The Vacation – TaPaa, Inc

21 Apr

2M/2f; year:2004; time: 1 hr. 16 minutes

A trifle at first glance, distributed by an American company we are not familiar with. However, the plot is so charming it will be worth your time. If you have ever vacationed slightly off-season at a sparsely furnished, isolated lake cabin,  like we have, you’ll be amused at the entertainment the men in this film generate.

Husband Terry to wife Amy: “I’ve got good news.”  “You saved money at GEICO?” she says, a smartypants from the first second. No, he’s gotten use of a friend’s cabin and suggests a weekend with their friends Stephanie and Mike. Amy’s not enthusiastic. “I’m 23 and she’s 35….she’s got big boobs….and there’s that other thing…the spanking thing. ” Amy is terrified someone will find out Terry spanks her. Genteel she is not, not at least when her bottom is exposed to the open air. They smile and cuddle and other things.

In the present, they have been spanking ever since. He teases her panties down on the edge of the bed and suggests maybe Stephanie is secretly spanked too.

The couples arrive at the cabin and unpack. A radio broadcast describes some local murders of women. Boredom sets in quickly. The girls want to hike, the men won’t permit it. Stephanie argues with Mike, who declares: “Would you like to discuss it upstairs?”

The girls sneak off on a hike and are soon lost in some decent outdoor foliage scenes. The  men can’t find them. “Two young ladies will be in some deep shit when they come back.” It seems Mike encouraged Terry to begin spanking Amy and that it’s a regular part of Stephanie’s world too. The rural police are called- two more characters in the film.

The hiking scenes are very entertaining, the girls in their little shorts and tops, well-stacked Stephanie bouncing along in her little top. The girls are worried. Stephanie admits being spanked “I’m going to get the spanking of my life when we get back.”

A flashback for Stephanie: she’s in college, and in trouble with a professor. The film producers took the trouble to change her hairstyle and clothing, no so common in low-budget CP films. In the professor’s office: “You know the rules…pants down…off…hands on your head.” Here is a professor worthy of his English peers! OTK half-naked. “To discipline the mind we have to discipline the tail.” Mild but very erotic and of course very much illicit.

Stephanie must face us. Little fuzzy front, sweater off, no bra, the promise of her body fulfilled, and the high point of the film. He’s a dirty old man for sure–she stands and spreads her legs–this is what happens in his office. Bend-over for strokes from a stick, then a cane, not hard but still an eyeful. She dresses and leaves, her panties left for a trophy.

Back to the present in the woods, the police find the girls and return them. the girls are clearly looking forward to spankings and whatever follows. Out of the boys’ earshot, but the police hear: “He hits me with a switch.” Stephanie declares, and cute little Amy elicits a few “OMG’s” to help date this film.

The girls get their bawling out. Since they admit discussing spanking. Terry and Mike decide to spank them together, and for the rest of the weekend. Stephanie is sent upstairs to get her hairbrush. She returns and Mike tells her to drop her shorts. “In front of them?” Mild but sexy spanking, bristles first. Amy’s turn. “Pants down.”  She likes to curse, we know. Her white bottom turns pink. Bristles next. Some bruises.

In a later kitchen scene (both couples have had some bedroom time), the girls are sent outside to cut some ffresh switches. Stephanie knows how to do it, but they daudle, so the men join them. An outdoor CP scene, and the best so far: skirts up, no panties on either lady,the men drive them back to the cabin with switches across their bottoms.

Skirts off completely, the men switch them around in circles. Plenty of frontal looks and modesty is long gone. Two sawhorses are seen, the girls bend over them and must beg for strokes, sets from each guy, some quite low on the thighs. “Fuck!” declares Stephanie. Amy wants to get up and escape but Stephanie encourages her to complete the medicine. “There’s no other way.” They all apologize, fondle, and hug.

We found the fantasy and role-play charming and were not put off by the moderate punishments. The girls dancing bare-bottom to fresh-cut switches in their white sneakers remains a clear image.

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