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A Mutual Agreement – CAL STAR

28 Apr

M/f; year: late 1980’s; time: 44 minutes

We revisit an all-time favorite. Old fashioned spankings stand up well unless you prefer meat grinder CP. The actress identified as Minnie Champ remains one of the most strikingly memorable performers we have seen; she made only four spanking films we can find,before she moved into other adult films. The actor we believe is John North, here in his Sophie Fennington era. With his laconic, wry, reprobate style he applies a level of detached humorous disbelief to his own performance. The film is filled with sardonic dialogue which cannot have been planned. There are varied sets, and the spankings are rousing, and Minnie, Minnie, Minnie.

North, playing stuffy, pipe-smoking, cravat-festooned, very British landlord Reginald Blashford, arrives in his silver Rover at #10, where Samantha Simms sits in front of a mirror in her apartment, in a bulky pink chenille bathrobe, applying makeup. Throughout the video, Ms. Champ is so strikingly beautiful the camera seizes any opportunity to cut in a facial view, relectantly leaving her bottom for a second. Another young lady behind in the rent, or ‘rent in arrears,’ as it is often described in this CP film plot line.

Somehow Miss Simms receives him in her bedroom. “Do you always receive guests in your bedroom, Miss Simms?” Reggie points out: “You are not keeping abreast of your payments…girls like you need their bottoms smacked.”  Simms will go along with it. Over her dressing table, her robe up, he fondles her white satin panties then goes to the Rover for his implement bag. Do you think, when you purchase a Rover, it comes with a bag of spanking tools? Frequent facials of Minnie–sultry apprehension.

She has qualms and second thoughts but, alas, no money for the rent. “Let’s get on with it, then.” Over the dressing table again, her face reflected in the mirror, robe up, Reggie fondles again. “This will be on the bare bottom.” “Oh, no!” The pants come down. We haven’t found effective words for the sight of her bare bottom.

He takes her OTK on the dressing table bench, celebrating her body like a piece of fine sculpture. “A splendid spanking spectacle….are you finding this humiliating?” “Yes, Mr. Blashford.” She had hiked her knickers back in place. “I must say…this underwear is rather voluminous.”

And, would you believe, Miss Simms offers up: “I have more in my drawer.” (You get the notion gentlemen callers in her bedroom are not so alien to her.) From a handful of lace in the drawer, Reggie picks a pair. She removes her robe (it has been begging to come off) and is naked–angels weep. Temptress she is: “Don’t know why you think my bottom’s so attractive, while it’s so red….I hope this makes up for most of my rent.” Reggie examines her bottom like a stamp collector.

Mr. Blashford has this lady turning on a spit. She moves to her sitting room in just the lacy Olga’s, tidies up a bit so their spanking escapades can continue. She kneels on the couch, looking as fetching as the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbor, her doe eyes catching the camera periodically. Head down, bottom up, for Reggie’s strap, “from Kenya,” he is proud to point out. She gasps from the outset, breasts hang, long fingers kneading. He slips the lace panties down slowly, she struggles, giving us fuzzy winks, but stoutly keeps her knees together, while the camera holds her bottom full-screen.

Reggie steps out of the room and Minnie takes the opportunity to slowly oil her bottom. Reggie is back and Minnie is shocked to see he rifled her closet and found her school uniform. He makes her put it on, which happens very slowly–he has to help her with the blouse buttons, and she simply can’t figure out the necktie. After she is dressed, she bends over again, Reggie pulls down her panties and notices “goose bumps.”

We approach the climax, actually the last of several for us. He shows her the cane. Her big eyes and striking face are always displayed. She bends over a round table, in a classic Fennington posture, which stretches the arms high and wide. 15 strokes, at first on her bunched panties, magnificent closeups; she jumps and twitches as he saws between strokes.

After 3 strokes, Reggie gently lowers her pants, we get closeups of  her early wheals andof her inquiring worried face. She wiggles and flinches between strokes; Reggie fondles his work.

At the conclusion the couple chats on the couch. You get the impression a new form of rental compensation has been created. He’ll call her “Samantha” and she sees the way things are going to be, may call him”Reggie.”


