Dr. Chalmers’ Painful Prescription – CAL STAR

30 Apr

M/f; time: 23 minutes

The actor Michael Dawes plays a doctor/therapist in a long white medical smock, an erotically charged costume for us, and for him perfect to turn to the work he does best. A pretty brunette is in for counseling. Her man “doesn’t seem to understand my need to be dominated.” The girl’s dark hair and bangs frame her face; she wears full conventional clothing, not teasing stuff often seen on models. Facial closeups detect apprehensive uncertainty. Good acting.

The doctor listens, then advises, in classic Dawesian phraseology, what she needs is “short sharp shock treatment, to put you off ever wanting to be dominated again–it involves spanking–harder, harder, and harder.”

The compliant (and gullible) volunteer agrees and goes OTK. He works her voluminous full skirt to expose conventional white panties, which he takes some pleasure in carefully lowering. “This  treatment is not available from the national health service.” This script line was uttered in more tranquil times for health care, and is a gem. We predict this treatment will be covered soon.

The spanking continues.  The sweet innocent girl is frightened. “Stop being nervous…I’m a doctor…an eminent practicioner.” That he is! And yet another unscripted moment so typical of Michael, he is bothered by a “little spider web” which crosses his face. Creepy stuff when your bottom is turned up bare in the room.

He asks for a slipper. A hairy arm hands him one from off-screen. “Thank you, nurse.” No wonder the girl is nervous, she is bare-ass and the nurse is a man! Michael is busting with excitement. The girl is gasping. The hairy arm delivers more implements.

She lies across a small stool just off the floor and readjust her skirt again. Michael uses a double belt. She falls off her position under the assault so he straddles her upper body and strikes vertically. She screams–we lowered the volume. At this angle, a belt cane do things.

After a FADE (maybe this actress was having a tough time), we find her bent over the back of a chair. The cane comes from the disembodied arm. Michael lays on 12 of his bouncy medium-strength full-motion strokes. Good shots of her troubled face and wringing hands as she squeezes the chair. At about the 11th stroke, she does break and there is a roulgh-cut as she is repositioned.

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