Misdeeds – CAL STAR

30 Apr

 MF/2f; year: 2005; time: 42 minutes

An American production we struggled through to find some redemption. Two schoolgirls gambol about in an exterior scene and sneak cigarettes. The redhead and pigtailed blond students jimmy a door into a teacher’s cabin to find a sort of Satanic setup–lighted candles, idols, decorations, and a ouija board, which the girls play with.

The teacher, a nun, returns and we all know there is no better place for a spanking of two trespassers than a quiet detached cabin in the woods. “Sister” will only spank the blonde–a brief handspanking and paddling. The girls are sent off; the real punishment will be tomorrow and more formal.

The girls return to Sister’s cabin. The redhead is made to kneel in front of the altar, bare knees on a hard board and a sprinkle of salt crystals. We much prefer the more clever washboard and the dried peas Lupus uses. The blonde will be spanked. A table has been laid out with implements. the nun is indeed prepared, as well as equipped. White panties down. Sister uses a wood crucifx to spank with–leaving its mark–a first for us! Next, a hard American-style paddle, while the blonde bends over and says her “Hail,Mary’s.” Rough editing missed the moments when her pants fell from her thighs to her ankles, a detail British producers don’t miss.

The girls switch, the blonde kneels on the salt, flashing full frontal. Sister assists the redhead to strip to panties then takes them down to the thigh line with undisguised ritual pleasure. The girl is spanked with a very large hairbrush and a doubled strap. A touch of humiliating submission we occasionally see–the girl must select the cane to be used on her. Mild tapping/caning, but good gasps from the girl. More choppy editing–a bit more paddling, 2 bottoms compared, then the girls dress and are marched to Father D’Angelo.

The Father is actor Sir Nik. “Remove your clothes, quickly!” He torments the naked girls with a cane tip. The redhead holds textbooks with arms extended, not as cute as in ‘College Classics #3,’ but very nice when done in the nude. Father does the bonde first–handspanks, straps, a riding crop, and 10 fast cane strokes. The redhead is caned.

Back-and-forth, he spanks, the blonde OTK, using both hands. He then uses a large floppy wide strap and holds her in place by her pigtails. There are fades and cuts (we assume they couldn’t figure out the blocking). The blonde is stroked with TWO canes, but briefly, probably too paniful.

Both girls kneel naked and beg for foregiveness and are awarded ‘Hail, Mary’s’  for a week. If Father D’Angelo saw Sister’s cabin, she would soon have her habit thrown over her head and she would be grabbing her ankles.

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