27 Apr

3M/f;   year: 2006;  time: 54 minutes

Actress Niki Flynn in a guest appearance at Strictly English, makes a British fairy tale. Three town elders exercise feudal rights to visit and spank her in her cottage for trumped-up Sixteenth Century charges against society. The men are just looking for a chance to get this little neighbor’s pants off, and they succeed.

Each visit and spanking session is rich in CP ritual and language. The first visitor, Mr. Green, explains his “guidance” is going to be “a damn good spanking.” Niki doth protest with practiced elegance, including an obligatory “Oh,sir” when Green’s fingers slide beneath the waistband of her black lace hip hugger panties.

Thunderstorm sounds are used to transition the days and sessions. The second visitor’s CP Liturgy: “I have to give you a taste of my belt…on your bare bottom.” He removes her workout shorts–all the men do the knicker work. The belting is a good one–we can’t recall any examples of mild or fake spankings in Ms. Flynn’s work. She is her own stunt woman.

The last caller: Lord Summerville, in formal long tails, suggests she is a witch, normally a capital offense, but here in the sitting room of her rented cottage, “It’s just you and me.” He orders “Strip!” and when she is theatrically hesitant, he rips open her blouse and tears off her blue panties. Niki conveys the humiliation of being naked in front of clothed older men as well as any actress we can think of.

The canings are fulfilling. Her naked postures are dramatic. Lord S comments he is pleased she has shaved her pubic hair. After he has departed, and Niki has treated us to a slow self-examination of her bottom, she sticks a pin in a voodoo doll, shivering one of her tormentors at least. A green flash appears in her eyes, confirming Summerville’s theory.

The Caning – CAL STAR

27 Apr

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Actor Michael Dawes in one of this very brief textbook caning demonstrations. Blond, Nordic-looking Mrs. Bridget, his employee, has done terrible work. “We’re going to take disciplinary measures, right now.”

Bridget doesn’t object for more than a millisecond. “Remove the jacket…it’s going to be the cane…remove your skirt…it will be a short sharp shock.” This form of punishment was covered in a letter to her when she was hired. She bends over the famous white sectional couch–black knickers, garter belt, black stockings, very sophisticated.

Without warning, the caning begins. About 15 strokes, Bridget mutters begging apologies between the shots. But, “We’ve lost a great deal of money. Your bottom is going to pay the price.” Black panties down–there are rugged marks on display.

“I’ve nearly completed  my decorations.” Blond Bridget tries another tack. “Is there anything else I can do?” With most people, with this blonde, there would be a quick answer, but from Dawes, currently in his element and in fine fettle: “Not at the moment, no.”

“These final ones, a bit harder.” Six toe-curlers, Dawes is finished with Bridget, but he asks her to send Janet down, “while I still have the cane in hand.”And, we assume, while he is still, uh, pumped up.

Hotel Service – CAL STAR

27 Apr

MF/2f; year: 1998; time: 56 minutes

An entertaining and ambitious romp for CalStar, formerly titled ‘The Day They Saw Fit to Spank,’ enhanced by actress Tiffany Jones; several scenes, two evolving storylines. Tiffany is awakened in a spartan room at the ‘Jarvis International Hotel’ in Paris by an impudent and cute brunette maid, wearing a fetish-style satin French maid’s costume, who insists on cleaning the room. A great set-up, an angry Tiffany and a saucy maid.

“Get out! You want me to sort this out here and now?” Tiffany drags her OTK onto the bed. The actress maid can’t control her amusement or stop looking at the camera crew. Tiffany spanks hard, using her bunched knickers as a handle. After some bare bottom time, and more glances from the actress in search directorial reassurance: “That’ll do for now.” Back to sleep–the maid to return and wake her up for her London flight.

Scene change, London: Tiffany’s husband, a regular CP actor and hard spanker when he wants to be, plays a CP film producer, on the phone discussing his new release and preparation for a visit from a female gossip column reporter. He is glad his wife is in Paris, allowing him some freedom. She goes there to spank ladyfriends. Stage set for another tryst.

Paris: Tiffany oversleeps, the flight missed. The maid is summoned. She opens a travel bag and lays out five serious-looking spanking implements. No problem at Customs or airport security, we presume, when she travels with this cache.

