Jealous Model – CAL STAR

1 May

F/f;   year: 1997;   time: 20 minutes

Another half-length feature we had to dig deep into to find something to praise. Actresses Juliette Muir and Natasha Grove play two marginally smarmy models, roommates and competitors for assignments. Stephanie (Natasha) has gotten herself some jobs by accepting  spankings and offering sexual favors with her clients. Juliette figured out the formula, offered her bottom, and stole some work.

The girls tussle and playfully argue. If Jenny (Juliette) likes spanking so much, Stephanie will give her a taste. OTK goes Jenny, down come her shorts. “What are you doing?” she chortles. This view of Juliette, bent all the way forward so her head touches the floor, quite entertaining. Juliette appears quite insouciant and quite naked at the ballet barre in ‘Olympic Correction Unit.’

She has stripped to just a rose-colored bra and flashes her mohawk as she repositions over the kitchen counter, long legs, and on tiptoe. Stephanie, gallivanting on camera in just red panties and bra, pulls her own pants down to show what happened when she was spanked. She will remain bottomless to add some eye candy to the scene as she spanks Jenny.

After some faux strapping, Stephanie gets a cane and circles Jenny’s high available bottom bent over the counter, nicking, nipping, and snapping at her buttocks and thighs from various angles, keeping Jenny guessing and peeking. This caning technique would be entertaining in the hands of some of the more relentless disciplinarians.

First, “six big ones,” not so big and too fast. This actress does not know how to cane. “Don’t you ever take a job from me again….six more?” “OK.” And that would that.


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