Caning News 2 – MOONGLOW

30 Apr

M/f; time: 1 hour, 17 minutes

A long collection of spanking scenarios, not previews or excerpts as far as we can tell, all the format of news clips.

Bottom of the Class‘: An eleven minute segment featuring the deadpan face (and lower parts) of  the courageous CP actress Nicky Montford, playing ‘Robinson.’ She is a hopeless student who will be spanked bi-weekly until some improvement is seen. “You’ll be thrashed every second Friday.” On the first visit, she bends over a spanking bench for seven very hard strokes on her skirt. The covered bottom permits these sequences to be filmed together, to avoid discrepancies of time passage on a striped bottom.

Two weeks later, she is still at the bottom of the class (Ms. Montford could rightly be called THE bottom of the class) “Lift your skirt.” Legs wide, 6 strokes on her knickers, some overlap on her bare skin suggest what the results really look like.

Another two weeks: no progress, over the bench, 4 on trousers, 4 on knickers, MOONGLOW took the trouble to change her costume from session to session.

Last session: Robinson in schoolgirl kit, skirt up, nice tight regulation knickers, bend-over, six zingers on her pants, those telltale marks still show.

Bullying Sophie Richardson‘: And 11 more minutes, Nicky again as Robinson has a different problem with authority this time. For bullying students, a faceless male voice bends her over a couch arm facing us, a mirror behind reflecting her bottom. 10 strokes on trousers.

For stealing, Robinson must strip off  her clothes and be searched. Slowly, each item of clothing examined, down to panties. Bend-over the couch again, about 10 strokes, the caner gives her a feel, her  boobs hang in this posture.

‘Gardener Birched‘ A very attractive brunette, whose face we never quite see, takes quite a beating. A faceless spanker gets her over a school desk, bunches her frilly panties, for about a dozen with a bundle of nasty rough birches. You’d think this would be enough for anyone, but no, he pulls her knickers down and flails away, fully over NINETY more strokes, in bunches, fast and slow. The girl’s buttocks and flanks achieve a rosy glow, but otherwise no damage.

‘A Dress For Spanking: The Girl Friend’: A blonde gets thhe OTK bare-bottom treatment from a young male. Nothing of note except the shoes of a cameraman as he closes in.

‘The Step Father’: A pretty brunette, already with red buttocks, gets a dose from an older ageplay guy.

‘The Boss’: An older guy spanks a brunette, we assume for wearing a naughty checkered dress. White panties down and little winks between her legs.

‘Dipso Wife’s Bottom Roasted’: Another cute brunette, faceless spanker, and floor-length mirror. She is a hearty one–drinks Jack Daniels straight. Blue panties, the spanker gets himself a feel, her round bottom lovely in the mirror.

‘Waitresses Spanked’: Three very pretty brunettes, dressed in waitress outfits which are more look cheerleaders’ costumes, are spank one at a time by Tom Cooper. Mild, but wait.

‘Calders, Cornwallis, Wren caught smoking ‘ The same three waitresses, not to deny us, here dressed as and probably schoolgirls, are caught by their boss (or teacher) and marched inside for the cane one at a time. He starts on a brunette first; she bends over a chair, he takes her knickers down with not a little pleasure and lays on 12 strokes as hard as it needs to be done in a film. A blonde comes in next and gets a much bigger dose–thirty in all, counted aloud, insuring no repeats. And third, a pigtailed brunette with the delightful name ‘Cornwallis’ faces her own surrender–almost 40 strokes, the tip of the cane biting into her flank. The caned girls check each other’s bottoms in the alley.

‘Mrs. Barclough’s Humiliations’: An excerpt. A refreshing variation, an older teacher, in conservative dress and eyeglasses, has been spanking her rugby-boy students. Her husband would like to see her thrashed just like her students. So  would we.

A faceless male supervisor directs her to take off her suit jacket. “Bend over the stool, now!” She takes a delicious moment to position herself and grasp the foot bar. After a brief paddling, she stands to take off her skirt and show her frilly red boyshorts. More paddling–she twists her bottom to avoid.

The supervisor: “I’m going to get the cane out.” “You’d like that, wouldn’t you….you’re enjoying this.” He teases her with wooshes, then lays on just six strokes. She complains and yelps nicely after each. “You’re a wingher, aren’t you?” She is cornered, hands-on-head, bare bottom, where she must wait until her husband returns. Imagine taking her home.

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