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Spanking Interviews II – CALSTAR

31 May

MF/2f; year: 1980’s; time: 30 minutes

Continuation of Part I theme, a smarmy promoter and his girl-Friday interview models to pose for spanking magazine shoots. Today’s girls have more mileage and the action will be a bit more aggressive. The promoter/agent, to two girls arriving together: “You know you have to take your clothes off.” The girls glance at each other: “It’s OK, we’ve done this before.”

The blonde and brunette have flipped through the magazines and strip to bra and panties. But the agent wants the bras off. They forebear when he tweaks their breasts as they stand in satin bikini panties. He flourishes a small birch bundle. “I’m going to put you through a dry run.”

Both girls bend over the desk for tentative handspankings. Melodramatic gasping, typical of the acting in this era, with its cheesecake nudity, clandestine flashes of frontal exposure, and sophomoric, naughty fliration with the realities of how erotic the CP fetish was to its devotees.

The agent pulls both pairs of knickers down; again, this scene is shot from a ‘ceiling CAM’; the excellent view not exploited enough. The thin bottle-blonde is sent to the corner, facing us, knickers at her thighs, like a good girl. The brunette is birched, but it is silly–the agent just pushed her buttocks with the handle, the sting-y twigs hardly connect. The scene FADES and returns with the birching concluding. “Is that all?” she asks, somewhat disappointed, as are we. The naked blonde is brought out for her test with the cane, which is also silly and faked, although there is much commotion and gasping. We see the first view of secretary-assistant blond Sue, who was watching from just off-screen.

She responds to the agent’s winded plea: “I’m going to need some help, man of my age.” She takes over, the camera angle is from below, up the blonde’s legs.

Another FADE, again used to reduce the lengths of the spankings. The brunette is getting the leather sole over the desk and sounds as if she were having an orgasm. To be fair, her bottom is blotching.

Next comes a novel position–two naked girls fill the screen. The blonde lies on her back on the desk in the diaper pose; the brunette stands up on the desk, straddling her and holding her legs vertical, so that both bare bottoms are an easy target for the spanker. Sue AND  the agent smack away at both bottoms, a rather aggressive procedure if in fact this is only an audition. Someone is getting their rocks off here–we’re close ourselves. We FADE out of this scene for a new audition.

The next ‘intrerview’ contains a twist on this spanking couch audition theme we don’t recall seeing. A guy bursts into the agent’s office forcibly dragging a relectant blonde. He thinks an audition would do her good. He pulls off her dress, takes her bra off, pulls down her knickers and proudly displays her body, “especially the ass, isn’t that beautiful?” The visitor spanks her OTK while the agent fondles and tweaks her nipples. She is positioned for a mild caning–she screams out of proportion.

Another FADE, the blonde is kneeling on the desk, being worked over by both men, and quite fully exposed, knees wide, breasts hanging, she gets the leather sole, a switch, the cane. Whoever brought her, someone should take her home.

Both men are exhausted, it seems, so Sue, probably as randy as the guys, finishes her.

Appointment With the Cane – CHEEKY VIDEO

30 May

M/f; time: 42 minutes

This film fleshes a premise we have always especially enjoyed. A  young girl must call on a male authority figure to be punished. She climbs the stairs to report and claims not to know what she has been summoned for. We witness her realization of an impending spanking when she spots punishment implements laid out on a couch.

The thin blonde wears a thin simple blouse, short black skirt, and heels. “Do you know why you are here?” “No.” The disciplinarian boss pulls her OTK quickly; she protests weakly: “This is not a common practice these days…this isn’t the Sixties.” “Do you want to keep your job?”

Skirt up, tiny white thong, almost completely white bottom. A long, slow handspanking. Her muttered protests of “stupid” and “pervert,” in a crystal British accent, just increase our desire to see the spanking accelerate. She even asks, “Isn’t your arm getting tired?”

The boss has her stand, continues the handspanking in this posture, and drags down the little thong trifle. He reaches for the wide strap. “You’re kdding me,” she says. She leans over the couch and eventually kneels on it for a long moderate strapping, her thong puddling at her ankles.

From off-camera, the boss retrieves a padded spanking trestle, the familiar variety, rounded, padded, and waist-high, and not found in department stores. He assists her to bend over it,and she flashes a cute tended mohawk–she is a modern lady she is, and not as modest as she should be.  A long strapping scene follows, almost 10 minutes, before the boss switches to a large wood round paddle. She counts six backward. All the spanking is moderate, appropriate because this is a long film and there is no down-time between implements, no talking or undressing. All business.

