27 Apr

3M/f;   year: 2006;  time: 54 minutes

Actress Niki Flynn in a guest appearance at STRICTLYENGLISH makes a bawdy British fairy tale, in one of our favorites from this studio. Three town elders exercise feudal rights to visit and spank her in her cottage for trumped-up Sixteenth Century sorcery  charges against society. The men are just looking for a chance to get this little neighbor’s pants off, and they succeed. Each visit and spanking session is rich in CP ritual and language.

The first visitor, Mr. Green, explains his “guidance” is going to be “a damn good spanking.” Niki doth protest with practiced elegance, including an obligatory “Oh,sir” when Green’s fingers slide beneath the waistband of her black lace hip hugger panties. 
Thunderstorm sounds are used to transition the days and sessions.

The second visitor’s CP Liturgy: “I have to give you a taste of my belt…on your bare bottom.” He removes her workout shorts–all the men reserve the knicker work for themselves.  The belting is a good one–we can’t recall any examples of mild or fake spankings in Ms. Flynn’s work. She is her own stunt woman.

The last caller: Lord Summerville, in formal long tails, suggests she is a witch, normally a capital offense, but here in the sitting room of her rented cottage, “It’s just you and me.” He orders “Strip!” and when she is theatrically hesitant, he rips open her blouse and tears off her blue panties. Niki conveys the humiliation of being naked in front of clothed older men as well as any actress we can think of.

Summerville is easily the most intrusive, surely having been briefed by the other two Elders, and recognizing the clear field for him.
He tortures her in several postures, all naked, including holding heavy books at arms’ length. And more OTK.

The canings are fulfilling. Her naked postures are dramatic. Lord S comments he is pleased she has shaved her pubic hair. After he has departed, and Niki has treated us to a slow self-examination of her bottom, she sticks a pin in a voodoo doll, shivering one of her tormentors at least. A green flash appears in her eyes, confirming Summerville’s theory.

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