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Mrs. Delgado’s Practice 1 and 2 – CAL STAR

30 Apr

F/2f; year: 1993; time: 60 minutes

Actress Clyda Rosen as Mrs. Delgado runs a “corrective” unit, where she spanks the daylights out of girls as punishment. There are several delightful variations of this fertile theme in the CP genre. Clinics, Correction Centers, Judicial Caning, Corrective Therapy units, Marriage Guidance, cellars at police stations, etc., all places a wayward girl can be summoned.  Knowing all this would make a girl quake as she leafs through her mail every day. And to think, we just we look for mail from the IRS!

A young lady, Sheila Broadbin, played by actress ‘Annie,’ is led into Delgado by Alfred, a smarmy ageplay guy who has been seen lowering a few pairs of knickers in the CalStar archive himself. Sheila is a tall, stately, sophisticated long-haired brunette with a model’s figure, wearing a fashionable two-piece sailor’s suit. Delgado immediately orders her to release her pigtails and kick off the silly shoes.

Sheila is reportedly ‘incorrigible’ on many fronts and someone has arranged an appointment for her at the corrective unit. There is no discussion about what happens here. Sheila kneels on the floor on all fours and Delgado immediately pulls down her knickers. A few slaps, then a switch to OTK, a leisurely view of her carefully tended mohawk in the process. A slow handspanking. Delgado creams Sheila’s bottom and seems as excited as Sheila is getting.

“Wipe that grin off your face.” Sheila is probably chuckling at Delgado’s bad acting, and the smacking is not severe enough yet to focus her. “Stick your bottom out…pose yourself.” Delgado takes a huge clothes brush out of her umbrella stand of implements. This spanking is harder. “Oh, you’re crying.”

Sheila is asked to close her eyes for a surprise. Delgado wooshes a cane. “What is that?…a whip, a cane?” Very erotic. Delgado fondles Sheila’s bottom. Alfred peers through the glass door. We can’t see what he might be doing with his hands. More frontals as Delgado unbuttons Sheila’s sailor top and we accelerate to a climax. Bra off, Delgado plays with her breasts. “How do you like them, pushed or pulled?” Some therapy, this is.

Over the chair again, Delgado chokes up on the cane like a singles hitter and lays on 10 snappy zingers to Sheila, who is naked. She wants to “take the laugh out of your voice.” Raunchy Alfred is called in. “She still has a smile on her face, madame.” One last hard cane stroke. “She’s almost crying, madame.” Delgado is finished; she lets Alfred cream Sheila’s bottom, which he does in slow detail.

Sheila dresses full-screen, bottom to us; she asks: “Can I watch?” referring to the next spanking appointment.

Penny Woods arrives, an older, more sophisticated, realistically nervous young lady, whose husband has sent her here. Delgado: “When your husband spanks your bottom, you laugh at him. Let’s see how you do with me.” Penny strips–skirt and suit jacket off, down to blouse, bra, panties, and garter belt. OTK, she gasps when the spanking starts. Delgado checks between her thighs. “So this is turning you on.” She spanks, fondles, and kisses, and checks the warm valley again. “Look, you’re even getting wet. Shame!”

Belt off, blouse off, Penny kneels on a chair and is strapped with her own belt. Good facials because Penny’s hair is up. She quivers to Delgado’s lecherous touch. “I want to show you what is meant when they call me the dragon lady.” More with a long thin strap. “I can see your moisture running down.”

Alfred is called to bring a pillow and is allowed to remain and watch. His devillish little smirks are cut into the spanking sequences. Penny’s bikini panties expose both buttocks but will survive this ordeal.

“Alfred, go and get the cane.” she torments Penny with the cane tip, eliciting moans. In an unscripted moment, one of Delgado’s extra-vigorous practice swooshes catches Penny’s lower right cheek and leaves a mean welt. There is a rustling on-set. “Oh, that was unintentional.” (but entertaining and productive) About 10 slow cane strokes follow. Penny shivers at the touch of the rattan as Delgado teases bwtween strokes. Penny concludes and presumably reports home to her husband, we hope for more.