The spanking, paddling, and strapping sequences take most of the film. The sweet blonde, having become quite submissive as the spankings progress, arranges to give us casual glimpses of her wispy landing strip as she is urged from one position to another.

The male boss reaches for the cane in the last six minutes of the film. Her weak protests: “I don’t want the cane,” are ignored, of course. The caning itself does not reach the crescendo most canings do after such a bare-bottom warmup, short rapid moderate strokes don’t mark up. The highlight of this film for us has been watching the portrayal of a normal, everyday office employee, albeit attractive, willingly allowing her pants to come off for a disciplinary session.

Stroked By The Cane – BIZARRE

30 May

FM/3f;  time: 47 minutes

Possibly a ‘Kane’ production from the 1980’s; George Harrison Marks production, with his characteristic ageplay, absurdist sardonic version of how to maneuever a girl into position. An opening graphic suggest the theme is based on a story from 1760.

Mr. Hors is a practicing barrister with an advanced case of the English Vice. The film opens with Hors’ secretary bottoms-up over his desk, being spanked for a clerical error. “I want your knickers down and you over the desk.” She’s got a big bottom–he can use two hands. She takes her own knickers off and spreads her legs, apparently office policy. After 12 from a plastic ruler, “I think we’ll have the cane…your job depends on it.”  She can’t keep count, takes 14, and although the strokes did not seem harsh, there is evidence of wheals and welts, and a cluster of wrap-around marks the result of a whippy, flexible cane. Hors admires his craft.

A new scene: two young ladies are meeting with Hors, who explains that their Uncle Silas has left them a half-million pounds each, but with a proviso. Since they misbehaved  with him 25 years ago, Hors explains the Will requires they must recieve a “severe spanking, in this office, by my hand.” The girls debate–it IS a lot of money, and what’s a bit of spanking?

Blond Callie agrees to go first, skirt up, thong provides plenty of bare skin. She struggles OTK while brunette Rebecca watches in mock horror. Callie stands and takes off the rest of her clothes and goes over the desk for the martinet. Attorney Hors gets her legs open–some law practice this is! Rebecca isn’t spanked today, but she must sleep on the knowledge she is next.

“Monday March 30th”: Rebecca is on tap today (the girls wear the same clothes as the previous scene). She is ordered to undress and has figured out this sleazy guy. “This is just an excuse, isn’t it?”  After a pause at her undies, she gets naked, for handspanking and the martinet,  on a conference table.

“Monday, April 6th”: The girls return for their weekly appointments (this time different clothes). The humiliation level increases. They are spanked together, must spank each other, and the attorney’s secretary is called in for a crack, any pretense at propriety dissolving. The ladies are nude, flash frontal glimpses on occasion, and they actually stand at the fireplace, a British CP altar.

The girls stand naked to hear their money will be paid in “thirty installments”; they are furious at this duplicity and, bare as they are, they jump the male attorney and his secretary and try to spank them. The film ends in a general raucous melee of bodies typical of GHM.

Disciplinary Measures – BRITISH SPANKING

30 May

M/f; M/f; time: 48 minutes

This film seems to  be unrelated to the Paradox film reviewed on other sites. A blonde, maybe a tad too old for the schoolgirl uniform she wears, has been sent to a local retired schoolmaster, who runs a private disiciplinary service to assist the school district. Holding up his cane, “You’ll be here for a week.” Only the British can get us off to such a rocking start.

She starts on domestic chores–sweeping leaves, cleaning the kitchen, and scrubbing floors on hands and knees, providing shots for the enterprising CP cameraman. She takes a break, phones a friend (in Australia, and not on her cell phone!) and is caught. One assumes there will be a lot of CP this week.

The headmaster takes her OTK, regulation knickers down, she squawks and struggles, not a good thing to do if you are here for a week. Nice round bottom, strong and solid thighs. “Stop winghing.” A loud handspanking filmed from several angles and a tush made for CP. She gets ‘slipper’d’ actually with a flip-flop, which makes a pleasing crack. Panties down, knees wide, There is dialogue we can’t hear because she is yelling so loudly.

