Caned After School – ROUE

29 Apr

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Early Roue; hand-lettered storyboard; period clothing; anonymous spanking disciplinarian; heavy ageplay, the kind of film kept under the counter when these were first made. All very much in the tradition of ‘First Week of Term,’ ‘Room 2D,’ ‘Half-Term Punishments,’ ‘Sally’s First Lesson,’ and more, all in further testimony of the discussion about what bottoms are for. And for us, hugely erotic. Great fun.

A young, very demure brunette is bent over a school desk, her blue school knickers full screen, receiving a ruler spanking. There is no dialogue. Her desperate squirming and gasping, while she submissively accepts  her punishment, creates the vintage eroticism the very foundation of the genre.

Knickers now half-mast, she unfastens her skirt and is unabashedly naked front and back before her male disciplinarian, the disembodied, soft, and intimidating voice. It is naughty, humiliating stuff, with a voyeur camera angle.

Over the desk for the cane, not hard, very intense. The disciplinarian pauses and lowers her panties a bit further from the top of her thighs–for no reason other than the embarrassing sexuality of it all, and rucks up her blouse so her free breasts touch the desk. Then the spanker caresses her bare bare just because he can and she can’t stop it.

This phase complete, the girl stands and completely removes her knickers, then places two textbooks on the floor, 4′ apart, to stand on as markers so she bends, widening her legs about as far as possible, for a dozen more strokes, bottom full-screen. There is a pause–the books are too wide. Tears drip off her chin.

Another half-dozen strokes, and a full-frontal closeup, black abundant thatch of hair and schoolgirl breasts. Naughty stuff, maybe a far cry from the leather straps and buckles on the headmaster’s bench at Lupus, but a little Chopin etude in its contribution to CP literature. Then the traditional adolescent bare bottom is sent to the corner.

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