Beach Girl Spankings #5 – RAVEN HILL

28 Apr

M/f; M/f;  time: 1 hour, 21 minutes

In the faux-documentary style of Raven Hill,their best work in our opinion, producers Richard Lewis and Tierre Ainese patrol Florida Gulf beaches in search of girls to persuade them to return to their hotel suite to film spankings for money. Tierre does the acting and Richard the filming in this series. Tierre relieves bits of occasional tedium among the amateur actors with his ad lib banter. The bite of wood, leather, or rattan against flesh is nicely offset by a light humorous air maintained by the participants. Some girls laugh nervously, others cry. The segments are long. We enjoy the teasing foreplay before the action begins.

The first girl, a thin dark-blonde in a bikini, after the persuasion and halting uncertainty, musters her resolve, takes her bikini bottom off, and is spanked OTK. In the clever blind lottery method RH uses for the girl to select  the next spanking implement, the blonde draws the marker labeled “the strap.” Tierre’s “sands-of-time” hour glass measures the five minute spanking intervals. Her second blind selection is the “sorority paddle,” which, because it is a fearsome instrument, has a 25-stroke limit rather than time.

No one is shy, although an air of amateur innocence is persistently maintained. The girls are never quite comfortable naked, reflexively covering themselves when they can and between segments. Tierre manipulates the spanking rituals, knows the buttons to push, and does not disguise fascination for the bare bottoms he exposes.

The second girl, blond Alicia, most closely approaches the glamorous spanking models seen in other studios,although her shy acting is either extraordinary or she is truly inexperienced and embarrassed. All the more exciting. Tierre offers her more money to get her to hand over her top. Well worth the money. She was spanked as a child, which fascinates Tierre no end. When she drops her bikini bottom, she flips it away with finality, to the delight of Tierre. “My favorite part,” he intones, speaking for all of us.

She wraps herself in a towel and drops it with a flourish before each segment, adding immensely to the eroticism. She blindly selects the same strap and sorority paddle. Tierre is a bit nonplussed by her beauty and soaring bottom and seems reluctant to conclude the segment.



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