We hopefully have expressed our pleasure with these two spanking appointments.

Caning News 2 – MOONGLOW

30 Apr

M/f; time: 1 hour, 17 minutes

A long collection of spanking scenarios, not previews or excerpts as far as we can tell, all the format of news clips.

Bottom of the Class‘: An eleven minute segment featuring the deadpan face (and lower parts) of  the courageous CP actress Nicky Montford, playing ‘Robinson.’ She is a hopeless student who will be spanked bi-weekly until some improvement is seen. “You’ll be thrashed every second Friday.” On the first visit, she bends over a spanking bench for seven very hard strokes on her skirt. The covered bottom permits these sequences to be filmed together, to avoid discrepancies of time passage on a striped bottom.

Two weeks later, she is still at the bottom of the class (Ms. Montford could rightly be called THE bottom of the class) “Lift your skirt.” Legs wide, 6 strokes on her knickers, some overlap on her bare skin suggest what the results really look like.

Another two weeks: no progress, over the bench, 4 on trousers, 4 on knickers, MOONGLOW took the trouble to change her costume from session to session.

Last session: Robinson in schoolgirl kit, skirt up, nice tight regulation knickers, bend-over, six zingers on her pants, those telltale marks still show.

Bullying Sophie Richardson‘: And 11 more minutes, Nicky again as Robinson has a different problem with authority this time. For bullying students, a faceless male voice bends her over a couch arm facing us, a mirror behind reflecting her bottom. 10 strokes on trousers.

For stealing, Robinson must strip off  her clothes and be searched. Slowly, each item of clothing examined, down to panties. Bend-over the couch again, about 10 strokes, the caner gives her a feel, her  boobs hang in this posture.

‘Gardener Birched‘ A very attractive brunette, whose face we never quite see, takes quite a beating. A faceless spanker gets her over a school desk, bunches her frilly panties, for about a dozen with a bundle of nasty rough birches. You’d think this would be enough for anyone, but no, he pulls her knickers down and flails away, fully over NINETY more strokes, in bunches, fast and slow. The girl’s buttocks and flanks achieve a rosy glow, but otherwise no damage.

‘A Dress For Spanking: The Girl Friend’: A blonde gets thhe OTK bare-bottom treatment from a young male. Nothing of note except the shoes of a cameraman as he closes in.

‘The Step Father’: A pretty brunette, already with red buttocks, gets a dose from an older ageplay guy.

‘The Boss’: An older guy spanks a brunette, we assume for wearing a naughty checkered dress. White panties down and little winks between her legs.

‘Dipso Wife’s Bottom Roasted’: Another cute brunette, faceless spanker, and floor-length mirror. She is a hearty one–drinks Jack Daniels straight. Blue panties, the spanker gets himself a feel, her round bottom lovely in the mirror.

‘Waitresses Spanked’: Three very pretty brunettes, dressed in waitress outfits which are more look cheerleaders’ costumes, are spank one at a time by Tom Cooper. Mild, but wait.

‘Calders, Cornwallis, Wren caught smoking ‘ The same three waitresses, not to deny us, here dressed as and probably schoolgirls, are caught by their boss (or teacher) and marched inside for the cane one at a time. He starts on a brunette first; she bends over a chair, he takes her knickers down with not a little pleasure and lays on 12 strokes as hard as it needs to be done in a film. A blonde comes in next and gets a much bigger dose–thirty in all, counted aloud, insuring no repeats. And third, a pigtailed brunette with the delightful name ‘Cornwallis’ faces her own surrender–almost 40 strokes, the tip of the cane biting into her flank. The caned girls check each other’s bottoms in the alley.

‘Mrs. Barclough’s Humiliations’: An excerpt. A refreshing variation, an older teacher, in conservative dress and eyeglasses, has been spanking her rugby-boy students. Her husband would like to see her thrashed just like her students. So  would we.

A faceless male supervisor directs her to take off her suit jacket. “Bend over the stool, now!” She takes a delicious moment to position herself and grasp the foot bar. After a brief paddling, she stands to take off her skirt and show her frilly red boyshorts. More paddling–she twists her bottom to avoid.

