30 Apr

F/2f; time: 49 minutes

After watching a new film from STRICTLYMISSBROWN, we decided to move toward completion of all Miss Brown’s films. There are a few reviews around on this one if you care to research.

This is a standard schoolroom-schoolgirl disciplinary session except, as we have said, nothing Miss Brown does is standard. Here, she has blond hair, the only occasion we recall, and she is a little heavier, before reverting later to svelte thinness.

Two girls, actresses Nina Birch as ‘Nina,’ and Saffy as “Sara Jane,’ have been caught shoplifting. “One way or the other we are going to get to the bottom of this.”

Sara Jane won’t give up Nina’s identity, so Miss Brown spanks, tawses, uses a ruler (which breaks) and a hard thin wood paddle. She raises bruises and angry white marks. The paddle finally breaks Sara down: “Nina Birch….Nina Birch,” she gasps.

“And now we come to the punishment for your shoplifitng,” which is the cane over the desk, 15 of her patented left-handed snaps. Brown calls for Birch to be sent for and Sara Jane kneels on a hard wood chair, nose to the wall.

Nina arrives and sees Sara’s stripes and gets the message. Silly apologies. “Sorry is not enough,” intones Brown, one of her famous lines, although we didn’t find it in Barlett’s Quotations. Sara is allowed to get off the hard wood and stand; Nina, carefully attired in full schoolgirl costume, goes OTK for the slow Brown ritual, pants down. “You have some of the bruises from when you were here last.” More handspanking over the back of a chair.

The girls take their scolding in front of Brown’s desk while we compare bottoms. Both girls are palm-slapped with a leather strap. Once again,  this seems to hurt more than spanking.

We know Miss Brown will work through the complete punishment sequence. Nina over the desk–for the tawse, two bigger straps, that nasty hardwood narrow paddle. “Stick that bottom out!”

Brown spanks very hard, always, and particularly the paddle here. The girls start to crack and blame each other. To Sara: “Pass me the cane.”

Nina takes six strokes on the bare and is erotically excellent in fidgeting and fussing. A few more while touching toes–this actress excels in this posture.

Spankings completed; front-and-center again; more stripes to compare. One Miss Brown performance is better than the last one.

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