Moral Welfare 1 and 2 – JANUS

16 Apr

2M/3f;  year:  1980’s;  time: 40 minutes

A very early CP film, credited to Janus Magazine, containing effective examples of fetish/fantasy spankings, where a futuristic  Moral Welfare department spanks wayward girls. As the CP film genre advanced, there were many more complex films of girls paying for crimes with their bottoms. Enjoy this one for its simplicity. No sets, just a completely black theatrical backdrop, which makes for marvelous contrast as more pink skin is exposed.

Three episodes. A striking blonde, Stella Castle, reports to Moral Welfare. She has been caught shoplifting and “living in sin,” and waits on the black set, nervously chewing her lip and showing erotic fear as  we await the sound of footsteps. She is so beautiful in just T-shirt and jeans, huge blue eyes, that the camera returns again and again to facials.

A middle-aged man appears, in doctor’s lab coat and stethoscope. He will ascertain if she is fit to take punishment. He checks her pulse then pulls up her T-shirt to fondle her bare breasts. “Is this really necessary, sir?” As he applies the stethoscope, he grabs handfuls of breast in an embarassing and invasive examination, but Stella is not able to resist, because she knows what the punishment is going to be.

The “doctor” pulls down Stella’s tight jeans, along with her panties, works them down, in a slow unveiling of her bottom held full-screen, a high point if you like gentle humiliations. He fondles and pinches to check “pain threshold,” causing a squeal. He turns Stella to face us. No shaving done in this era. She tries to bribe him with some favors, which just increases her punishment.

She must put on a punishment gown, a delicious flimsy hospital trifle, not long enough to cover her charms, and wide open in the back with just three skimpy ties. It is virtually a negligee. The doctor takes her to the Moral Welfare Officer, also on a blacked-out set. He wears a tuxedo! Her sentence is “Fifteen weekly sessions–punishment on your bare bottom.” He is suitably intimidating, if you need any more stimuation at this point. She bends over–he unties the lowest tie.

The MWO flexes and swooshes a long whippy cane. She begs. “Your bottom will be changing your mind for you.” He lays on about 25 rapid whippy strokes. Her pale bottom, contrasted by the black backdrop, colors quickly. As a coda, she kneels over a stool for a few cracks from a tawse for trying a bribe. Before she is released, the doctor returns and fondles again, and examines her cane stripes with a magnifying glass.

The second girl is Middle Eastern, Jackie Habib, a small dark-haired girl in school pinafore and sash, looking very much just off the school bus. The doctor hikes up her skirt and pulls down her brown knickers with the same ceremony and achieves the same response when he pinches each buttock. She gets a 20 minute spanking session, legs spread, hands on head, fidgety, then the cane. About 15 strokes, bent over a bench, knickers remaining in place. This actress has negotiated a milder deal.

The third penitent is a punk rocker from the era–spiked big hair, Halloween makeup, studded clothing, and belts and waist chains as decoration. Lorraine Simmons was here last week–she disregarded all the advice–haircut, burn those clothes, off with the fright makeup. she knows just what is going to happen and calls the doctor what he is, a lecher and a pervert.

Pulse check, clothes off slowly, a full screen of her great bottom is held for a moment. From the MWO, there will be “extra punishment.”  A hard OTK spanking from the doctor first–he has lingered for his crumb before she is turned over to the MWO. She next kneels for a few strokes from large tawses from the MWO before we move to the cane. Eight very fast strokes. A bottom check and twirl gives us another full frontal–another jungle we see. The doctor gets to pinch, fondle, and photographs and explores Lorraine’s caned bottom as she lies on the table.

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