London: a very cute Scottish reporter from a “gossip” magazine, Miss Dunham, arrives already looking a little flushed and embarrassed. It is titillating to imagine this might be this actress’s first spanking film and that she had to screw up her nerve to walk onto the set. She wants to know about “spanking” and quickly accepts the producer’s suggestion of a “demonstration.” Dunham says: “I came prepared,” but the producer sends her to Tiffany’s closet to find some “proper clothing,”‘ which menas improper clothing.

Back the Paris: Tiffany strips and dresses–a nude scene featuring Miss Jones’ willowy and remarkable assets. The maid arrives, blinks twice at the paddles on the bed, goes OTK, pants down. Spankings begin. The actress can’t decide which facial expression is best. “Get those clothes off.” Down to bra–the stripping is blocked and poorly filmed.

Tiffany enjoys the naked maid. “How does that feel?” In a French accent: “How do you think it feels?” The spankings accelerate, the actress has stopped mugging for the camera. Tiffany has her reach under the bed, to fish out a cane. “You’ve never seen anything like this before but you’ve read about it.”

The maid takes about 10 strokes over the bed. There are gasping and tears and a suggestion she broke on the sixth stroke, with some repeats added to complete the scene.

London: On the CalStar white couch, the Scottish reporter wears a scandalous black shorty nightie and crotchless latex bikini triangle bottoms, with only a strap covering her vagina. We assume her comment of arriving “prepared” meant shaved. Dunham admits never being spanked.  The actress is marvelously innocent and shy in spite of the costume, making it all the more naughty.

“I’m going to enjoy making your bottom blush.” Blush like her face, we suspect he has noticed also. She likes the spanking and paddling, and helps him as he pinches her nipples and makes erotic chatter about spanking the bare bottom of the girl reporter.

Onto the couch, he lowers the latex bikini, unfastens her garters from her boot-tops, removes the front-fastening teddy top so she is naked but for the latex high boots, a very sexy sequence. He notes her nipples “seem to be getting bigger,” more or less the description of the general state of affairs for all of us.

The producer dances his fingers across her bottom and between her legs. The actress is a very sweet participant and looks like she could just be a staff employee who sheepishly raised her hand to volunteer for this part. The producer picks up his cane. Legs straightened, he gets her buttocks in just the right position. About 15 strokes–quiet gasping and deep breaths, very sexy given her innocent facade. She is allowed to rub part-way through. The producer keeps her legs well parted for us to admire her shaving job.

“Very well taken,” he observes, and he can’t resist: “Did you enjoy that?” The Scottish lassie journalist has retained her composure to the last. “….that was an experience!” she mutters.

Big Bottoms Caned – CAL STAR

27 Apr

M/2f; year: 1999; time: 49 minutes

 A misleading title–this isn’t about ‘fat-bottomed girls.’ Percy’s photo studio verges on bankruptcy. Female employees Lynn and Nichole discuss his depressed state. Percy is on the phone, fending off a creditor–he’s a legitimate-looking businessman. He discovers blond Lynn hasn’t sent records to one of those creditors, which is acclerating his collapse.

He grabs her and takes her into a photo studio work area, and quickly OTK on a stool. This would be a way to straighten out your employees and also deal with your own tensions. Percy is angry, which always helps when you’re in this position. “You’ve had this coming a long time.”

Skirt up, a skimpy thong is no help. She just takes her spanking. Thong down. We thought we heard her mutter: “Ooh, you never took them down before.” So she has been here before. Paddling over a chair, Lynn protests she is not at fault. Blouse off, skirt off, panties rolled to the thighs, pubic thatch (date is 1999). A long thin strap seems to take Lynn to different places. This actress keeps one hand between her legs, her and throughout the video, apparently to partially cover her jewels. This floppy two-fingered tawse could reach in, but the covering seems more about faux modesty.

Percy goes to the outer room to grab Nicola, a mulatto girl who is new to the staff and probably not deserving, but what the hell, take her on! She gets a slow, soul-searching handspanking, on jeans, then white knickers. Pants off, she kneels on the floor onto the bed for the paddle, then over the end of bed for the strap, which rings bells. “Ow…oh, God!” Convincing tears here. Jeans taken off from knees, then suddenly they appear again in a piece of continuity editing error.

