Tales From the Rod 3 – CALSTAR

20 Apr

2M/3f; M/2f;  early 1990’s; time: 54 minutes

Another oldie we searched out, reasons for which follow. Producer CALSTAR used this ‘Tales’ format to combine unrelated CP vignettes, as done in the ‘College Classics’ series.

The first 38 minute segment contains Nazisploitation, where SS guards spank girls to elicit information. Despite this potentially grim plotline, the CP is conventionally executed in CalStar format, with familiar actors and settings. Two lovely girls are brought to an SS ‘farm’ and soon summoned into the house to begin the questioning. Their husbands were previously caught, didn’t talk, and have been sent to camps; two officials–an officer an a non-com, in reasonably authentic uniforms, not the usual Halloween stuff, do the interrogation. “We have certain punishments for spies…nice English girls like you…what is the location of your radio?”

The girls–one is the stunning Welsh model Alison Payne, of whom we never tire, and the second a brunette, are pretty enough to receive facial closeups throughout the film. “Shultz, prepare these young women for interrogation.”

The scene is a fully outfitted and furnished residential library room. “Raise your skirts.” The girls object but comply. Alison wears naughty trasparent net shorts and the brunette more conventional white panties. “Bend over, hands on the sofa, begin with a spanking, Shultz.”

A long upholstered footstool/bench is produced. The brunette kneels on it lengthwise, lowers her head, her skirt is thrown up, the second officer gathers her hair off her face, and Shultz spanks her. “Where is the radio…this English bitch is not ready to talk.” Pants down, but she holds out.

Alison takes the same pose, very sexy. The Colonel does the spanking and straddles her back at one point. Inserted facials of Alison’s huge blue eyes and chestnut hair. “You will be subjected to this for hours and days if necessary.”

Shultz is left with the girls as the officer goes to his office (to do what?). Shultz’ chance: “Remove your clothes,” The girls pause, but proceed. Alison strips facing us–no bra, dress off, gauzy panties off, large triangle of pubic hair circa late ’80’s. Great to watch. Naked, back on the stool, hair captured, more spanking and some martinet. The brunette strips now, much more buxom than Alison. She gets more on the stool.

In the Colonel’s office, he has a third girl, a short-haired blonde whose face we never fully see. “Take your clothes off,immediately.” She retains her panties–he spanks her OTK. He invites Shultz, who stops in, to add some whacks. “Stand up…take off your panties…you will take the cane…bend over.” Alsion and the brunette are brought in to watch, dressed again, close at hand in the screen shot. Fifteen moderate strokes on the bare–Alison’s face cringes in the scene also.

The blonde is led off–Alison and the brunette will now be caned. Clothes off again–the camera finding every opportunity to catch Alison’s facial expressions. The brunette bends–more than 15 moderate strokes, sexy naked full-screen. “When you get to the camp, this will be the daily punishment.”

Alison next. “You…clothes off…for you we have a little extra treat!”It is a leather paddle, she leans on a padded rail in front of the fireplace, legs open, knees locked. Alison’s twisting, gasping reaction to a spanking is unique to her, and she sticks her bottom out into harm’s way all the while pretending not to. Then the cane, 20+ strokes. “I think you enjoy the pain, don’t you?” The intimate closeups of her bottom are so clear the silky body fuzz shines in the studio lights.

The officer is seen toasting himself  with wine.  “Another case successfully solved by the SS.” Somebody must have cracked (in addition to us).

In the next episode (separately released as ‘Paddling Classified’): actor John North with actress Minnie Champ, who has given up her blond Hollywood bimbo hairstyle for a mousy gray shag. And she has had a breast enhancement, since we saw these two actors in’Mutual Agreement’ and ‘College Classics.’

North has advertised for girls who want to be spanked; two–both Minnie and Harriett, young, cute, adventurous, and willing to accept the challenge. While North interviews Harriett (“I thought it would be nice if I was spanked.”), he suggests Minnie “disrobe.” We watch her remove her black top and toreador pants, clinging to her. Stunning, she stands there in silk panties.

Harriett is sent downstairs, where North will give her attention later. “Take all your clothes off, bend over the dining room table, and wait for me.”

First, it will be Minnie’s turn, OTK for North on the couch. It is a sweet struggle with this glorious body. “It hurts, sir.” When he tugs her little pants down, we notice two bruises. Where did she get them? We missed this film. Her bottom soars in his lap–you will not find a greater depiction. North demands “virginal white bottoms unmarked.” Minnie melts us with occasional eye contact. He finishes and leaves her standing naked against the wall–a vision.

Downstairs, Harriett squirms over the table, waiting,having thoughtfully left her panties on for a theatrical moment to come. North works her with a paddle and more handspanking, her face flat to the polished wood, then “Let’s have these little things down, shall we?” Fondling, closeups, fuzzy glimpses between her legs, then North massages her coccyx, with a sort of circular drilling fingertip, as he did with Minnie. In the midst of this, Minnie appears in the room, diminuative, cute, jaybird naked, she soon parks her bare bottom beside Harriett over the table, her bruises almost at your fingertips. Minnie’s new figure is quite an eyeful bent over in this posture.  Both receive a paddling.

The girls are finished for now and dress. They have placed North’s fee in their clothing for him to pluck, and they make an appointment for next week.

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