Gym Lesson Pt. 1 – NETTLES

23 Apr

F/3f; time: 22 minutes

A surprisingly tidy Nettles production, in two parts, filmed in a small dance studio, with a piano, wall mirrors, and a ballet barre. Three ‘lazy’ girls face ‘coach,’ and official-looking female supervisor. the girls are dressed in schoolgirl kits we’ve seen advertised at fetish suppliers–white blouse, necktie, red plaid skirt.

The girls will be punished and are left to change into gym clothes, a nudie scene ineffectively filmed because the partially naked girls block each other and the camera does not seek individual closeups as Lupus or Pain4Fem would do. Coach returns–“shoes off” because they don’t have “sports shoes.”

The girls stretch at the barre, and poorly, so it’s off with their gyum shorts and white thongs. A series of PT exercises in just gym-top, bare bottoms. Star jumps, but it’s better if the tops could have come off.  Three totally naked girls, quite well-developed  lasses, excellent casting. Jogging, knee bends, duck walk, toe touches; the bending stuff is done facing us and facing away. Nude PT always appreciated.

Coach is going to cane the girls now, one at a time. Tanis goes first, kneels naked on a straight chair, leaning over its back onto another, bottom front-and-center. About 40 cane strokes are shown, some counted aloud  and some not, several angles, and inconsistent development of lines and wheals. Tattooed Ania and tall Lena face us watching, hands-on-head, assets on parade. They will be caned in part 2. Excellent facials of brunette Tania flailing and begging. At her completion, she kneels on another chair facing the wall,countable stripes. Next lazy girl.

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