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Introduction – Our Purpose

31 Mar

We are several amateurs with a lifelong love of spanking films, particularly of a “vintage” nature, where there is an attempt at plot and dialogue, however goofy on occasion. “Vintage” usually emphasizes schoolgirl or ageplay action, and good films are classified “old” all too quickly. We don’t intend an exhaustive analysis of the CP industry. We tactically avoid producers we don’t care for, without passing judgment. We tend also not to prefer those producers who employ Las Vegas-style models or with a heavy BDSM flavor.

We don’t require good acting or plausibility; after all, the actresses are being asked to take their pants off. Nor do we fuss about the complete authenticity of the spankings; if the theater is good enough, we go along with any adjustments the producers need to make. Frequently, it would appear some of the girls couldn’t work for a period of time after a particularly difficult filming anyway. And there are many humorous moments when an already red bottom must be justified. And last, we don’t fuss over production standards.

Take NU-WEST,  where trailblazing and imaginative spanking themes were often delivered in clunky style. For us, no other producer plumbed the possibilities of our spanking fantasies like NU-WEST. We understand the budget limitations in this business and just go along with the story.

In our first posts, we tried  to focus on our favorites–actresses, actors, storylines, and the producers who best catalogue our own tastes. We had hundreds ( now thousands) of reviews to present, so hang in there with us. As we go along, we have become more knowledgeable about the ‘scene’ and we are trying to correct many early errors we made. Some readers have helped. And a few producers have sent kind regards–namely NU-WEST, RAVENHILL,  and SPANKINGFORPLEASURE. 

At this revision, we have reviewed nearly 5000  films, some packaged  together as series, as in FIRMHAND, REALSPANKINGS. One post might contain 15 films.

For XEROTICS,  we have many  groupings of these short films, maybe titled maybe not. And we are now attempting to group the films by model identity.

At this revision in the Fall of 2022, we sense we are reaching the saturation  point  of our interest, so we will primarily expand and fill in the areas of our concentration. And screenshots!

We are not critics and have chosen not to review websites, because there are more clever creators, collators, and professional reviewers out there that we can read, some in the film-making business themselves. We will occasionally cite a legitimate source to BUY or RENT the film. We hope we are entertainng enough to induce you to do that and to support the people who keep this narrow and apparently shrinking genre alive. If you don’t acquire the film, we hope you will at least get a kick out of reading about it. Luddites we are, we have begun  the insertion of screenshots in the Fall of 2022, first for our favorites.