He takes Nicola into the studio, cane in hand, where Lynn has been left with her sore bottom. Nicola bends over first, for an unusually long and vigorous caning, given the sleepy nature of the punishment up to now. 40+ strokes. Lynn holds Nicola’s hands with one hand, her other hand between her own legs. Good marks, varied angles, no sensing of repeats.

Lynn’s caning is much shorter, and there are repeats.

Maybe Percy should offer his creditors some of this as compensation. We’ve seen it work for apartment rents, gas bills, shoplifting, drug offenses, and for most schoolmasters.

Property Punishment – CAL STAR

24 Apr

F/2f; M/2f;  time: 48 minutes

Seemingly routine CalStar, with a surprising, highly sexy twist toward the end, making this film an absolute keeper for any collector and filled with fun and imagination. Two girls leaf through a home furnishings magazine when their banker, in the person of actress Tiffany Jones, stops by to show them she has detected  illegal multiple mortgages they have placed on the house.

The girls make denials, then excuses, they admit they have exchanged sexual favors to obtain these loans. One brunette suggests: “Surely we can come to some agreement…but not sexual favors.” Tiffany’s nostrils virtually flare at the thought. Her idea: “…a bloody good spanking…I have a few things in my car.” While Tiffany fetches her tools, the girls figure that a spanking could be pleasurable.

Tiffanybegins with a curly-haired light brunette, tall and voluptuous enough that the OTK posture on the low couch doesn’t work well. Tiffany always spanks hard, with high, focussed strokes. White silk panties soon down, peeled off with elan by Tiffany.

The film cuts to an entirely different scene, where actor Michael Dawes has caught his blond bombshell immigrant housekeeper napping. He berates her sloth. “You cheeky cow…you Slovakian girls…slovenly…useless! Remove your clothes, it is going to be the traditional beating.” The blonde has experienced this household regimen and begs on her knees. “It’s going to be the cane for you again, my girl.”

The blonde slowly strips to total nudity, turning in every direction for us. a powerful package, a tim little mohawk. Dawes goes right to the cane. The girl bends over at the fireplace, 12 strokes, immediate marks, beautiful solid bottom, gluteal dimples. It is a slow caning–she does lots of rubbing and begging, while the camera catches closeups from a low angle, front and rear. Dawes as usual is pre-orgasmic in his focus, proud of  his rattan “British deterrent” and can’t resist: “Got a little tear, have we?…right…just another 10.”

Cut back to Tiffany with her two captured birds. She paddles the curly brunette bare over a table, fondling and stroking as she goes. Actress Amanda Dawkins is next for Tiffany, spanked OTK, panties down. To the table, she is told to strip nude, and we quickly see why–another glorious body head to toe. When she bends over the table, she keeps her knees locked, kowing full well that her photogenic bottom now soars. Facial shots suggest she is enjoying this paddling.

Cut back to Dawes. He completes his caning of the Slovak at the white couch. He scolds, fondles, and twirls his trophy. When he leaves, she calls her mother out-of-country, although she didn’t dial enough numbers. She’s had enough and is going home.

Back to Tiffany, and the surprising moment. Naked Amanda, acrobatically athletic, assumes the  diaper position on the tabletop and locks her legs behind her head yoga-like, her thighs framing her face, textbook exposure in case you have anatomical questions or want to count hairs, her posture predating some of the nasty canings in the Lupus Detention House series where the girls were  strapped to boards, on their backs; and to top this pose, and just for five seconds of the film, we see her standing on the floor, legs splayed,head, arms and shoulders pulled through her legs in a total bend-over. she is essentially all bottom. It must have hurt too much, the buttocks pulled tight and hard–they didn’t keep the sequence, but we thank Ms. Dawkins for the body tour.

Inexplicably, Dawes walks into this scene from the other scenario, is displeased that the naked Amanda is being beaten, rejects the quid pro quo which caused it, and decides the banker Tiffany herself will take a caning. “You’re going to take the cane…pull those pants down…NOW!” After a very brief protest, the glamorous and willowy Ms. Jones is bare bottom over a table, a very aroused Amanda holding her still, for about a dozen Dawesian zingers. Jones wiggles and shifts her buttocks very professionally. She is sent off.

