Mrs. Delgado’s Practice 1 and 2 – CAL STAR

30 Apr

F/2f; year: 1993; time: 60 minutes

Actress Clyda Rosen as Mrs. Delgado runs a “corrective” unit, where she spanks the daylights out of girls as punishment. There are several delightful variations of this fertile theme in the CP genre. Clinics, Correction Centers, Judicial Caning, Corrective Therapy units, Marriage Guidance, cellars at police stations, etc., all places a wayward girl can be summoned.  Knowing all this would make a girl quake as she leafs through her mail every day. And to think, we just we look for mail from the IRS!

A young lady, Sheila Broadbin, played by actress ‘Annie,’ is led into Delgado by Alfred, a smarmy ageplay guy who has been seen lowering a few pairs of knickers in the CalStar archive himself. Sheila is a tall, stately, sophisticated long-haired brunette with a model’s figure, wearing a fashionable two-piece sailor’s suit. Delgado immediately orders her to release her pigtails and kick off the silly shoes.

Sheila is reportedly ‘incorrigible’ on many fronts and someone has arranged an appointment for her at the corrective unit. There is no discussion about what happens here. Sheila kneels on the floor on all fours and Delgado immediately pulls down her knickers. A few slaps, then a switch to OTK, a leisurely view of her carefully tended mohawk in the process. A slow handspanking. Delgado creams Sheila’s bottom and seems as excited as Sheila is getting.

“Wipe that grin off your face.” Sheila is probably chuckling at Delgado’s bad acting, and the smacking is not severe enough yet to focus her. “Stick your bottom out…pose yourself.” Delgado takes a huge clothes brush out of her umbrella stand of implements. This spanking is harder. “Oh, you’re crying.”

Sheila is asked to close her eyes for a surprise. Delgado wooshes a cane. “What is that?…a whip, a cane?” Very erotic. Delgado fondles Sheila’s bottom. Alfred peers through the glass door. We can’t see what he might be doing with his hands. More frontals as Delgado unbuttons Sheila’s sailor top and we accelerate to a climax. Bra off, Delgado plays with her breasts. “How do you like them, pushed or pulled?” Some therapy, this is.

Over the chair again, Delgado chokes up on the cane like a singles hitter and lays on 10 snappy zingers to Sheila, who is naked. She wants to “take the laugh out of your voice.” Raunchy Alfred is called in. “She still has a smile on her face, madame.” One last hard cane stroke. “She’s almost crying, madame.” Delgado is finished; she lets Alfred cream Sheila’s bottom, which he does in slow detail.

Sheila dresses full-screen, bottom to us; she asks: “Can I watch?” referring to the next spanking appointment.

Penny Woods arrives, an older, more sophisticated, realistically nervous young lady, whose husband has sent her here. Delgado: “When your husband spanks your bottom, you laugh at him. Let’s see how you do with me.” Penny strips–skirt and suit jacket off, down to blouse, bra, panties, and garter belt. OTK, she gasps when the spanking starts. Delgado checks between her thighs. “So this is turning you on.” She spanks, fondles, and kisses, and checks the warm valley again. “Look, you’re even getting wet. Shame!”

Belt off, blouse off, Penny kneels on a chair and is strapped with her own belt. Good facials because Penny’s hair is up. She quivers to Delgado’s lecherous touch. “I want to show you what is meant when they call me the dragon lady.” More with a long thin strap. “I can see your moisture running down.”

Alfred is called to bring a pillow and is allowed to remain and watch. His devillish little smirks are cut into the spanking sequences. Penny’s bikini panties expose both buttocks but will survive this ordeal.

“Alfred, go and get the cane.” she torments Penny with the cane tip, eliciting moans. In an unscripted moment, one of Delgado’s extra-vigorous practice swooshes catches Penny’s lower right cheek and leaves a mean welt. There is a rustling on-set. “Oh, that was unintentional.” (but entertaining and productive) About 10 slow cane strokes follow. Penny shivers at the touch of the rattan as Delgado teases bwtween strokes. Penny concludes and presumably reports home to her husband, we hope for more.

We hopefully have expressed our pleasure with these two spanking appointments.

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