“Gordon Bennett’ Mr. Ramsay -CALSTAR

3 Apr

M/2f; year: 2010; time: 54 minutes

Ubiquitious actor Michael Dawes gets his whimsical dander up in a parody of British TV chef Gordon Ramsay. We’ll bet the real Mr. Ramsay never had this experience! The film has reference to 2010, although the style of the film relates more to past CalStar eras, except production values are keener. Bennett is in a snit in his kitchen over the behavior of two recently hired female servers at a big catering affair he has underway.

He kicks them off the job after several incidents, and they report to the “common room,”  where things will be sorted out, the inference we understand, having watched all too many spanking films. At first Bennett is not going to pay the girls. They plead. “I’ll give you a second chance but you’re going to take a spanking.” The girls hesitate like all good girls should then agree as long as the wages come through.

Tall brunette Sophia goes OTK first. Bennett rucks up her little server’s skirt. Echoing smacks resound. Her bottom is high on his lap because she is so tall. Bennett fondles as he works. Sophia raises and lowers her hips to meet his attentions. Black panties down, she cocks her bottom in lovely anticipation. Slow sexy handspanking and protypical ad lib banter. This phase complete, Sophia slides off and pulls up her pants but Bennett wants them kept down.

Pageboy-brunette Donna was watching and now she goes over. Bennett uncovers white panties with big black polka dots, as if Donna were expecting someone to raise her skirt. Lots more talk as the spanking progresses. Donna is not as sanguine about it. Sophia notes Donna is getting quite red. “She will be getting redder when I get my implements.”

While he is retrieving, the girls whisper he is a “pervert.” They know this is a good job they have. Sophia goes over the couch for the soft oval paddle, locking her legs straight, bottom high, and twitching maddeningly. Pants down again, a thin two-tongued strap–she cries out at last. Bennett is loving it–he grabs her by the hair and kisses her lips.

Donna gets the same spankings at the couch; Sophia is sent to get the cane–she leaves the set half-naked in the foreground of the scene, very sexy.Sophia again. “Time for the piece de resistance,'” as he pulls her knickers down, “you’re going to go a long way in the business.” Twenty solid wristy cane strokes. We’ve always wondered why other reviewers chide Dawes for his caning. He is thorough, relentless, a tad perverted, he can be hard, hard, and often sardonic. And consistent. Granted, sometimes corny, but this isn’t Stratford-On-Avon. The dialogue here confirms: “I like that anguish on your face….you look like a nice grilled steak.” Sophia is not to be out-done, as it were: “A rump steak, sir.” Once again, Dawes does one of his philatelist-like examinations of her cheeks. “I am very pleased with that.”

Donna is next. “Skirt, up, knickers down!” 25 strokes are shown, excellent perspectives and closeups. “Stop that whining.” He admonishes Donna about her failures as a server as he whacks away. At 21 strokes Donna jumps up, Dawes/Bennett gives one of his imish grins to the camera, and we conclude. There are frequent suggestions throughout Dawes’ work that the girls don’t expect quite the caning they get from him.

Side-by-side bottoms; dress and back to work, “See you next week.”

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