The Chastised (Punished) Thieves – MOONGLOW

28 Apr

M/f; 2M/f; M/f   year: 2003;  time: 62 minutes

A collection of three spanking vignettes, in each case where the spankee has  been dishonest.

I-The Punished Secretary (34 minutes): A plausible older curly brunette is confronted by her boss, one of the ubiquitous smarmy ageplay spanker Moonglow  stockholders. She has withdrawn 3000 pds with the company credit card and won’t give a reason. The scene is nothing more than a room cleared of furniture.

So the boss is going to spank her until she talks, plain and simple. “You shouldn’t be doing this.” OTK, blue suit jacket off, skirt rucked up, black panties and garter belt. When the boss pulls her pants down, she doesn’t seem to mind, he spanks and rubs.

Hands-on-head, she faces the wall like a girl half her age while the boss gets his implements. She bends over a custom spanking bench (standard office furniture?) with a long wide base to prevent rocking. He straps her but she won’t tell where the money went.

“What are you doing?”  “Rolling up my sleeves….this is going to get hotter.” The boss brandishes a cane. “You’re not going to put that on my bottom, are you?” Silly girl.

The boss gives her seven sets of six moderate strokes, stopping to rub and fondle after each set. After these 42 strokes he steps away for a heavier cane ands lays on another 50 strokes in sets. She grabs to rub. “Any rubbing to be done, I’ll do it.” “Bet you are enjoyng this, aren’t you?”  From our seat, yes.

He switches to a synthetic cane. After just nine strokes she jumps up: “All right. All right!” She admits she took the money. Confession is good for the soul, but so is fiberglass. She must count out 12 more strokes, before he sends her to bring the money, without her pants on.

II- The Paddled Cleaner (17 mnutes): Two men suspect thin blond ‘Emma’ of stealing while she cleans; sure enough she stuffs cash she finds, inside her panties. Who would ever look there? The men confront her, search and with no hesitation pull up her uniform and find the money. She admits to stealing jewelry also and suggests, since she has found and watched one of the men’s spanking videos, that they might spank her. But no police. That works for us.

Jenkins starts her OTK while the other guy goes for his “equipment.” The second guy returns, helps Jenkins down with her panties and takes over the OTK. Tattoos, but not in the important spots. “You’ve seen the videos. You know what is going to happen.” Both admire her “beautiful” bottom. Jenkins has one hand between her legs while smacks with the other. Emma has this figured out.

The guy cracks her with a leather sole as she laughs nervously. Nice red bottom. Jenkins collects her panties as the slippering proceeds and hands his associate a nice wooden spearmint-shaped paddle, which elicits immediate renewed and accelerated gasps from Emma.

[In an editing error on the film, the director asks Emma to look at him and hold for five seconds.] After the spanker is finished, he has Emma face the wall, while he puts a finger between her buttocks.

Jenkins gets his last crack. Emma kneels on a chair, bends over the back, and he straps her on the bare, very hard. She tries to break the scene, but they encourage her back into position. She actually speaks to the director. The second speaker finishes with the studded strap, Emma at her limit.

III- 83 Strokes For Nicky Montford (13 minutes): The most sophisticated  and mature Nicky we’ve seen. Her benefactor, ‘Dr. Wendleberry’ is going to give her the crop for failing to return his text messages, after having taught him how to do it.

First he takes her OTK and uses a hairbrush on her pink panties. “Next time it will be on the bare.” “You wouldn’t dare!” Nicky is much more vocal here than in her ususal stoic performances.

In the next scene, Nicky wears riding habit and has returned from exercising Wendlebury’s horse without permission. “I’m going to exercise YOUR bottom.” He lays on 83 strokes with a cane to her jodhpured  bottom. Several camera angles, the sound varies from shot to shot; difficult to tell if there were repeats. Another example of a long hard session for the resilient Ms. Montford. She kept her pants on, but we suspect she was sore.

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