24 Apr

M/f; time:44 minutes

A dark and depressing medieval drama, completely devoid of the flashes of comedy and ironic humor which crop up in LUPUS work to soften the sting.

An orphan runaway girl is pursued by wolves across frozen tundra and finds refuge in a large manor/farm. The lord/farmer, actor Pavel Stastny, takes her in and immediately sees his opportunities. He will start this evening’s entertainment by having her strip naked and take a bath in a portable tub in a large room in front of an assemblage of the household. She is scrubbed with a rough brush, then fed and sent to bed. When the farmer heads to her room to rape her in bed, another maid tries to intercede and offers herself, having been in that spot herself, most likely.

The orphan resists his advances and soon finds herself strung up naked in the same great room, wearing nothing but her crucifix, to be whipped in the presence of some household members. He eats and drinks while she is stretched naked in front of him. There follows an erotic whipping sequence of the Orphan, filmed from her nude front, her full reactions as Pavel whips from the rear, and shots from the rear. The whipping is not  the raw and brutal event tyupical of Lupus, for which we are grateful, given the otherwise bleak and depressing storyline. The buxom actress acts wonderfully miserable and humilated, writhing buck-naked in the barren room.

Following her whipping, she is carried naked to the men’s quarters, where she will be the entertainment for the night. The next day she escapes naked and moves off through the snow, the pack of wolves which drove her here closing in. Not a musical comedy.

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