Schoolgirl Nieces – ROUE

15 Apr

MF/2f; time: 22 minutes

Another simple, absolutely naughty domestic setting. Two young nieces, Jane and Sue, reside with their aunt and uncle, and are in trouble almost immediately. They get a behavior lecture before bed, followed by a nudie scene of the girls undressing. Quite a show.

Aunt and Uncle hear a ruckus, and Aunt interrupts pillow-fight hilarity. Spanking time. Aunt bends both girls over the footboard on the bed, bares their bottoms. They squeal through a brief handspanking. Aunt returns to her evening reading with Uncle.

“The Following Evening”: The family is together, blond Jane is bored–no Telly;  the girls bicker and hassle, so now Uncle will do the spanking, here and now. The two girls are directed to kneel up on the settee; he lifts their school skirts, pulls their panties down himself, and alternates bottoms with a slipper.

Harmless stuff so far. The blonde is actress Pricilla Eastwood, one of a short list of the most spankable performers we have ever seen. Reference” ‘Naughty Aupair,’ ‘The Dressing Lesson,’ and ‘The Piano Lesson.’ She must be barely legal here. No one does pigtails better.

“The Next Day”: Aunt phones the school. The girls played truant that day.

“That Afternoon”: The giggling girls are confronted. Uncle: “Let’s have those blouses and skirts off, now.” “Why?” Sue OTK first, bottom full-screen and a little bruised here. Jane (Ms. Eastwood) next, Uncle reserves the delightful task of lowering her panties himself. Both girls kneel on the settee again for a doubled strap; auntie will keep it up until the mastermind of the trurancy confesses. Jane blames older sister Sue. “I thought so.”

To conclude, Aunt switches to a rod, actually a nasty thick knarled stick with a handle attached. We don’t see much, except a riveting closeup of Ms. Eastwood’s pale face and light blue eyes.

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