Shelly’s Punishment/Shelly’s Revenge – CAL STAR

23 Apr

F/f; time: 54 minutes

Another weak American effort, in two parts, except the American actress playing ‘Shelly’ gives us an eyeful on several occasions. Shelly’s mother ‘Veronica,’ British, jumps her for breaking a bathroom basin and depleting her father’s expensive cologne at a house party with her school friends. Shelly is going to be spanked, something not unfamiliar in this house.

First, Shelly must stand humiliated on display in the living room, skirt up and white panties at her thighs. She has a tight little youthful non-professional bottom with a trace of the same suntan as on her face.Veronica will spank her and report her to her father, with the guarantee of more punishment.

Veronica spanks her OTK on the couch. Throughout the film, the spankings are mild and ineffectual, but the tussling, jostling, and wrestling for position expose the sweet body of Shelly. In typical American cadence: “Look at that ass. It’s not red enough.”

Veronica takes Shelly’s panties off and away and threatens the cane. “No,no, please, no.” Handspanking continues. “Look at that red bottom.” Frontal flashes of a tawny 1980’s thatch of hair. She stands, red bottom on display, to wait for her father.

Father comes home. We never see the actor, the same guy as in ‘Back to School.’ He’s furious with the damage and orders Veronica to proceed to the cane. Shelly is directed onto the couch. “You know how we do it.”  How they do it is Shelly bends fully over a couch arm, her head low, bottom high. 10 strokes, moderate, a few small marks, a lot of commotion. “It’s getting nice and red…this is the kind of party we have at home.”

Shelly is sent to bed, with a nice nudie undressing scene in front of mom.

The second part, ‘Shelly’s Revenge,’ relates an ill-advised attempt to pay Veronica back for being spanked. Shelly gets drunk and shreds her mother’s best sun dress, and is caught.

Veronica is seen havng a bad day at the office (and a marginally bad hair day, we would like to suggest). To Shelly: “Aren’t we bold today?” Out comes the strap, this OTK is a little sharper and generates squeals.

Another undressing scene for bed, total nudity this time. Very nice, the best of Shelly’s work. “Time for your caning.” Hands-on-knees on her bed, in glamorous silk pj’s, about 5 strokes on her silk pants. “Take your bottoms off…and spread them.” About a dozen more. “Ass in the air. Arch your back.” Shelly is so exposed Veronica can’t resist: “Maybe I should cane your pussy.”

Shelly must go to bed without her pants, a cute sight, and a sweet parting thought.

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