Bad Evaluations – SPANKED CUTIE

16 Apr

F/f; time: 28 minutes

American CP actress Niki Flynn, who practically wore the skin off her bottom in a short career, made numerous wonderful films with the best producers. This film is one of the more trivial, but it again illustrates what happens when you combine a good tush with actual acting skill.

Niki plays a vulnerable American schoolgirl who hasn’t done her homework. Her British teacher (the nameplate on the teacher’s door reads ‘Miss W. Hastings-Gore’) is going to seize this opportunity. Ms. Flynn is coiffed in short light brown hair here, and elegantly attired in blazer, blouse, skirt, necktie, knee socks, and maryjanes–the whole nine yards if you are into spanking.

Ms. Flynn hangs her head submissively as her punishment approaches. OTK, tight white panties a welcome deviation from the schoolgirl kit for us. Moderate handspanking. She is required to stand and lower her pants herself, a subordinate touch we like. Camera zooms on a long handspanking.

Niki stands against the wall facing us, pants down, frontal fuzz. She will be given a verbal spelling test. The penalty for failure is obvious. Here is another version of the ‘bottom-gamble’ we’ve seen. Errors occur and the spankings continue. She is directed to take her skirt off. “Off?” she asks. Over the desk for the paddle. The camera catches her discarded panties on the floor, like a crumpled paper towel.

Ms. Hastings seats her, bare-bottom, to write lines. We could have used a peeking camera at the rear of her desk here. [a school tower bell tolls on the soundtrack]

Ms. Hastings has a very thick cane, much more than what some would call a ‘senior’ cane,’ and almost a weapon. About 10 strokes, increasingly harder. After some seemingly anti-climatic palms slaps with a ruler, albeit appropriately academe and giving Ms. Flynn opportunity for facial grimaces, another bend-over for the cane, about 15. We notice an older bruise high on her left buttock–Niki is, after all, a hard-working girl in the trade.

The final cornering–Niki faces the door, bottomless, and when she puts hands-on-head, her blouse is conveniently rucked up to expose all of her red bottom which was just peeking out. Nice simple stuff, well acted, every detail. We might go back and count the bell-rings.

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