Spanked Lifeguard Punishment – DALLASSPANKSHARD

24 Apr

M/f; time: 25 minutes

The marvelous CP actress Samantha Woodley in a simple, straightforward OTK spanking story. Despite the simple plot and uninteresting setting, Ms. Woodley is charming and knows what we like. She plays a cute lifeguard who has been caught smoking, and since it isn’t the first time, “It’s going to be a spanking times two.”

Samantha accepts this institutional discipline from her male supervisor. The scene looks like a motel suite. She is taken OTK and spanked on cute red lifeguard shorts with a decorative white belt. Dallas is the spanker–when he pulls down her shorts she wriggles her bare bottom maddeningly. Only an experienced spanker could survive this on his lap.

He places her on a low table, a bolster pillow under her hips to elevate the bottom, and sprays her buttocks with an aerosole water bottle, a classic solution to the time-honored problem we haven’t seen before. A leather strap rings loud on the damp skin.

The film is cut into segments with screen titles, giving Ms. Woodley some respite, and probably reducing an accruing reddening bottom. After another paddling, she is taken by the hand, bare-bottom, into the bedroom, an erotic transition in this excellent little film. OTK again, a wood paddle on the bare–she can wiggle as well as anyone.

Over the end of the bed for a heavy strap. Someone pulled back her hair to improve facials. Spritz the bottom again, a loud strapping–she counts ten.

Back into the bathroom for a wood paddle with holes, her face in the mirror for us. She sticks her bottom out and we watch voyeuristically through the open doorway. Zoom on her buttocks–magnificant. She counts out the last series and is allowed to rub.

They have the suite to themselves, so–no, we’ve seen too many films of male bosses and female lifeguards. Wouldn’t be professional.

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