A Mutual Agreement – CAL STAR

28 Apr

M/f; year: late 1980’s; time: 44 minutes

We revisit an all-time favorite. Old fashioned spankings stand up well unless you prefer meat grinder CP. The actress identified as Minnie Champ remains one of the most strikingly memorable performers we have seen; she made only four spanking films we can find,before she moved into other adult films. The actor we believe is John North, here in his Sophie Fennington era. With his laconic, wry, reprobate style he applies a level of detached humorous disbelief to his own performance. The film is filled with sardonic dialogue which cannot have been planned. There are varied sets, and the spankings are rousing, and Minnie, Minnie, Minnie.

North, playing stuffy, pipe-smoking, cravat-festooned, very British landlord Reginald Blashford, arrives in his silver Rover at #10, where Samantha Simms sits in front of a mirror in her apartment, in a bulky pink chenille bathrobe, applying makeup. Throughout the video, Ms. Champ is so strikingly beautiful the camera seizes any opportunity to cut in a facial view, relectantly leaving her bottom for a second. Another young lady behind in the rent, or ‘rent in arrears,’ as it is often described in this CP film plot line.

Somehow Miss Simms receives him in her bedroom. “Do you always receive guests in your bedroom, Miss Simms?” Reggie points out: “You are not keeping abreast of your payments…girls like you need their bottoms smacked.”  Simms will go along with it. Over her dressing table, her robe up, he fondles her white satin panties then goes to the Rover for his implement bag. Do you think, when you purchase a Rover, it comes with a bag of spanking tools? Frequent facials of Minnie–sultry apprehension.

She has qualms and second thoughts but, alas, no money for the rent. “Let’s get on with it, then.” Over the dressing table again, her face reflected in the mirror, robe up, Reggie fondles again. “This will be on the bare bottom.” “Oh, no!” The pants come down. We haven’t found effective words for the sight of her bare bottom.

He takes her OTK on the dressing table bench, celebrating her body like a piece of fine sculpture. “A splendid spanking spectacle….are you finding this humiliating?” “Yes, Mr. Blashford.” She had hiked her knickers back in place. “I must say…this underwear is rather voluminous.”

And, would you believe, Miss Simms offers up: “I have more in my drawer.” (You get the notion gentlemen callers in her bedroom are not so alien to her.) From a handful of lace in the drawer, Reggie picks a pair. She removes her robe (it has been begging to come off) and is naked–angels weep. Temptress she is: “Don’t know why you think my bottom’s so attractive, while it’s so red….I hope this makes up for most of my rent.” Reggie examines her bottom like a stamp collector.

Mr. Blashford has this lady turning on a spit. She moves to her sitting room in just the lacy Olga’s, tidies up a bit so their spanking escapades can continue. She kneels on the couch, looking as fetching as the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbor, her doe eyes catching the camera periodically. Head down, bottom up, for Reggie’s strap, “from Kenya,” he is proud to point out. She gasps from the outset, breasts hang, long fingers kneading. He slips the lace panties down slowly, she struggles, giving us fuzzy winks, but stoutly keeps her knees together, while the camera holds her bottom full-screen.

Reggie steps out of the room and Minnie takes the opportunity to slowly oil her bottom. Reggie is back and Minnie is shocked to see he rifled her closet and found her school uniform. He makes her put it on, which happens very slowly–he has to help her with the blouse buttons, and she simply can’t figure out the necktie. After she is dressed, she bends over again, Reggie pulls down her panties and notices “goose bumps.”

We approach the climax, actually the last of several for us. He shows her the cane. Her big eyes and striking face are always displayed. She bends over a round table, in a classic Fennington posture, which stretches the arms high and wide. 15 strokes, at first on her bunched panties, magnificent closeups; she jumps and twitches as he saws between strokes.

After 3 strokes, Reggie gently lowers her pants, we get closeups of  her early wheals andof her inquiring worried face. She wiggles and flinches between strokes; Reggie fondles his work.

At the conclusion the couple chats on the couch. You get the impression a new form of rental compensation has been created. He’ll call her “Samantha” and she sees the way things are going to be, may call him”Reggie.”

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