Captured – MOONGLOW

15 Apr

year: 1990’s; time: 48 minutes; M/2f

Another performance by one of our favorites, ‘Alison Payne,’ whose sweet bottom pops up unexpectedly as we search through the CP genre. Alison, her long light brown Liverpudlian hair flowing, plays Emma, gambols through the woods with her girlfriend Helen. We see a guy stalking them, who will be identified as Helen’s boyfriend. He wants to know what these girls are up to in the woods and is about to find out.

The girls chat about men and about the fantasies of being spanked. (The wind blows the sound system–we don’t have a big budget on this one.) Emma recommends the sensations of being spanked. They stop in a clearing to have some fun, and the boyfriend observes from behind a tree. Helen begins spanking Emma on her white short shorts. Her little gasps are her trademark. They move to a tree, where Emma spreads herself. Helen continues, tugging down the shorts.

The boyfriend bursts from cover. “What are you doing?” Emma mutters something about having some fun and playing a game. The guy sends Helen to the side and continues spanking Emma. “It’s not a game now.” We presume he took one look at her pantied bottom and decided this situation was too good to pass up. They laugh. He grabs Helen next, spreads her out on a tree, pulls up her skirt, and spanks away. She too laughs.

This outdoor stuff doesn’t work–the filming is difficult and there are no props to add to the variety, so he sends the girls home to Helen’s house, where they rummage for clothes and put on different outfits in anticipation of the continuing spanking session, allowing the director a nude scene for Alison–she excels at a slow stripping and a magnificent display of her full thatch of pubic hair. She specializes in these moments. In a dingy-looking bedroom, probably a motel room again, pillows are arranged on the bed, and Emma positions her bottom so the real action can begin. Her bottom in closeup–he begins with the martinet. She moves to the end of the bed, bikini panties down–this first exposure of Alison in each of her films is always highly anticipated and dramatically delayed. Bottom-high, charms on display, she gasps through the martinet and a handspanking. Helen is encouraged to spank also. Emma manages to cock and twitch her bottom while seeming to be in distress at the same time. Elegant stuff.

The girls switch position, the camera staying on Alison’s world-class tush in the process. Helen climbs over the pillows–she wears a white teddy/garters/stockings outfit. “No game, is it?” he reminds her,although it seems everyone is getting some stimulation from all of this. She gets the martinet. Emma uses a sole-shaped leather paddle. “Hard?” He asks Emma. “Yes.”

As Alison moves around the set, the camera is more interested in her pretty face and her bottom peeking out beneath her T-shirt than Helen’s spanking. Emma is dismissed, because the couple has other plans. “This time you got off light. Next time you won’t be so lucky.”

The boyfriend will now shift to the cane with his lady. They argue, but she soon bends over. Swoosh! “Feel the wind?” “Yes.” The first 8 strokes are very hard, instant countable marks, no pussyfootingt here. She is allowed to rub. Hot ripe bruises. Six more zingers, very authentic in closeup. They hug and are both ready for the next phase.

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