In The Red Again – Strictly English

1 Apr

M/2f; 58 minutes; year: 2001

A random selection to undertake collecting reviews from this wonderful production company. Two experienced CP actresses, familiar with putting rouge makeup on both sets of cheeks, get a good spanking at the STRICTLYENGLISH studios, then go home, all in a day’s work, and do a good job of feigning distress. A husband will spank his wife and her accompanying girfriend, for misuse of a credit card.

Elizabeth Simpson plays ‘Samantha,’ who we find being attended to OTK in the opening shot, skirt up. In a flashback, she is admiring a stack of purchases with friend ‘Tara, played by actress Catherine Corbett. Ms. Corbett’s presence has always guaranteed us a rousing spanking performance. Samantha explains that her husband ‘Paul’ will spank her when he sees these charges. Tara is intrigued by this imagery. Paul enters this conversation–HIS card has now been rejected! Randy little Tara admits SHE was usng Samantha’s card to hide the purcahses from HER husband. She volunteers to take “half” of Samantha’s punishment. The stage is set, as we like to say.

Paul takes Samantha OTK first. Tara covertly rubs her bottom in vicarious pleasure as she observes. After a brief spanking, Samantha stands at the wall, where a floor length mirror allows us to watch the action with Tara while Samantha’s glow occupies half the screen.

Tara pulls up her skirt quickly to display black mesh panties, and to show more, a willing attitude. “Aren’t you being presumptuous?” Paul says. “Perhaps,” is the breathy reply, from an actress whose spankings always entertain on many levels. Panties down, she glances back at Paul with encouraging signals.

Samantha OTK again. “It’s not fair. It’s harder!” He lines up his two bottoms like checking the progress of a painting. “OK you two, let’s make it fair.” He has gotten two spatulas and an egg timer. Samantha is first OTK for the spatula as the sands run down. “Ok, time’s up, time’s up!”  she cries out with a bit of desperation. Tara’s turn–she seems almost reluctant when her time expires.

Samantha OTK, bare bottom now. “Time!” Tara spreads her legs wide when she again settles OTK. Paul rubs obligingly and Tara responds. Tara is down to bare facts now too–off with her little dress to display a bustier holding up her stockings. She seems to have known she would be undressing in front of others today.

Paul wooshes his cane. Since Tara is paying Samantha back in installments, he will cane them both in installments. Too good to be true. Samantha is mantelpiec’d in the time honored tradition. A beautiful mirror over the mantle will reflect the girls’ grimaces. A dozen for Samantha, loud, sexy, and moderate.

Tara next. “Elbows on the mantle, please.” 12 for her. Samantha another 12. “Mantlepiece. Bottoms up!” Another 12 for Tara–Paul is definitely enjoying his bare-bottomed neighbor.

Paul departs, his role complete. The girls console each other but Samantha starts to smack Tara. “I saw you the way you were looking at Paul.” Her spanking is mostly caressing. They hug and fondle.

The film concludes with fully 10 minutes of slow-motion repeats of previous action.

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