21 Apr

M/5F;  YEAR: 2005;  Time: 44 minutes

We revise this review after we have learned more about both REALSPANKINGS and the career of Niki Flynn. Here she is featured and credited with some of the busy actresses from RSN in an effective schoolgirl romp. Coach Daniels and Elizabeth Burns together in a storyline not about themselves; Kailee,Bailey, Brandi from the young-bottom side; and Miss Baker, usually a Top.

An angry and disrespectful Niki, emotions she plays so well to set up our desire to see her get a good spanking, objects to school procedures. “I don’t belong here,” referring to her sojourn at Real Spankings Institute.  Kailee plays a sort of prefect/advisor trying to avoid the  ‘arrival’ procedure. She  is forced to drag insouciant Niki to headmaster Mr. Daniels. He and three other girls subdue Niki, a sexy and raucous wrestling scene with much profanity, where Daniels takes scissors and cuts off her purple top, her plaid uniform skirt, and he snips and rips off her flowered thong. Naked Ms. Flynn struggles pinned to the floor, totally naked. She is a glorious sight–solid thighs, muscular hard buttocks, rippling back muscles, and good breasts.  Plenty to punish.

The group stands her up; modern miss hasn’t a hair to be be seen. She is dragged away naked to “lockup,” to be punished some other time.

New Scenes: A calmed  Niki, in the reasonable schoolgirl kit RSN  uses, not fetish-store stuff, studies with another student, Bailey. Later that evening, they are caught by Mr. Daniels, totally naked in bed, in some lesbian play. Good nude scene. Daniels will cane them now; Bailey bends over first–a hard caning, a lot of unhappy facials of this pale-skinned strawberry blonde. Niki’s caning is superlative–white lines ripen on her darker skin, her perfect buttocks wriggle.

In our amateur experience with REALSPANKING, the punishments  are consistently HARD but not mean or demonic. American traditions of paddles and straps prevail. The severity of the spankings don’t seem to be adjusted to the threshold of the model, as is frequently the case with other producers. If you sign a contract with RSN, you’re going to get a hard spanking. As for Ms. Flynn, in addition to her head-to-toe beauty and the ability to actually read a line, she must have a high pain threshold. Before she probably wore her bottom out, she made films for, at least, such other diverse stylists as LUPUS/RIGIDEAST, FIRMHAND, PAIN4FEM, SHADOWLANE, DALLAS, STRICTLYENGLISH, NORTHERNSPANKING.  There are many short features too–this is such enjoyable research, and discovery continues.

In a classroom scene worthy of the English, Niki and three girls take an exam under the supervision of blond Ms. Burns. There is a rack on the wall of this classroom containing spanking implements, something for a young girl to keep in mind. Daniels catches Niki and Bailey cheating, and now it’s clear Burns is also not doing her job.

Daniels will spank both girls in front of the others. Bailey kneels on her desk chair, panties down, hard and fast with a heavy leather paddle. This actress suffers well. Niki kneels for hers.

Later in the afternoon Institute Director/Headmaster Daniels has summoned Ms. Burns and staffer Miss Baker for their failures. Burns let the girls cheat and Baker was absent when Niki and Bailey went teat-a-teat. The women must sign forms acknowledging their censure.

The conspiracy begins to form. Burns and Baker confer with students Niki, Bailey, and Kailee. They will accuse Daniels of sexual harrassment–groping and making girls undress. But Daniels is taping the huddle from a ceilingCAM.

He calls the women in, plays the tape. “We can settle this two ways. You’re all going to be paddled.” The row of girls stands, heads bowed. We’re headed for a wonderful serial spanking like a LUPUS film.

“Raise your skirts and bend over.” Daniels walks the line, carefully pulling down each pair of panties, just to the right place on the thighs. First to be bare is Miss Burns herself. “Is this sexual harassment?”  He will paddle each bottom 10 times-very hard, knocking some girls off-balance, eliciting tears and quivering. Burns is first–a teacher reduced to a gasping student with her pants down–she is not offended to holler her head off, as she always does; Brandi is second-white paddle marks; Niki next; then Bailey quivers during her paddling, her pale skin the most marked; Kailee has a completely clear bottom; and Miss Baker watches and waits in agony. The camera pans back and forth over Daniels’ handiwork, illustrating how the variety of buttocks reacts to a paddle.

The girls kneel erect, hands behind backs, some in tears. For conspiracies, there’s the guillotine and then there’s a nice wood American paddle. Very entertaining stuff from this most professional (and erotic) of producers.

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