The Punishment Man – KANE VIDEO

24 Apr

M/3f; year: 1999; time: 55 minutes

Surely this was made by Kane, having the naughty, playful, salacious feel of George Harrison Marks, and then distributed under the banner of London Entertainment. Hand-lettered early graphics. A naked couple rollick on a waterbed, in every position, engaged in soft porn calisthenics you would expect to see on hotel cable TV. With one variation–both the brassy blonde and the hairy guy smack each others’ bottoms when the posture presents itself.

The husband of Jane, the blonde, enters downstairs, hears the banging on the bed, chases the hirsute paramour off, and settles down to spank his wife. He decides she is best handled by a professional and apparently arranges it.

The film cuts to a scene where a young curly brunette in school uniform presents herself in front of the Punishment Man, arranged by her husband, in this humiliating costume, because she has been caught shoplifting. We love blackmail spankings. The Punishment Man is a familiar Kane participant in many of Marks’ romps. He is delighted with how she looks. “Take off your clothes.”  “…what?…” “Now.” She slowly undresses showing a buxom mature figure–no waif schoolgirl she.

As this undressing traspires, we see Jane from the first part of the film arriving for her appointment. The Punishment Man lets her in–there is no waiting room. She is shocked to see the naked girl in just skimpy panties under the control of the Punishment Man. No doubt what is going on here.

The ‘schoolgirl’s’ punishment commences. “Hands on the stool, feet apart, legs straight!” He handspanks on her panties. Both girls sob. Embarrassing, here in a stange man’s chambers.

The chunky  ‘schoolgirl’ must take her panties off and kneel for the martinet. Moderate stuff, but intimidating for Jane to watch. The brunette is released; Jane is already wailing and pleading.

Her fate sealed, she slowly undresses. When she is naked, she kneels on a stool for a handspanking and a strap, her thighs apart, fuzzy vista. The martinet, bottom high, head to the floor, knees wide, solid buttocks. “Most satisfactory,” exclaims the Punishment Man, reflecting our sentiments.

The Punishment Man’s assistant Kim comes in wearing a skimpy negligee and sets to creaming Jane’s buttocks. The girls begin some lesbian play, Jane fully recovered. Kim gets a few spanks–the best little bottom in the film.

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