3 Apr

F/2f; YEAR: 2010; tIME: 46 minutes

Another current production from the renaissance of the actress ‘Miss Brown.’ one of the most entertaining dominatrix’ over the evolution of the British CP film industry. At first glance, it is just another simple exercise of schoolgirls facing spankings in the classroom. However, Miss Brown’s production staff (there are rare credits on this film) has perfected every nuance of erotic institutional spanking–exact little uniforms, including bobby socks and mary janes; a fully furnished classroom in a government setting, gun-shot spanking sounds, panties just-so, much more.

Two schoolgirls sitting in detention, writing lines, supervised by a junior instructor, ‘Miss Chater,’ played by actress Tammi Lee. Miss Brown visits, lectures and scolds, pacing in her intimidating, scornful manner. She is no longer the waif-like spanker seen in so many films in the 90’s, but a mature, full-figured bombshell; if we were not otherwise busy, we’d try a weekend with her anytime, so long as we could reverse the roles. Just enjoy the theater. We will gather and post other earlier Miss Brown performances.

The girls tittter and chatter; they tease the junior Chater about her stocking tops, visible below her tiny skirt. Upskirt shots of the insouciant girls. A Chopin soundtrack is woven among the dialogue, lending an air of sophisticated British tradition to these otherwise scandalous goings-on. Brown bursts in to interrupt the frivolity. “Exactly how many lines have you written, girls?” Weak answers, together with our certain knowledge that Brown knows how to make her own lines, generates one of her classic exhortations: “You know what’s going to happen now, don’t you?”

“Lucinda,’ played by the maginificent Leia-Ann Woods, who has spent most of her career bent-over, for which we scatter rose petals, is taken OTK, uniform jumper hem up, full white panties. “You always say you’re ‘sorry,’ we’ll see how sorry you are.” Wth that begins the hard left-handed hand smacking, Miss Brown’s signature. Flesh-on-cloth reverberates off the painted brick walls, high ceilings, and wide-board wood floors.

“Keep your feet on the floor, girl!” Not so easy under this fusillade. Brown carefully pulls down Lucinda’s knickers and leaves them thigh-top, knowing this is high drama. The sound of flesh on flesh is clearly different.

“Emily,  change places.”  The actress Amy Hunter gets the same intimate attention, while Lucinda stands hands-on-head, bare bottom, in the scene. Ritual stuff.

Both girls are bent bare-bottom over a lectern for a few more smacks. Camera zooms between their thighs. The girls are moved to kneel side-by-side on a double desk, bottoms high, legs through the back support, a naughty position reminiscent of early Roue, where gowned Don’s patrolled around hapless students.

Undressing time. The girls feign shock when they’re told to remove their jumpers. Very nice. Ties off, blouses off, slowly, down to panties and gymslips. They face the wall and are left alone to anticipate the next phase. The camera finds their little shoes and socks.

Brown returns; the girls are caught embracing. Brown will now use a 2′ strap. the first full arm swing shot on Lucinda’s bare tush rings like a howitzer. Immediate bruises. Brown strokes and admires her target. Lucinda must count silently to 12. We counted aloud. Zing!

Emily’s turn. “Let’s have these down, shall we?” Brown knows how attention-to-knickers makes a film. Same strapping. Suffering facials. Both girls face us, knickers at half-mast, a long frontal while Brown goes for her cane. Chopin interlude.

Fade to caning; Lucinda bent over; 12 slow strokes, wonderful; is that a fleck of blood? Emily shivers and flinches as she watches in the shot. Lucinda: “Oh, God.”

“Now change places.” Emily comes forward with the same agony of dread and anticipation you’ll see in some of the Eastern European serial canings, where the girls must witness and await their turn. she gets her 12, slow, snappy, and spaced. The girls pull up thier pants and leave.

Because every ritual and detail are so finely turned here, this perfectly routine classroom spanking scenario becomes a symphony.


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