“I’m still not satisfied,” observes the disciplinarian. She kneels and bends over the back  of a chair for a short session with a cane, a half-dozen on her knickers; then, pants down, the headmaster has the largest birches we have ever seen, like tree branches. She gets six lashes and screams up a storm. It will be a long week.

A second, unrelated segment, featuring an early CalStar actor sometimes called Reggie. Lisa, a thin Audrey Hepburn-style brunette, skylarks at a computer with magazines and headphones. The young-looking Reggie is “in loco parentis,” as they say when a young girl is about to be spanked. “They’ve given me carte blanche.” “You’re going to smack me, aren’t you?” “Lift that dress.”

He squeezes her buttocks and pulls the knickers down for a bit of a peek. “The time is nigh,” he announces, in his signature-style silly banter. Pants down, he zeros in on a small tattoo  on her right cheek. This actress is no waif-like fashion model from the waist down. The OTK spanking is awkward because the chair is too low, so Lisa obligingly straigthens her legs to keep her bottom centered.

She bends over the back of this strange chair for the tawse, “a taste of hell,” Reggie calls it. Wall mirrors provide 360-degree presentation of this spanking. He searches her cheeks for untouched spots and cracks her thighs on occasion. Corny and garroulous Reggie is also a borderline pervert.

“I want you completely naked.” The full mirrors reflect a lovely body, disguised in the loose clothing she wore. Lisa is just shoes and socks. He lectures, we ogle. Some PT-she runs in place, sweet jiggle.

In a scene cut, she lies naked on an unmade bed which has been in the scene. He canes her six times then tucks her in–no PJ’s tonight, and she sleeps with the cane as a companion.


Naughty Girl – CALSTAR

29 May

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A cute American brunette pays a call on an Hispanic guy because she is feeling naughty and needs spanking. He takes her OTK as she squirms and giggles, freely allowing him to probe between her legs while her shorts are still on. Both are tattooed and definitely short on any Victorian or schoolgirl image. The guy picks up a heavy doubled strap but mostly teases with it. The girl unfastens her little shorts, kicks off her thong, and kneels on the couch for the strap on her bottom and thighs, still giggling. Some handspanking and slapping in places you couldn’t do in a headmaster’s office. Various positions on the couch–the spankings are not noteworthy.

Hands-on-head for the cane. Tappity-tap. The guy takes her top and bra off–she has carnival-class tattoos and nipple jewelry, but is cute now in just sneakers. The shoes actually come off for a mild bastinado. He teases her with the cane and its tip while she stands naked in the center of the room.

Some more OTK and some fondling. “Go to my room,” as he strides after her.

The Caning Machine – CALSTAR

29 May

M/f; time: 26 minutes

An oldie and famous for its conclusion, which we were surprsied to find was not as wicked we had expected. Actor Martin Sykes plays one of the great sleazy ageplay spanking aristocrats, one of those gentlemen you will find at the bar pinching bare bottoms in a George Harrison-Marks-era film. He is a devious weasel. An actress credited as Luna Winter is the guinea hen here.

To silly tension-intended soundtrack music, we watch Sykes assembling his caning machine, a Rube Goldberg device in light of the current spanking machinery, but a lot of fun. Luna arrives late and signs the punishment book. She has an appointment, for what Sykes tells her is “mortification of the flesh,” as he shows her the machine.

We must get started. Luna first bends over a desk for a palm-size tawse on her jeans. She then takes her jeans and knickers down together–don’t know why they came down in a bunch–for more tawsing on the bare, the camera work showing up and down her legs. OTK, a slow and silly spanking, but ritualized, with fondles.

After a fade and cut: “Taking effect? We’re halfway through.” Luna has dressed again in this interlude and kneels on a chair for the crop on her tight jeans.

“Now…strip!” Lovely shock and awe, slow grudging compliance, excellent stuff. Luna gets naked and shows us everything. Sykes is wonderful when he is firm and angry.

It’s time for the climax. While she stands there nude, with Sykes in professorial garb, he loads the cane by pulling it back like the string of a bow and locking it, bent and ready to be sprung, in place. Naked Luna will assist in a demonstration first. She holds a pillow just so–Dykes releases the spring and the cane whacks the pillow, startling Miss Winter. No mistaking how this works.