Amanda and Dawes go to the kitchen for coffee. She is stark naked.


Meter Beating – CAL STAR

24 Apr

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 56 minutes

Another favorite we revisit–a naughty implausible story, two very attractive girls, and the punishments are long and realistic. Two flatmates cheat the gas company. A severe-looking librarian-type Domme arrives and offers, after the usual denials, protestations, and submission, the choice we know is coming–the police, or “Gas-Board stool, and whip and paddle.”

The girls acquiesce. The female Gas Board inspector goes to her van to get the “standard whipping equipment,” which leads you to ponder how many spankings she does in a day’s work and whether every Gas board van is so equipped.

The single-purpose padded spanking stool is positioned. Blond actress Jan Burton, still in her red short nightie, very fetching, will be spanked first. “I hope you are ready.” OTK to start, the little nightie rides up without help to expose white panties. “You will not steal from the Gas Board again.” Long moderate handspanking, good perspectives and overheads. Panties down to conclude this phase.

Indian actress Malvina Layton has been watching in mock horror. She goes OTK. Jan is made to take all her clothes off and stand aside–a pleasing sight as she obligingly keeps her hands at her sides. Malvina is spanked, skirt down, red pants. “Your knickers ought to come down now.” Lots of entertaining moaning. She keeps her hair off her face for us.

The whipping stool is brought front and center. “Who goes first?” Naked Jan goes over for the oval paddle. The female officer urges her legs at least two feet apart, affording full views.Malvina is next over, legs apart also, a fascination for this female disciplinarian. Nude Jan in the shot, watching. Malvina gets the long leather spanker and cries out for the first time.

Jan’s  turn again. “You! There. Now!…are we holding on tight? You look a lot better with your legs apart. Spread them!” Long, tall, gorgeous Jan. These views of both girls made this a favorite of ours.

Malvina takes her top off and is naked now also. The two bare ladies are posed facing the wall while the Domme shows them her cane. Jan back to the trestle;  she gets almost 20 strokes. “Bet you’ll be paying the gas bill, won’t you?” the Domme fingers the marks she’s made on Jan’s bottom. “You won’t be wearing a mini-skirt for a while.” “Get up.” She drags Jan off by a handful of her blond hair.

Malvina bends over, relectant after what she has just seen. 20 strokes, noisy and sexy. “Right…do you feel better for that?” After she carefully fingers her work on Malvina’s tush, she is finished. The girls slowly dress on-screen at the conclusion.


24 Apr

2M/2f; year: 1998; time: 1 hour, 6 min

We read somewhere that a CP enthusiast listed this film as one of his favorite canings. It took us a long time to find it. We were also impressed.

Actresses Louise Diamond and Alison Payne (here credited as Alison de Brett) play two employees bumping around their office. They find a table-full of spanking implements and a large cucumber squash–the purpose of the paraphernalia is not lost on them. Tracy (Alison) rubs Sharon (Louise) with the squash, and they playfully spank and cane each other. We get our first glimpse and yet another reminder of how well Alison fills out a pair of jeans.

Tracy is rubbing lotion on Sharon’s mostly bare buttocks when two men enter, familiar smarmy Moonglow predators. They want to see the girls continue their games. Tracy handspanks Sharon, admittedly pathetic. “You call that spanking?” explains the ponytailed guy who has drawn the fortunate assignment of spanking Ms. de Bratt/Payne in a number of films. Tracy spanks Sharon, much harder. “That’s better.”

Ponytail takes up the cane and sizzles 12 strokes on those glorious jeans of Tracy’s. That twitching wiggle! Tracy willingly pulls her jeans down and panties with them to display her world-class bottom, nicely pink from the cane strokes distributed by the cloth. Everyone admires.

Ponytail spanks Sharon  OTK, while Tracy carefully positions herself in the background with her tush on-screen. The second man, younger, ‘Bill,’ takes over, spanking Sharon over a chair. Ponytail paddles her. Bill takes her OTK, her bubble-like bottom soaring in his lap. Standing, she gets the leather flogger and a few with the cane. Tracy is sent out of the room.