The supervisor: “I’m going to get the cane out.” “You’d like that, wouldn’t you….you’re enjoying this.” He teases her with wooshes, then lays on just six strokes. She complains and yelps nicely after each. “You’re a wingher, aren’t you?” She is cornered, hands-on-head, bare bottom, where she must wait until her husband returns. Imagine taking her home.

Dr. Chalmers’ Painful Prescription – CAL STAR

30 Apr

M/f; time: 23 minutes

The actor Michael Dawes plays a doctor/therapist in a long white medical smock, an erotically charged costume for us, and for him perfect to turn to the work he does best. A pretty brunette is in for counseling. Her man “doesn’t seem to understand my need to be dominated.” The girl’s dark hair and bangs frame her face; she wears full conventional clothing, not teasing stuff often seen on models. Facial closeups detect apprehensive uncertainty. Good acting.

The doctor listens, then advises, in classic Dawesian phraseology, what she needs is “short sharp shock treatment, to put you off ever wanting to be dominated again–it involves spanking–harder, harder, and harder.”

The compliant (and gullible) volunteer agrees and goes OTK. He works her voluminous full skirt to expose conventional white panties, which he takes some pleasure in carefully lowering. “This  treatment is not available from the national health service.” This script line was uttered in more tranquil times for health care, and is a gem. We predict this treatment will be covered soon.

The spanking continues.  The sweet innocent girl is frightened. “Stop being nervous…I’m a doctor…an eminent practicioner.” That he is! And yet another unscripted moment so typical of Michael, he is bothered by a “little spider web” which crosses his face. Creepy stuff when your bottom is turned up bare in the room.

He asks for a slipper. A hairy arm hands him one from off-screen. “Thank you, nurse.” No wonder the girl is nervous, she is bare-ass and the nurse is a man! Michael is busting with excitement. The girl is gasping. The hairy arm delivers more implements.

She lies across a small stool just off the floor and readjust her skirt again. Michael uses a double belt. She falls off her position under the assault so he straddles her upper body and strikes vertically. She screams–we lowered the volume. At this angle, a belt cane do things.

After a FADE (maybe this actress was having a tough time), we find her bent over the back of a chair. The cane comes from the disembodied arm. Michael lays on 12 of his bouncy medium-strength full-motion strokes. Good shots of her troubled face and wringing hands as she squeezes the chair. At about the 11th stroke, she does break and there is a roulgh-cut as she is repositioned.

Misdeeds – CAL STAR

30 Apr

 MF/2f; year: 2005; time: 42 minutes

An American production we struggled through to find some redemption. Two schoolgirls gambol about in an exterior scene and sneak cigarettes. The redhead and pigtailed blond students jimmy a door into a teacher’s cabin to find a sort of Satanic setup–lighted candles, idols, decorations, and a ouija board, which the girls play with.

The teacher, a nun, returns and we all know there is no better place for a spanking of two trespassers than a quiet detached cabin in the woods. “Sister” will only spank the blonde–a brief handspanking and paddling. The girls are sent off; the real punishment will be tomorrow and more formal.

The girls return to Sister’s cabin. The redhead is made to kneel in front of the altar, bare knees on a hard board and a sprinkle of salt crystals. We much prefer the more clever washboard and the dried peas Lupus uses. The blonde will be spanked. A table has been laid out with implements. the nun is indeed prepared, as well as equipped. White panties down. Sister uses a wood crucifx to spank with–leaving its mark–a first for us! Next, a hard American-style paddle, while the blonde bends over and says her “Hail,Mary’s.” Rough editing missed the moments when her pants fell from her thighs to her ankles, a detail British producers don’t miss.

The girls switch, the blonde kneels on the salt, flashing full frontal. Sister assists the redhead to strip to panties then takes them down to the thigh line with undisguised ritual pleasure. The girl is spanked with a very large hairbrush and a doubled strap. A touch of humiliating submission we occasionally see–the girl must select the cane to be used on her. Mild tapping/caning, but good gasps from the girl. More choppy editing–a bit more paddling, 2 bottoms compared, then the girls dress and are marched to Father D’Angelo.