Now it is her turn. She positions her bare bottom and Sykes makes his setting and loads the cane. He releases the trigger. Luna jumps and screams. Sykes checks her buttocks. “It’s nothing….nothing.” Not true–the single welt is already noticeable. She is let off–she did not run off as other reviewers have described. This torque is too much. We had to wait 20 years for a European company to get the sweet tension just right and add automation


29 May


 Domestic discipline, ‘below-stairs,’ we presume; the governess of the house, acting somewhat as a mother to help the widower Master, has access to the bottoms of the daughters, and the young girls who work in the manor. A maid has broken a vase and the governess belabors her bare bottom while two other maids look on, apparently receiving some satisfaction watching the sufferings of their colleagues.

A maid intentionally spills some ink on the desk while the governess is out of the room. Another maid with ink stains on her clothing is brought in, framed for the spill, and made to strip to gymslip, naked from the waist down. Cute little bottom and fuzzy front. The governess spanks her OTK while we cut to the kitchen where another redhead servant pares a ginger root raw in just the right shape. These nasty and erotic little Lupus touches!

The ginger root is brought in on a sterling tray, how Victorian, and it is slowly and carefully inserted in the maid’s anus in closeup, surely to the delight of the house staff spectators (glad for today it’s not them), not the least of whom is us.

A different scene (we are confused–no subtitles): Daughter Hannah is naked with her naked boyfriend and the two are hidden from the suspicious Master and governess by redhead sister Maria in the folds of her bed. They later find the boy’s underwear in her room, and she goes over the chair for a moderate cropping by RGE standards, but we’d say the casting department hasn’t lost its eye for the lusty naked young lady.

In another scene, a thin and almost bony redhead is brought into the house by a soldier, in soft helmet, rifle and fixed bayonet, right off the stage of Gilbert&Sullivan! She has done something and he is the gendarme. The girl has to strip naked and gets the crop over a chair while the group watches and the soldier pretends disinterest. She’s a screamer.

Too bad redhead Maria escapes punishment. She’s the pale-skinned actress, one of the unfortunate students in ‘Wild Party 2,’ where she took one of the most interesting and tearful canings we can recall.

Tara’s Naughty Friend – MOONGLOW (SMART)

29 May

F/2f; year: 2003; time: 43 minutes

Older girls for a change, no regulation knickers or plaited skirts to contend with here. Linda, played by actress Sarah Harvey Lewis, arrives on the doorstep of her friend Tara (actress Stacey Rowe). She’s been caught ‘borrowing’ money at work and her husband has thrown her out.

Blond Tara wants to loan Linda money so she can make restitution and to house her overnight, but Tara’s husband objects, seeing the opportunities looming in front of him, and he’ll start with his wife. “I think I’ll give you a check…of a different kind.” OTK she goes, taking her own panties off. While there may be no schoolgirls present, these married ladies know the British routine. Tara squirms delightfully throughout.

Linda agrees to be spanked also–after all she is the cause of this mess. Tara, permanently without pants, goes to collect her husband’s spanking implements–she lays out quite an impressive collection. But Tara gets more first; Linda is shocked by the embarrassment and exposure when Tara assumes the diaper position on the couch. “My God, I thought you were just going to spank her.” Brief paddling.

More positioning for Tara–over an antique stool for a strap, and high over a barstool for a snake-like strap, which hurts–she jumps up and curses. Her husband has to pin her arms in place. Here is the first good facial of this attractive actress, and she is popping out of her bodice.

Now it’s Linda’s turn. She has seen an eyeful. “You’re not really going to do this?” OTK, skirt up, panties down, Tara rubs in the background. He goes to town on his naughty neighbor–over that stool, bending over, the paddle and two straps. She squeals. “Now Linda, I’m going to cane you…but first change places with Tara so you’ll know what to expect.”

Tara has wishfully  brought the junior cane, not the thick stick the husband prefers. Tara over the stool–these barstools are wonderful and under-appreciated. She takes about 18 strokes, then another dozen for mouthing off. “Bend over and touch your toes.” The caning is filmed from various angles.

Linda goes over the stool, hands grabbing the footrail, bottom high and waist-height for the caner. She takes about 20 strokes, not as hard as Tara, but excellent facials and over-the-shoulder views. She gets a few extras for the sake of parity.

Two bare bottoms at the wall, consoling each other. This guy has himself a set-up if he wants it, having amazing leverage, being able to take his neighbor’s panties off. The screen says: “To Be Continued.”

