Uncle George – ROUE

7 Apr

M/f; year: 1985; Time: 32 minutes

Another classic from Roue, just as naughty as it can be, where ageplay ‘uncles’ prey on vulnerable girls. We thought this story might end up with action on a brass bed like ‘Big Girls Do Cry,’ with its similar plot. Curly-haired brunette Lorelei is within  the grasp of her ‘uncle’ George and under full-scale torment for poor academics.

The scene opens with Lorelei lolling in bed and soon dragged out by her Uncle George. Soon he has her doing star-jumps, wearing just her nighty-night print knickers and an undershirt, cut-off very high so that her breasts are mostly exposed. Not too many uncles would subscribe to this regime, but we applaud lord George.

George has a bundle of birches to slash at whatever skin he can reach. Lorelei is moved around the room, helpless and submissive. She kneels on and bends over the back of a straight chair, filling out her tight pants, for the birch. The cuts are moderate but stingy, and she struggles to remain still. Over the back of the chair for more, then jogging laps around the chair, knees high, boobs bouncing. George swipes her bottom on each pass. Wicked little CP action.

Next, Lorelei does the ‘bicycle’ in the diaper position on the chair seat, panties still surviving, while George slashes the wriggling buttocks. In theatrical lighting, Lorelei slowly rolls her knickers down to her knees and the camera holds and contemplates. Over the chair back, bare bottom, for more birch. As nice a depiction as you can imagine, a cover-art moment for the video manufacturers.

This part of Lorelei’s indoctrination complete, George sends her to bathe–frontal glimpses as she she shuffles out of the room with her pants at her knees.

Later in time, Lorelei is seen at her study desk in school uniform, Uncle George berating her.  Soon he is spanking her with a ruler on her white knickers, over the desk. Typical Roue shots from the era, through doors, from the hall, up and down the stairs, enhance the illicit voyeur feel to our presence as witness.

In another scene, Lorelei is spanked in a traditional  OTK posture. George pulls her panties down very slowly, coveting his prize. Wonderful closeups and facials. She squirms. She is sent to bed and must undress slowly in front of him, all but her blouse. All bottom. Then another classic Roue conception, the camera holds her rouged bottom while she brushes her teeth, in just pajama tops.

Following instructions, she retrieves a cane and nervously returns downstairs in just the skimpy top. She hands George the rattan cane, then positions and sits on a stool in front of him. He encourages her to splay her legs wide as he leisurely contemplates her pussy, her back to us. Some ‘uncle’!  He gets his fill and Lorelei rolls over, stomach centered on the stool, legs again splayed, while he canes her bottom and gazes at the ravine.  Just six moderate and slow strokes while he speaks in his modulated, low, and intimidating tone, a  style this actor always used as he tended to the bare bottom in front of him. She is sent to bed, another bare bottom out-of-the-room transition. Simple, elegant filming, for us ranking with ‘Room 2D’ and several other Roue films we have reviewed.

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