Gym Lesson Pt. 2 – NETTLES

1 May


The second part of a straightforward caning session, containing the severity of a Lupus production but lacking any of the sardonic wit and self-effacing self-mockery Lupus would insert. Unless of course you can draw some such sustenance from the clumsy sub-titles.

An instructress is in the process of caning 3 totally naked girls in an empty gym room. When we sort out the sub-titles, apparently the girls are hopelessly lazy in gym. We recall in years past  the Soviet reputation of enforced training of their international athletes. One girl has already been caned and kneels on a hard chair, facing the wall, her stripes and wheals evident. It is an intimidating scene–a mean woman with a cane, three girls without a thread of clothing, and no way out.

In this sequel, the second girl is called out and kneels on a chair, her dirty feet a prototypical reflection of Russian film making. The instructress proceeds with a long caning, attacking the girl’s bottom from various positions, and throwing wild strokes all over buttocks and thighs at random angles. Not the rhythmic laddered caning we usually see. Her session complete, she joins the first girl, on a chair facing the wall. Two down, one to go.

Lena has been forced to watch, facing us full frontal, stark naked, hands-on-head. She kneels and receives the same caning, but with longer facials showing dripping tears, grimacing and screaming as the cane falls, providing the opportunity to fake some of her strokes. Sure eonough, when she joins her friends at the wall, she is less marked.

But we don’t need to question the authenticity per se. We’re here for the theatre. This film contained 3 sexy nude models and two vigorous and satisfying spankings. It ends with a bottom-scan set to a Gregorian-chant soundtrack. As simple as it was, we enjoyed it more than most Russian work, probably because the scope was narrow and there was less to confuse.

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