Police Beatings – MOONGLOW

16 Apr

2M/2f; time: 53 minutes

Another simple-formula, zero-budget adventure from MOONGLOW, generating erotic results because the producers have two tough-bottomed girls and know the power of unadorned institutional environments coupled with undisguised punishment.

The script crawl on the screen explains that MOONGLOW  acquired videos of girls taking corporal punishment in lieu of jail for drug trafficking from British police. The setting will be a cinder block, metal desk, steel doored office. Perfect.

Bearded detective Sergeant Smith, a familiar MOONGLOW  guy from the 90’s, calls his first victim on the phone to report in the evening. “Wear something tight,” he orders, not hiding the fact that he is going to have his fun from this interlude, and there is a provocative suggestion that this alternative to court may not be in the police policy manual.  Sarah (actress Alison Payne) arrives in very tight shorts, showing things every daughter’s mother gives advice about.

In just seconds, her jersey top is off and she is bent for a handspanking, legs wide. Shorts down, no panties. Sarah is not shy. She came to the station tonight knowing what to expect. Kneeling on a couch for the martinet, pants down, knees wide, Alison shows us more than she usually does in her films. In beige bra and high heels only, her lovely chestnut hair flowing down her back, a studded strap is next. She knows how to keep her hair off her face and how to stick her bottom out without appearing too compliant. She dresses in her naughty clothes and is sent out to entrap other traffickers–it will be her bottom on the line or someone else’s.

There follows another disciplinary scene with Sarah. Two detectives work her this time. “Oh no, not the cane, sir.” 12 sharp strokes–nobody does the itchy wiggle under rattan like Alison.

An outdoor scene–the detectives break up a drug deal between Alison and a blonde, and the blonde is hauled in, taken up the steel steps, through the dim corridors to room #15. She hears her alternatives and is soon OTK, white pants down. Both men take turns spanking. She bruises quickly. Some attention to her thighs. Both guys slipper her, then a heavy tawse, and a brief diaper pose on a chair, which may have hurt too much.

Both men cane her, about 15 strokes each. What seemed like a milder session than for Sarah has nevertheless makred up the blond girl. The boys are having their fun, posing her in various ways, and providing much for us at the same time.

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