Cabin Fever – SHADOWLANE

28 Apr

2M/2f;   year: 2007;   time: 51 minutes

A co-educational romp typical of SHADOWLANE, populated by CP stars, written and directed by Eve Howard, with familiar and experienced SL support. And a placid antidote to much of the edgy severity creeping across our genre.

Two couples are snowed in at a mountian-cabin resort. The four seem dressed for dinner. The men, actors Steve Fuller and Keith Jones, play poker and sip tequila, while their wives, actresses Clare Fonda and Amber Wells, tease and taunt around the edges. The scene is in one of their hotel rooms. They have spent more money than the couple we saw in our review of  the same storyline in  ‘The Vacation,’ but the results will be similar. Tequila level goes down.

“Both of you are going to get your bottoms tanned if you keep this up,” declares Keith, who has entered the silver-fox phase of his career. For the girls, this warning is a challenge. “Ooh, that sounds naughty!”

At last, Steve takes the twenty-something Amber OTK on the end of the hotel bed. It is a cunning and sexy plausible spanking. Steve flips up her party dress skirt and pulls down her white panties after he has developed a uniform redness on both cheeks. Amber doth protest, but not too much, just right for Steve to forge ahead. Clare sits on Keith’s lap in the background, amused and surely expectant. Keith keeps his hands where we can see them, why? Clare tells Amber she’s lucky to have a strong man to spank her.

Keith spanks Clare next; she makes sassy, taunting faces. her pink semi-transparent panties were fitted by a genius. When Steve pulls them down, it is clear why there is so much fuss about her acting in the industry.

The girls promise to behave, join in a new poker game, and keep nipping at the bottle (someone added to its level). Clare wins a hand ands is caught hiding cards. Since the boys are playing for real money, this now becomes a “real money, real spanking” situation.

Some swapping–Fuller spanks Claire OTK on a chair (“Oh, Steve!”) and harder this time. Just to keep bottoms uniform, Keith spanks Amber, before they return to the game.

Time passes in the snowstorm.  The girls,well along in the tequila, lie on the bed watching the boys. Because he can, Keith joins them, pulls down both pairs of panties (“right off”) and alternately spanks both bottoms, a mild but altogether pleasant diversion to pass time with two gorgeous girls snowed-in a cabin. Steve takes his place. Both men finish off Clare’s bottom with small paddle-ball paddles. (They must have packed all this stuff for the trip). Amber takes her place to join the general spanking melee to conclude.

You’d think both couples would need another half-hour in their rooms before they trek in the snow to the resort dining room. We would insist on it.

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