The Father is actor Sir Nik. “Remove your clothes, quickly!” He torments the naked girls with a cane tip. The redhead holds textbooks with arms extended, not as cute as in ‘College Classics #3,’ but very nice when done in the nude. Father does the bonde first–handspanks, straps, a riding crop, and 10 fast cane strokes. The redhead is caned.

Back-and-forth, he spanks, the blonde OTK, using both hands. He then uses a large floppy wide strap and holds her in place by her pigtails. There are fades and cuts (we assume they couldn’t figure out the blocking). The blonde is stroked with TWO canes, but briefly, probably too paniful.

Both girls kneel naked and beg for foregiveness and are awarded ‘Hail, Mary’s’  for a week. If Father D’Angelo saw Sister’s cabin, she would soon have her habit thrown over her head and she would be grabbing her ankles.


30 Apr

F/2f; time: 49 minutes

After watching a new film from STRICTLYMISSBROWN, we decided to move toward completion of all Miss Brown’s films. There are a few reviews around on this one if you care to research.

This is a standard schoolroom-schoolgirl disciplinary session except, as we have said, nothing Miss Brown does is standard. Here, she has blond hair, the only occasion we recall, and she is a little heavier, before reverting later to svelte thinness.

Two girls, actresses Nina Birch as ‘Nina,’ and Saffy as “Sara Jane,’ have been caught shoplifting. “One way or the other we are going to get to the bottom of this.”

Sara Jane won’t give up Nina’s identity, so Miss Brown spanks, tawses, uses a ruler (which breaks) and a hard thin wood paddle. She raises bruises and angry white marks. The paddle finally breaks Sara down: “Nina Birch….Nina Birch,” she gasps.

“And now we come to the punishment for your shoplifitng,” which is the cane over the desk, 15 of her patented left-handed snaps. Brown calls for Birch to be sent for and Sara Jane kneels on a hard wood chair, nose to the wall.

Nina arrives and sees Sara’s stripes and gets the message. Silly apologies. “Sorry is not enough,” intones Brown, one of her famous lines, although we didn’t find it in Barlett’s Quotations. Sara is allowed to get off the hard wood and stand; Nina, carefully attired in full schoolgirl costume, goes OTK for the slow Brown ritual, pants down. “You have some of the bruises from when you were here last.” More handspanking over the back of a chair.

The girls take their scolding in front of Brown’s desk while we compare bottoms. Both girls are palm-slapped with a leather strap. Once again,  this seems to hurt more than spanking.

We know Miss Brown will work through the complete punishment sequence. Nina over the desk–for the tawse, two bigger straps, that nasty hardwood narrow paddle. “Stick that bottom out!”

Brown spanks very hard, always, and particularly the paddle here. The girls start to crack and blame each other. To Sara: “Pass me the cane.”

Nina takes six strokes on the bare and is erotically excellent in fidgeting and fussing. A few more while touching toes–this actress excels in this posture.

Spankings completed; front-and-center again; more stripes to compare. One Miss Brown performance is better than the last one.

Caned After School – ROUE

29 Apr

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Early Roue; hand-lettered storyboard; period clothing; anonymous spanking disciplinarian; heavy ageplay, the kind of film kept under the counter when these were first made. All very much in the tradition of ‘First Week of Term,’ ‘Room 2D,’ ‘Half-Term Punishments,’ ‘Sally’s First Lesson,’ and more, all in further testimony of the discussion about what bottoms are for. And for us, hugely erotic.

A young, very demure brunette is bent over a school desk, her blue school knickers full screen, receiving a ruler spanking. There is no dialogue. Her desperate squirming and gasping, while she submissively accepts  her punishment, creates the vintage eroticism the very foundation of the genre.

Knickers now half-mast, she unfastens her skirt and is unabashedly naked front and back before her male disciplinarian, the disembodied, soft, and intimidating voice. It is naughty, humiliating stuff, with a voyeur camera angle.