Sharon is made to strip naked, which she does intentionally  facing us, displaying a professional stripper’s body. Another dozen cane strokes.

Sharon is naked. There follows a full-fledged pornographic menage-a-trois, Sharon servicing one guy at one end while she is on the receiving end at the other. Oral and anal action. Neither guy is a stud, the cucumber squash would be the winner; surely there was an orgasm or two in this action.


24 Apr

M/f; time:44 minutes

A dark and depressing medieval drama, completely devoid of the flashes of comedy and ironic humor which crop up in Lupus work to soften the sting.

An orphan runaway girl is pursued by wolves across frozen tundra and finds refuge in a large manor/farm. The lord/farmer, actor Pavel Stastny, takes her in and immediately sees his opportunities. He will start this evening’s entertainment by having her strip naked and take a bath in a portable tub in a large room in front of an assemblage of the household. She is scrubbed with a rough brush, then fed and sent to bed. When the farmer heads to her room to rape her in bed, another maid tries to intercede and offers herself, having been in that spot herself, most likely.

The orphan resists his advances and soon finds herself strung up naked in the same great room, wearing nothing but her crucifix, to be whipped in the presence of some household members. He eats and drinks while she is stretched naked in front of him. There follows an erotic whipping sequence of the Orphan, filmed from her nude front, her full reactions as Pavel whips from the rear, and shots from the rear. The whipping is not  the raw and brutal event tyupical of Lupus, for which we are grateful, given the otherwise bleak and depressing storyline. The buxom actress acts wonderfully miserable and humilated, writhing buck-naked in the barren room.

Following her whipping, she is carried naked to the men’s quarters, where she will be the entertainment for the night. The next day she escapes naked and moves off through the snow, the pack of wolves which drove her here closing in. Not a musical comedy.



The Punishment Man – KANE VIDEO

24 Apr

M/3f; year: 1999; time: 55 minutes

Surely this was made by Kane, having the naughty, playful, salacious feel of George Harrison Marks, and then distributed under the banner of London Entertainment. Hand-lettered early graphics. A naked couple rollick on a waterbed, in every position, engaged in soft porn calisthenics you would expect to see on hotel cable TV. With one variation–both the brassy blonde and the hairy guy smack each others’ bottoms when the posture presents itself.

The husband of Jane, the blonde, enters downstairs, hears the banging on the bed, chases the hirsute paramour off, and settles down to spank his wife. He decides she is best handled by a professional and apparently arranges it.

The film cuts to a scene where a young curly brunette in school uniform presents herself in front of the Punishment Man, arranged by her husband, in this humiliating costume, because she has been caught shoplifting. We love blackmail spankings. The Punishment Man is a familiar Kane participant in many of Marks’ romps. He is delighted with how she looks. “Take off your clothes.”  “…what?…” “Now.” She slowly undresses showing a buxom mature figure–no waif schoolgirl she.

As this undressing traspires, we see Jane from the first part of the film arriving for her appointment. The Punishment Man lets her in–there is no waiting room. She is shocked to see the naked girl in just skimpy panties under the control of the Punishment Man. No doubt what is going on here.

The ‘schoolgirl’s’ punishment commences. “Hands on the stool, feet apart, legs straight!” He handspanks on her panties. Both girls sob. Embarrassing, here in a stange man’s chambers.

The chunky  ‘schoolgirl’ must take her panties off and kneel for the martinet. Moderate stuff, but intimidating for Jane to watch. The brunette is released; Jane is already wailing and pleading.

Her fate sealed, she slowly undresses. When she is naked, she kneels on a stool for a handspanking and a strap, her thighs apart, fuzzy vista. The martinet, bottom high, head to the floor, knees wide, solid buttocks. “Most satisfactory,” exclaims the Punishment Man, reflecting our sentiments.

The Punishment Man’s assistant Kim comes in wearing a skimpy negligee and sets to creaming Jane’s buttocks. The girls begin some lesbian play, Jane fully recovered. Kim gets a few spanks–the best little bottom in the film.