Caught and Caned (The Burglar Choice) – MOONGLOW

28 Apr

M/2f;   time: 41 minutes

Yet another sardonic observation of the English Vice. And this film competes as the most severe caning we’ve seen Nicky Montford take. Blond Angela dresses for an evening out. She complains she has a “cold bottom,” and teases for a spanking before they go out. Her husband ‘Peter,’ (Tom Cooper) one of the smarmy ageplay MOONGLOW predators and twice her age, is only too glad (and fully prepared) to oblige.

He takes her OTK on their bed, bares her bottom for a handspanking and her handy vanity hairbrush, including some from the bristle side. There, now that’s a start. There are several ways to get a tingle before an evening on the town to ensure a rousing conclusion.

When they return home, Angela discovers and captures a hooded burglar attempting to escape. The husband wrestles and holds the culprit, who is a lithe female. Let’s do it. Why not? They take her to their “playroom,” which clearly is the couple’s spanking room, with a trestle and implements. Hood off, it is the actress Nicky Montford as ‘Danielle.’

Peter explains: “You know what to expect….you’ve got a choice, bend over my punishment stool or the police.” She agrees but is not quite ready for the next command. “Strip off!” “What?”

Danielle has a police record, so she cedes and takes her clothes off, Peter and Angela all eyes. She stops at the bra, hands-on-head, full frontal. “You’re going to get a severe caning.” Danielle goes over the trestle/bench. Nicky wiggles into position, knowing just how to elevate her bottom. “Get your legs apart, outside the legs.”

Fully spread, Danielle takes the first set–25 strokes, very hard and loud. Ms. Montford knows to be stoically quiet as she always is. “Feeling these?”  taunts Peter. “Just slightly, yeah, ” grunts Danielle perhaps too sarcasticallyer for someone with her bottom pointing to the sky. “Are you getting a big kick out of this?” But next Peter will cane “the hands that are stealing.” Cane whacks  six on her palms; she flaps them as if she burned fingers on a stove.

Back over the stool for another demonstration of Nicky’s tough bottom. Almost FIFTY strokes, little flinching, and a few on the upper thighs when Danielle is “cheeky.” A nasty caning.

That should have been enough. Danielle is allowed to dress, but still mouths off. Peter gives her 12 more on her slacks and yet another 8 touching toes when she still sasses.

Since Angela created this circumstance by leaving the bathroom window open, she has been sent to the bedroom to “prepare,” which she does–pile of blankets, bottom elevated, she lies waiting.

Peter enters–no Viagra needed in this house. He handspanks her on her evening dress. She stands, pulls it over her head, to display girdle, garters, and stockings. Back over the blankets for 25 hard strokes. One is wild. “Ahh, too high!”

“You’ll be reminded every time you sit down for the next few days…..I’m enjoying this. You should be naughty more often.”

They fondle, he kisses her bottom, and they fall into bed.

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