The Caning of the Spanish Master’s Wife – MOONGLOW

1 May

2M/2f; time: 60 minutes

Initially a humdrum effort, with confusing plot lines and murky flashbacks, saved by a rousing, lengthy caning session to be described.  A Spanish couple stay at an English household, an abode where the tools and  procedures of CP  are readily observed. Host Dr. Fordham is furious with his maid Waverly, the actress ‘Leigh,’ who has brazenly spanked the visiting Master’s wife after she sassed Waverly. We soon conclude that everybody likes spanking in this place. 

An angry Fordham takes Waverly OTK and starts spanking, only to discover that her bottom is already warm from another recent spanking. Waverly won’t apologize for spanking their guest, so Fordham will spank her until she does. He spanks away, and begins to frig between her legs at breaks. She likes spanking and Fordham’s fingers detect this. “Something is happening here.”

There is a flashback to the scene where the imputent maid Waverly spanks the guest, madame (and actress) ‘Aura Adama.’ Aura is arrow-thin, exotic and smoky Spaniard, reminiscent of an early Cher, complete with long straight dark hair. She is spanked over the bed, soon on the bare, in the sparse motel-like bedroom Moonglow often uses. The Spanish master bursts in, and after his initial anger at the maid for spanking his wife, he will carry on spanking both women.

This Adama couple was seen in CalStar’s ‘Uncompromising Canings’ and others.

The actor playing the master is an excellent spanker. He gets both bottoms bare on the bed–his wife gets her dose for rudeness and Waverly for the temerity of spanking the madame. “I am the only one who can decide when to spank my wife, understand?” Very appealing obliques of the bare bottoms kneeling on the bed. A chest in the room contains implements–the Master knows where to look. Several paddles used effectively elicit cries and grunts. This session ends.

The Spanish Master takes Aura to the “punishment room,” in fact the paneled set Moonglow used for many schoolgirl comeuppances. He’s got an armload of implements and she stands, hands-on-head. Maid Waverly peeks into the room.

The Master wooshes his cane, teases her with the tip. She is ordered to pull up her skirt. She left her panties in the bedroom. There begins a long, well-filmed, effective punishment sequence, almost 30 minutes. First is the leather paddle while she stands, then over the standard Moonglow school desk for hard paddling, filmed from below, hard cracks, she is reminded to keep her legs open as her charms wink at us, a long tawse brings a different kind of cry.

She must take off the rest of her clothes and does so slowly–blouse, skirt which was bunched at her waist. Just a bra left. More of the tawse and a hard ping-pong black paddle. Closeups. Bottom-of-the-Month. Bra off. Just stockings and heels left, some find this better than naked. Now over the dunce’s stool, boobs hang, “spread your legs,” for the paddle and the tawse.

Her husband the Master shows her the cane, “your favorite English implement.” “No, please.” Back over the desk again, a much better position for caning because the strokes are made horizontally and the bottom is fully exposed on the screen. A long sequence, over 60 strokes  on film, over 10 minutes. Several angles–obliques, facials, bottom closeups, excellent color and lighting. White marks mature to rippening stripes as we watch. One of  the more entertaining and well-acted canings we’ve seen in a while. Welts and wheals, a multi-colored developing tush, legs open. And it appears she is getting aroused. Brave acting–Aura knows what to do.

The Master fondles and begins a lusty squishy frigging toward the end, causing her to orgasm. She must parade around naked at the conclusion hands-on-head, bend-overs, touch toes. Full frontal views and she is proud of her perfect, trim, unblemished body.

Lastly, back to Waverly and Fordham. She gets one last bare bottom OTK with yet another paddle before she is excused. “You can go. Pull those up first though.”



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