Over the desk for the cane, not hard, very intense. The disciplinarian pauses and lowers her panties a bit further from the top of her thighs–for no reason other than the embarrassing sexuality of it all, and rucks up her blouse so her free breasts touch the desk. Then the spanker caresses her bare bare just because he can and she can’t stop it.

This phase complete, the girl stands and completely removes her knickers, then places two textbooks on the floor, 4′ apart, to stand on as markers so she bends, widening her legs about as far as possible, for a dozen more strokes, bottom full-screen. There is a pause–the books are too wide. Tears drip off her chin.

Another half-dozen strokes, and a full-frontal closeup, black abundant thatch of hair and schoolgirl breasts. Naughty stuff, maybe a far cry from the leather straps and buckles on the headmaster’s bench at Lupus, but a little Chopin etude in its contribution to CP literature. Then the traditional adolescent bare bottom is sent to the corner.


Beach Girl Spankings #5 – RAVEN HILL

28 Apr

M/f; M/f;  time: 1 hour, 21 minutes

In the faux-documentary style of Raven Hill,their best work in our opinion, producers Richard Lewis and Tierre Ainese patrol Florida Gulf beaches in search of girls to persuade them to return to their hotel suite to film spankings for money. Tierre does the acting and Richard the filming in this series. Tierre relieves bits of occasional tedium among the amateur actors with his ad lib banter. The bite of wood, leather, or rattan against flesh is nicely offset by a light humorous air maintained by the participants. Some girls laugh nervously, others cry. The segments are long. We enjoy the teasing foreplay before the action begins.

The first girl, a thin dark-blonde in a bikini, after the persuasion and halting uncertainty, musters her resolve, takes her bikini bottom off, and is spanked OTK. In the clever blind lottery method RH uses for the girl to select  the next spanking implement, the blonde draws the marker labeled “the strap.” Tierre’s “sands-of-time” hour glass measures the five minute spanking intervals. Her second blind selection is the “sorority paddle,” which, because it is a fearsome instrument, has a 25-stroke limit rather than time.

No one is shy, although an air of amateur innocence is persistently maintained. The girls are never quite comfortable naked, reflexively covering themselves when they can and between segments. Tierre manipulates the spanking rituals, knows the buttons to push, and does not disguise fascination for the bare bottoms he exposes.

The second girl, blond Alicia, most closely approaches the glamorous spanking models seen in other studios,although her shy acting is either extraordinary or she is truly inexperienced and embarrassed. All the more exciting. Tierre offers her more money to get her to hand over her top. Well worth the money. She was spanked as a child, which fascinates Tierre no end. When she drops her bikini bottom, she flips it away with finality, to the delight of Tierre. “My favorite part,” he intones, speaking for all of us.

She wraps herself in a towel and drops it with a flourish before each segment, adding immensely to the eroticism. She blindly selects the same strap and sorority paddle. Tierre is a bit nonplussed by her beauty and soaring bottom and seems reluctant to conclude the segment.



The Chastised (Punished) Thieves – MOONGLOW

28 Apr

M/f; 2M/f; M/f   year: 2003;  time: 62 minutes

A collection of three spanking vignettes, in each case where the spankee has  been dishonest.

I-The Punished Secretary (34 minutes): A plausible older curly brunette is confronted by her boss, one of the ubiquitous smarmy ageplay spanker Moonglow  stockholders. She has withdrawn 3000 pds with the company credit card and won’t give a reason. The scene is nothing more than a room cleared of furniture.

So the boss is going to spank her until she talks, plain and simple. “You shouldn’t be doing this.” OTK, blue suit jacket off, skirt rucked up, black panties and garter belt. When the boss pulls her pants down, she doesn’t seem to mind, he spanks and rubs.

Hands-on-head, she faces the wall like a girl half her age while the boss gets his implements. She bends over a custom spanking bench (standard office furniture?) with a long wide base to prevent rocking. He straps her but she won’t tell where the money went.

“What are you doing?”  “Rolling up my sleeves….this is going to get hotter.” The boss brandishes a cane. “You’re not going to put that on my bottom, are you?” Silly girl.

