Uncompromising Canings – CALSTAR

7 Apr

M/2f; Time: 1 hr 5 minutes

An entertaining exploration of a much used plotline. We never tire of these simple stories,where British girls get spanked for just about anything.

Actor Michael Dawes, perhaps the producer of this film, plays an infrequent non-spanking role as a British petroleum executive, probably a broker, in an informal setting. A Mexican businessman, accompanied by his secretary (actress Aura), is concluding a deal with Dawes to sell oil rights. Dawes’ secretary, blond Miss Sharpshawl, has misplaced the documents, potentially killing the deal. Dawes is angry and the Mexican has wasted his trip to England.

Dawes simply hands Sharpshawl over to the Mexican. “He will instill some discipline into you. Do you understand?” “Yes, sir.” The camera holds Sharpshawl’s face in closeup as she hears she is going to get a spanking.

The Mexican takes her OTK. This actor has a list of credits in the CP world–we’ve seen and reviewed a few for CalStar and Moonglow. He is one spanker we don’t mind seeing Dawes step aside for. He is vigorous with his palm, the paddle, and the cane, does not pull punches, and is delightfully impervious to the desperate pleas from his victims. Sharpshawl’s skirt up, white panties. Aura looks on with salacious fascination. Panties down, the Mexican is already raising bruises and blotches with just his hand. She must stand and take off her clothes. Aura is almost drooling. Excellent nude shots. This young secretary is a package.

She bends  over the back of a chair, legs straight, boobs dangle, a wonderful pose. Aura retrieves his briefcase. He travels with implements! No airline screening for private jets, of course. First is a hard, round, long-handled leather paddle, clearly a real stinger. The same briefcase disgorges a large spatula-shaped leather strap.

Sharpshawl is next positioned totally naked over a handsome rustic harvest table, not the sort of furniture you would find in a conference room in BP Oil. Beautifully lit, realistic punishment spanking. Aura finds a cane! Sharpshawl takes 20 legitimate strokes, breaks into tears,and there is a suggestion some rest periods were edited out. At the conclusion she is sent out of the room totally nude, sheepish, and humiliated. nice.

Back at the Mexican’s hotel, it would appear Aura’s day is not over.  He wants another briefcase, and this time she  has forgotten it. He has, or perhaps they both have, the excuse needed for some action at the hotel. She would appear to be eager, given how she watched Sharpshawl’s humiliation.

“You know what you desrve.”  OTK, skirt flipped up, naughty transparent black panties you wouldn’t wear on a business trip unless of course you expected someone to flip up you skirt. Pants down, then all clothes off. Aura is a tall, dark brunette, with a thin and perfect body, made for undressing in bright lights. A lovely little mohawk to go with it.

Naked but not unwilling, she bends over a round table in this fully furnished set, not really a hotel but someone’s home. First is that hard round paddle. Aura likes to spread her legs. She climbs onto the table. She is very athletic and a dancer we guess. She assumes the diaper position, legs high and wide open, a full pussy show. The Mexican alternates paddles in this ultimately exposed position.

On the floor again, he will cane her, but the first instrument is actually a braided wire riding whip with a little tassle. A half-dozen zinging snaps across her cheeks provide some wonderful variation. The Mexican is a man who brought a crate of tools. A huge tawse. Aura bends and touches toes, noodle-like flexibility. About 15 strokes from a standard rattan cane.

Courageous Aura is not finished. She doubles herself over a chair, legs straight, in another glamorous dancer’s pose, for almost 40 strokes shown, various angles, legs open, white wheals and welts rise, some repeats, and a long hold on her bottom when the session is done. She too walks out of the room naked, just the slightest wiggle of her hips, to conclude matters.

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