Invasion of Privacy – TOWER VIDEO

29 May

M/2f; year: 2004; time: 49 minutes

A  schoolgirl melodrama with some edgy additions, more graphic than what we would expect from CalStar or Strictly English. Two girls, actresses ‘Melanie’ and ‘Tara,’ enter a house without permission and explore.  The girls are decked out in blouses, neckties, plaid skirts, and bobby socks.

As they explore, brunette Melanie suddenly has to find a bathroom, and we’re give a closeup of her peeing, not a scene found often in CP film. She washes her dampened white panties in the house’s dormant hot tub and lays them out to dry. (We see the male homeowner has discovered the girls and is secretly watching.)

The girls have found CP implements, sneak a smoke, and generally loll about, teasing each other with a paddle. When they crawl on the floor looking under furniture, providing up-skirt shots (and Melanie of course has no knickers on), the Owner enters. They jump-to; he’s going to deal with them immediately.

After a FADE, a low padded easy chair has been positioned. Curly dark-blond haired Tara bends over the chair first for a handspankinog on her white knickers. A strategically placed floor-length mirror provides facials. Unfortunately the chair has wheels and is too  low, so Tara’s bottom is difficult to keep centered.

It is Melanie’s s turn–the Owner will take her OTK, in one of the few cute moments, she is hesitant because she knows she has no panties on. But he has the wet things in his pocket, so over she goes, with more touching toes. Tara joins for a bend-over, bottoms on parade.

After another FADE, a straight chair has been found to solve the wheeled-chair problem. Tara is paddled over it; Melanie faces us to add some frontal time. Melanie is paddled, Tara paddles Melanie. Tara kneels, Melanie straddles her–the Owner paddles both tushes.

Finally we get to the cane, we’re desperate. Ten light taps to Melanie, same silly stuff for Tara. The Owner makes both girls pull down their bras and show their breasts. Hands-on-knees for more cane. The Owner concludes with some fondling and handspanking as he admires the two bottoms he has captured.



Prison Punishment part 2 – CALSTAR

29 May

MF/3f; year: 1996; time: 53 minutes

Somewhat of a continuation of part 1; a female ‘warden,’ a tough, hard-spanking convincing actress we enjoyed as an intimidating school administrator in ‘College Classics #6,’ here dressed in a reasonable guard’s uniform, will be featured. ‘Mr. Hunt,’ a carry-over from part 1 and this time the Governor, presents two girls to the warden, prisoners #66 and #57. Both girls protest their innocence of prison offenses, but the warden’s job is corporal punishment, not case review.

#57 will go first, a sexy long-haired blonde. “Lift up your skirt.” OTK, cutaway panties, lots of skin to work with. Prisoner #66 accuses the warden of planting drugs just so she can do some spanking. The warden tells #57, “Pull your knickers down…slowly.” Slow crisp spanking. #57 admits the drugs were hers but won’t give up her accomplice.

#66 is next, a short-haired frosted brunette. “Lift up your skirt.” OTK, she squirms nicely. She also half-masts her panties, “slowly.”

Governor Hunt bursts in, stops the process, accuses the butch warden of  “taking matters into your own hands.” Much to the warden’s shock, she is sent off to herself have to put on one of the prisoner’s smocks.

He’ll continue their punishments. The girls hate these tabards. #66 and #57 strip to bra and panties to put them on, protesting. “They’re for my convenience,” says the Guv, which in fact they are, providing easy access to all vital parts.

He stands, knee on a chair, has #57 bend over it. She presents a full and firm bottom for the tawse. Too many “oow’s.” Her caning: 21 strokes. Hunt is so proud of himself he checks the director for affirmation.

Hjunt places a cane on a coat rack for #57 to think about and continues with the tawse. He goes at her with the cane–over 20 strokes, no repeats we could detect, she jumps up in pain several times and has to regain control of herself.

#66 has been watching and now approaches the chair of destiny. He helps her down with her knickers, handspanking over his standing knee, the tawse slashed paint brush style, then the cane. About 25 strokes and much harder for some reason. The warden materializes in her tabard at this moment, surely concerned about what she sees.

The girls will watch their warden get mer medicine. Bend-over the chair, the convenient smock flipped up, full-size knickers get punched. Handspanking and the tawse–she squawks and jumps up a lot. This is so humiliating! Just 8 cane strokes to conclude.

All three girls raise their tabards for a bottom comparison and a final salute. Someone says something off-script we couldn’t detect and they all giggle.