The Caning – CAL STAR

27 Apr

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Actor Michael Dawes in one of this very brief textbook caning demonstrations. Blond, Nordic-looking Mrs. Bridget, his employee, has done terrible work. “We’re going to take disciplinary measures, right now.”

Bridget doesn’t object for more than a millisecond. “Remove the jacket…it’s going to be the cane…remove your skirt…it will be a short sharp shock.” This form of punishment was covered in a letter to her when she was hired. She bends over the famous white sectional couch–black knickers, garter belt, black stockings, very sophisticated.

Without warning, the caning begins. About 15 strokes, Bridget mutters begging apologies between the shots. But, “We’ve lost a great deal of money. Your bottom is going to pay the price.” Black panties down–there are rugged marks on display.

“I’ve nearly completed  my decorations.” Blond Bridget tries another tack. “Is there anything else I can do?” With most people, with this blonde, there would be a quick answer, but from Dawes, currently in his element and in fine fettle: “Not at the moment, no.”

“These final ones, a bit harder.” Six toe-curlers, Dawes is finished with Bridget, but he asks her to send Janet down, “while I still have the cane in hand.”And, we assume, while he is still, uh, pumped up.

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