The boss gives her seven sets of six moderate strokes, stopping to rub and fondle after each set. After these 42 strokes he steps away for a heavier cane ands lays on another 50 strokes in sets. She grabs to rub. “Any rubbing to be done, I’ll do it.” “Bet you are enjoyng this, aren’t you?”  From our seat, yes.

He switches to a synthetic cane. After just nine strokes she jumps up: “All right. All right!” She admits she took the money. Confession is good for the soul, but so is fiberglass. She must count out 12 more strokes, before he sends her to bring the money, without her pants on.

II- The Paddled Cleaner (17 mnutes): Two men suspect thin blond ‘Emma’ of stealing while she cleans; sure enough she stuffs cash she finds, inside her panties. Who would ever look there? The men confront her, search and with no hesitation pull up her uniform and find the money. She admits to stealing jewelry also and suggests, since she has found and watched one of the men’s spanking videos, that they might spank her. But no police. That works for us.

Jenkins starts her OTK while the other guy goes for his “equipment.” The second guy returns, helps Jenkins down with her panties and takes over the OTK. Tattoos, but not in the important spots. “You’ve seen the videos. You know what is going to happen.” Both admire her “beautiful” bottom. Jenkins has one hand between her legs while smacks with the other. Emma has this figured out.

The guy cracks her with a leather sole as she laughs nervously. Nice red bottom. Jenkins collects her panties as the slippering proceeds and hands his associate a nice wooden spearmint-shaped paddle, which elicits immediate renewed and accelerated gasps from Emma.

[In an editing error on the film, the director asks Emma to look at him and hold for five seconds.] After the spanker is finished, he has Emma face the wall, while he puts a finger between her buttocks.

Jenkins gets his last crack. Emma kneels on a chair, bends over the back, and he straps her on the bare, very hard. She tries to break the scene, but they encourage her back into position. She actually speaks to the director. The second speaker finishes with the studded strap, Emma at her limit.

III- 83 Strokes For Nicky Montford (13 minutes): The most sophisticated  and mature Nicky we’ve seen. Her benefactor, ‘Dr. Wendleberry’ is going to give her the crop for failing to return his text messages, after having taught him how to do it.

First he takes her OTK and uses a hairbrush on her pink panties. “Next time it will be on the bare.” “You wouldn’t dare!” Nicky is much more vocal here than in her ususal stoic performances.

In the next scene, Nicky wears riding habit and has returned from exercising Wendlebury’s horse without permission. “I’m going to exercise YOUR bottom.” He lays on 83 strokes with a cane to her jodhpured  bottom. Several camera angles, the sound varies from shot to shot; difficult to tell if there were repeats. Another example of a long hard session for the resilient Ms. Montford. She kept her pants on, but we suspect she was sore.

Caught and Caned (The Burglar Choice) – MOONGLOW

28 Apr

M/2f;   time: 41 minutes

Yet another sardonic observation of the English Vice. And this film competes as the most severe caning we’ve seen Nicky Montford take. Blond Angela dresses for an evening out. She complains she has a “cold bottom,” and teases for a spanking before they go out. Her husband ‘Peter,’ (Tom Cooper) one of the smarmy ageplay MOONGLOW predators and twice her age, is only too glad (and fully prepared) to oblige.

He takes her OTK on their bed, bares her bottom for a handspanking and her handy vanity hairbrush, including some from the bristle side. There, now that’s a start. There are several ways to get a tingle before an evening on the town to ensure a rousing conclusion.

When they return home, Angela discovers and captures a hooded burglar attempting to escape. The husband wrestles and holds the culprit, who is a lithe female. Let’s do it. Why not? They take her to their “playroom,” which clearly is the couple’s spanking room, with a trestle and implements. Hood off, it is the actress Nicky Montford as ‘Danielle.’

Peter explains: “You know what to expect….you’ve got a choice, bend over my punishment stool or the police.” She agrees but is not quite ready for the next command. “Strip off!” “What?”

