24 Apr

2M/2f; year: 1998; time: 1 hour, 6 min

We read somewhere that a CP enthusiast listed this film as one of his favorite canings. It took us a long time to find it. We were also impressed.

Actresses Louise Diamond and Alison Payne (here credited as Alison de Brett) play two employees bumping around their office. They find a table-full of spanking implements and a large cucumber squash–the purpose of the paraphernalia is not lost on them. Tracy (Alison) rubs Sharon (Louise) with the squash, and they playfully spank and cane each other. We get our first glimpse and yet another reminder of how well Alison fills out a pair of jeans.

Tracy is rubbing lotion on Sharon’s mostly bare buttocks when two men enter, familiar smarmy Moonglow predators. They want to see the girls continue their games. Tracy handspanks Sharon, admittedly pathetic. “You call that spanking?” explains the ponytailed guy who has drawn the fortunate assignment of spanking Ms. de Bratt/Payne in a number of films. Tracy spanks Sharon, much harder. “That’s better.”

Ponytail takes up the cane and sizzles 12 strokes on those glorious jeans of Tracy’s. That twitching wiggle! Tracy willingly pulls her jeans down and panties with them to display her world-class bottom, nicely pink from the cane strokes distributed by the cloth. Everyone admires.

Ponytail spanks Sharon  OTK, while Tracy carefully positions herself in the background with her tush on-screen. The second man, younger, ‘Bill,’ takes over, spanking Sharon over a chair. Ponytail paddles her. Bill takes her OTK, her bubble-like bottom soaring in his lap. Standing, she gets the leather flogger and a few with the cane. Tracy is sent out of the room.

Sharon is made to strip naked, which she does intentionally  facing us, displaying a professional stripper’s body. Another dozen cane strokes.

Sharon is naked. There follows a full-fledged pornographic menage-a-trois, Sharon servicing one guy at one end while she is on the receiving end at the other. Oral and anal action. Neither guy is a stud, the cucumber squash would be the winner; surely there was an orgasm or two in this action.

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