Jane And The Tutor – Roue

1 Apr

M/f; 26 minutes
Early CP films featured young ladies losing their knickers to tutors, piano instructors, ‘uncles,’ an occasional traffic officer or customers official, etc. Naughty ageplay characterization of the British Vice, vestiges of Victorian life, and surely a perk of having young women in your control. The girls never seem to object too much. This early Roue has its attendant weak production values and can be accessed on the Roue Site.

A very cute brunette–a wonderful omen, arrives at her tutor’s house, tardy. The tutor, a familiar Roue predator (‘Big Girls Do Cry,’ ‘Half-Term Punishments,’ among others), wearing a beard this time, greets her and reads a letter from Jane’s parents, full permission to punish her. The tutor draws the curtains and flexes a cane;  it is clear the festivities will commence shortly. Jane must undress in front of him, taking off her topcoat and all her clothes, and putting on a school uniform, including the correct knickers, but arranging the undressing to preserve her modesty in front of us for the moment. To top off her humilation, the tutor adjusts her necktie.

The spanking begins immediately. Jane kneels erect teetering on a pad on a high stool, and together they cinch up her school skirt so that she will be hands-free to play a little Roue game,knickers-up, knickers-down, on command. A very round perfect feminine bottom awaits our attention. The tutor commands the knickers up and down, smacks her bottom, as she balances precariously without support on her knees.

Her first OTK spanking begins at an easy chair whose stiff arms prevent the more traditional lap posture, so she must kneel on the floor to rest over his knees. How accommodating Jane is,like she has been here before with this geezer. Very sexy, such a genteel young lady with her British Museum accent as she recites poetry as he smacks her on the bare and wrestles her arms out of the way.

The next position-she lies over the stool with her bottom facing us–her knickers have been lowered again. He slaps her with a tawse for each quiz question she misses.

After a bit of this, she sits on a bench, panties at her thighs, her bottom hanging over, a lovely spanking position. He tawses her palms and protruding tush. She is helpless. Where will this end, to the bedroom like in ‘Big Girls Do Cry’?

Jane is sent upstairs, we watch her bare buttocks on the stairway. She knows this house, and returns in a nightgown. Over the back of that tall easy chair, nightgown thrown up, no knickers, for the climax of the evening–the cane. She straightens her legs, which hardens and accentuates her buttocks, for six very hard strokes from the cane. Her tears, cries, and twisting discomfort are convincing. The camera circles for several angles of this nicely erotic scene. To  conclude, she is sent upstairs again, then what?

2 Responses to “Jane And The Tutor – Roue”

  1. Clive Simpson December 13, 2016 at 7:22 pm #

    Possibly my favourite film of this kind ever made. Odd to think that “Jane” is now about 55. I wonder what she thinks about this incident in her younger life….

    • spankingfilmreview December 22, 2016 at 2:30 pm #

      thanks for reading; we’ll eventually master how to post screenshots and will go back to this one for you.

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