15 Apr

M/2f; time: 28 minutes

Lots of reviews around on this wonderful film, worth your time, we think,  to read and re-watch. For us, one of the most erotic of the early RIGIDEAST works, and one we ourselves rewatch to elevate our spirits. A Victorian period piece; a princess and her handmaidens frolic in the castle and smash a priceless vase. A chambermaid accepts a bribe from the princess to take the blame for the damage, knowing what will happen to her.

RGE’s Alexandra Wolfe plays the queen and passes sentence from her throne on the chambermaid, in front of the princess and the girls who witnessed the truth. Silly court jesters and courtiers look on with demonic glee, because they know she is headed to a room underground and they will be able to tag along to watch.

The young, tall, thin, attractive pigtailed maid is carried, literally kicking and screaming, to her fate in the punishment room, a drab barren burlap walled enclosure. (LUPUS has always taken the trouble convert the studio from one film to another.) The girl’s reluctance, combined with this dreary dungeon-like setting, increases the tension of the pre-punishment ritual, an RGE device no other film producer has ever matched. Several men have gathered to witness the festivities.

The maid is ordered to undress, which she resists. Off-camera, she is stripped by one of the attendants, her clothing tossed piece by piece on-screen into a pile. We next see her cowering in a simple shift, which is promptly ripped partially off, exposing some of her nakedness.

She kneels on a whipping platform, her wrists fastened with rough hemp chest high to a post, her knees and ankles tied and cinched down. This humiliating bondage simply increases the tension. Her tattered shift covers her modesty, her bottom is bare. One of the the attendants startles her (and us, because it is off-camera), with the woosh of the cane and we begin.

The attendant canes wildly, as if this were new to him, and this a stationary target. Nasty marks ripen well above her buttocks. She screams and pulls at her bindings, extremely erotic. Another attendant points to her lower buttocks–this is where the strokes need to fall. Excellent filming from all angles, and the results on her bottom are what you would expect from RGE.

The maid is taken back to the queen, where her bare bottom is presented to the group in the throne room. But the queen wasn’t fooled by the princess. She is going to be caned also and is ordered to the puishment room. The young, attractive blond princess, actually wearing a little gold crown, is defiant ans superior before the proletarian staff she must submit to. She raises her skirts and offers to be caned on her bloomers, but the senior powdered-wigged courtier is not giving up this golden opportunity and demands she take off her clothes.

After a moment of delicious hesitation, she begins stripping, removing the complicated and seemingly authentic Victorian layers of clothing item by item, as the men in the room and we watch and wait. She pulls down the top of her undershirt to expose girlish juvenile breasts. After the removal of several layers of waist-tied underskirts, there is an audible drumroll as she pulls down her bloomers–no underpants. She stands nude, in just thigh-length stockings, high heels, and the little Burger King crown. She cocks her hips, hands on her waist, full frontal nude, and says defiantly (we guess at the translation): “Good enough? Satisfied?”

The princess is tied to the stake, her little gold crown the proverbial icing on this eye-pleasing cake. Her caning is also wild and careless, actually worse. She screams and throws herself around under the cane about as dramatically as we have ever seen. Severe marks and some blood.

When she is released she climbs down from the platform stiffly and gingerly, the way we would imagine it to be. She does not bound off and stand or sit at a table, like some actresses who just been severely spanked.

The final scene–another audience with the queen. Both caned bottoms are displayed. The queen is a sorcerer and magically conjures  the smashed vase back to completeness. Too bad for the two bottoms, but a lot of entertainment was provided.

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