls on the phone at a vendor at his desk and must hurry out to fix something. He leaves Sandy to get some critical documents into express mail, setting the assured spanking scenario. Sandy is an early Julie Roberts-type, with fluffy big blond New Jersey hair. Sandy fritters away the last critical minutes to prepare the mail by talking on the phone with a girlfriend.

Stevens returns and is furious. Now he must drive the mail to the distribution point. He fires Sandy, telling her that if she were a daughter of his, she would have gotten a good spanking.

FADE. Stevens at home, on a sleazy couch in a minimally furnished room. Sandy knocks and is invited in. She wants to apologize. She wears a white skirt, blue top, and white go-go boots. She begs for her job back and hesitatingly suggests that she might accept one of those spankings. Stevens feigns caution and reluctance, but then quickly  drafts a waiver on a yellow pad, and has her sign.

FADE. Well into the film, the spanking will start. OTK on the couch. Skirt up, loose white satin panties. We have never understood for some of these fringe studios, why the girls didn’t wear fitted tight panties, which would seem to have been so essential to a spanking film. Did we miss some fashion trend? Stevens himself clears the hair off her face and pins her wrists behind her.

He shifts the spanking to a straight chair, always best for the proper OTK stroke motion. Long and routine spanking so far. Some corner time.

Another FADE (needed for resting? Certainly not for scenery adjustment); Sandy kneels up on the chair and bends over its back for a small paddle. Then back OTK, and finally, panties down. Overhead shots and some tears. Corner time again, bare. Hugs and job back.

Slutty Sorority Sisters -SPANKINGSARAH

11 Jan

F/f; time: 6 minutes

A silly exercise,  mercifully short. Zoe Page and Amelia Jane Rutherford gossip on a couch about their sorority. The actresses try to portray low-end girls, which, at least, Ms. Rutherford can not pull off. She wears a blue top and white skirt. Zoe wears a halter and shorts.

Zoe plays with Amelia’s sweater and starts to unbutton it. Amelia screeches when Zoe twists her nipples. Finally, some OTK spanking play at 5 minutes, a lot of talk and a few smacks on the white skirt.