Punishment Ward 10 – British Spanking

3 Apr

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 47 minutes

The fetish urge to see nurses on the receiving end continues unabated. We’re at the King James Memorial Hospital, using the same one-room set found in the ‘Offender Corrected’ and ‘Finishing School Discipline’ series, adapted with props.

Blond student nurse Miss Thompson reports to Dr. Warburton, a stern domme-like female ‘doctor.’ ‘Sister Meredith’ sits in attendance, in full surgical mask, with a clipboard checklist. Thompson is scolded for naughty adolescent transgressions–doing her nails, giggling around patients, wearing colored underwear, and more.

Thompson is ordered to hike up her uniform–she shows lovely white lace panties, a garter belt, and lace-trimmed stockings–not regulation! “We have certain punishments…we spank nurses…little girls…we spank, we cane, we thrash.” The nurses know this. “Yes, doctor.” “Come back in 10 minutes, without that smirk on your face.” The actors are giggling on the corny lines, which probably explains Meredith’s mask.

After a FADE, Thompson is scolded and taken OTK, uniform up; she muffs the count on 10 handspanks and earns a restart. Meredith notes her violations on the clipboard chart. Thompson stands, drops her panties, and Warburton notes a taboo tattoo, a temporary one at the top of her buttocks. More handspanking and some giggles again. In fact, this entire series contains humorous cartoon-like characterizations and a fanciful view of CP. Are not all bottoms worthy of humor and satire when they are turned bare to the public? Even though facials show Thompson smiling, we see welts and bruises.

Another FADE, used to transition from one punishment to another, presumably to give the actress a respite. Thompson is bent over the examining table; Meredith hands Warburton a martinet. She is spanked on panties and on the bare. There is some whispering we wish we could hear.

Meredith consults the checklist. Nurses are required to take their clothes off. Thompson strips to  bra and garter belt. “The bra, please.” A “bottom inspection” permits a long frontal view–the minx shaves and wears some jewelry the Doc hasn’t noticed yet. Big blue eyes.

Another FADE. Thompson is over the desk for the cane. Three on her panties, 4 on the bare. Marks show, and the Doctor is a wild and careless caner! She notes a very low wheal with the tip of the cane. “You’re dismissed.”

A second nurse stands on the carpet, Emily Manseur, also a cute blond student-looking package. She hears her list of violations. “It is now show-down time…it’s the disciplinary committee, or ME.” Warburton shows her the tools, “one” is the big paddle and “two” is a thick synthetic cane.

“Frist, my hands on your bare bottom. Let me see the target.” She is shocked to see Emily’s black underwear. OTK, hem up, hard handspnaking. Panties down, viewed over-the-shoulder of Warburton. There are no giggles in this segment. She smacks her thighs. “You’ve got to accept this or be fired,”  and she wonders aloud what Emily’s boyfriend will think when he see her bottom.

FADE, Emily is over the table, getting the paddle, her bottom, thighs, and flanks a uniform red.

FADE. Cane. Emily is bent at a ninety degree angle, resting on a pillow placed on a tall stool, knees locked, bottom fleshed and round. Eight strokes with the mean-looking thick cane on knickers. She takes Emily’s pants down with glee. “Hello, bare bottom!” Another hard half-dozen cracks. She fondles and fantasizes. “Nice bottom…what will your boyfriend think?” (We think he should love it and get out the cream.} [sirens ring on the soundtrack–this is a hospital, after all!]

Warburton examines the marks–“a lovely piece of handiwork.” Again, wild marks, from a nasty cane.

In the last few seconds of the video, we see a completely naked nurse, is it Emily? jogging in place in front of the desk. We wanted more.

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