Meter Beating – CAL STAR

24 Apr

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 56 minutes

Another favorite we revisit–a naughty implausible story, two very attractive girls, and the punishments are long and realistic. Two flatmates cheat the gas company. A severe-looking librarian-type Domme arrives and offers, after the usual denials, protestations, and submission, the choice we know is coming–the police, or “Gas-Board stool, and whip and paddle.”

The girls acquiesce. The female Gas Board inspector goes to her van to get the “standard whipping equipment,” which leads you to ponder how many spankings she does in a day’s work and whether every Gas board van is so equipped.

The single-purpose padded spanking stool is positioned. Blond actress Jan Burton, still in her red short nightie, very fetching, will be spanked first. “I hope you are ready.” OTK to start, the little nightie rides up without help to expose white panties. “You will not steal from the Gas Board again.” Long moderate handspanking, good perspectives and overheads. Panties down to conclude this phase.

Indian actress Malvina Layton has been watching in mock horror. She goes OTK. Jan is made to take all her clothes off and stand aside–a pleasing sight as she obligingly keeps her hands at her sides. Malvina is spanked, skirt down, red pants. “Your knickers ought to come down now.” Lots of entertaining moaning. She keeps her hair off her face for us.

The whipping stool is brought front and center. “Who goes first?” Naked Jan goes over for the oval paddle. The female officer urges her legs at least two feet apart, affording full views.Malvina is next over, legs apart also, a fascination for this female disciplinarian. Nude Jan in the shot, watching. Malvina gets the long leather spanker and cries out for the first time.

Jan’s  turn again. “You! There. Now!…are we holding on tight? You look a lot better with your legs apart. Spread them!” Long, tall, gorgeous Jan. These views of both girls made this a favorite of ours.

Malvina takes her top off and is naked now also. The two bare ladies are posed facing the wall while the Domme shows them her cane. Jan back to the trestle;  she gets almost 20 strokes. “Bet you’ll be paying the gas bill, won’t you?” the Domme fingers the marks she’s made on Jan’s bottom. “You won’t be wearing a mini-skirt for a while.” “Get up.” She drags Jan off by a handful of her blond hair.

Malvina bends over, relectant after what she has just seen. 20 strokes, noisy and sexy. “Right…do you feel better for that?” After she carefully fingers her work on Malvina’s tush, she is finished. The girls slowly dress on-screen at the conclusion.

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