Danielle has a police record, so she cedes and takes her clothes off, Peter and Angela all eyes. She stops at the bra, hands-on-head, full frontal. “You’re going to get a severe caning.” Danielle goes over the trestle/bench. Nicky wiggles into position, knowing just how to elevate her bottom. “Get your legs apart, outside the legs.”

Fully spread, Danielle takes the first set–25 strokes, very hard and loud. Ms. Montford knows to be stoically quiet as she always is. “Feeling these?”  taunts Peter. “Just slightly, yeah, ” grunts Danielle perhaps too sarcastically for someone with her bottom pointing to the sky. “Are you getting a big kick out of this?” But next Peter will cane “the hands that are stealing.” Cane whacks  six on her palms; she flaps them as if she burned fingers on a stove.

Back over the stool for another demonstration of Nicky’s tough bottom. Almost FIFTY strokes, little flinching, and a few on the upper thighs when Danielle is “cheeky.” A nasty caning.

That should have been enough. Danielle is allowed to dress, but still mouths off. Peter gives her 12 more on her slacks and yet another 8 touching toes when she still sasses.

Since Angela created this circumstance by leaving the bathroom window open, she has been sent to the bedroom to “prepare,” which she does–pile of blankets, bottom elevated, she lies waiting.

Peter enters–no Viagra needed in this house. He handspanks her on her evening dress. She stands, pulls it over her head, to display girdle, garters, and stockings. Back over the blankets for 25 hard strokes. One is wild. “Ahh, too high!”

“You’ll be reminded every time you sit down for the next few days…..I’m enjoying this. You should be naughty more often.”

They fondle, he kisses her bottom, and they fall into bed.

Cabin Fever – SHADOWLANE

28 Apr

2M/2f;   year: 2007;   time: 51 minutes

A co-educational romp typical of SHADOWLANE, populated by CP stars, written and directed by Eve Howard, with familiar and experienced SL support. And a placid antidote to much of the edgy severity creeping across our genre.

Two couples are snowed in at a mountian-cabin resort. The four seem dressed for dinner. The men, actors Steve Fuller and Keith Jones, play poker and sip tequila, while their wives, actresses Clare Fonda and Amber Wells, tease and taunt around the edges. The scene is in one of their hotel rooms. They have spent more money than the couple we saw in our review of  the same storyline in  ‘The Vacation,’ but the results will be similar. Tequila level goes down.

“Both of you are going to get your bottoms tanned if you keep this up,” declares Keith, who has entered the silver-fox phase of his career. For the girls, this warning is a challenge. “Ooh, that sounds naughty!”

At last, Steve takes the twenty-something Amber OTK on the end of the hotel bed. It is a cunning and sexy plausible spanking. Steve flips up her party dress skirt and pulls down her white panties after he has developed a uniform redness on both cheeks. Amber doth protest, but not too much, just right for Steve to forge ahead. Clare sits on Keith’s lap in the background, amused and surely expectant. Keith keeps his hands where we can see them, why? Clare tells Amber she’s lucky to have a strong man to spank her.

Keith spanks Clare next; she makes sassy, taunting faces. her pink semi-transparent panties were fitted by a genius. When Steve pulls them down, it is clear why there is so much fuss about her acting in the industry.

The girls promise to behave, join in a new poker game, and keep nipping at the bottle (someone added to its level). Clare wins a hand ands is caught hiding cards. Since the boys are playing for real money, this now becomes a “real money, real spanking” situation.

Some swapping–Fuller spanks Claire OTK on a chair (“Oh, Steve!”) and harder this time. Just to keep bottoms uniform, Keith spanks Amber, before they return to the game.

Time passes in the snowstorm.  The girls,well along in the tequila, lie on the bed watching the boys. Because he can, Keith joins them, pulls down both pairs of panties (“right off”) and alternately spanks both bottoms, a mild but altogether pleasant diversion to pass time with two gorgeous girls snowed-in a cabin. Steve takes his place. Both men finish off Clare’s bottom with small paddle-ball paddles. (They must have packed all this stuff for the trip). Amber takes her place to join the general spanking melee to conclude.

You’d think both couples would need another half-hour in their rooms before they trek in the snow to the resort dining room. We would insist on it.