The Worthless Little Maid – STINGINTHETAIL

1 May

F/f; year: 2001; time: 53 minutes

The film starts out as a potentially silly Domme/submissive story on a cheap B&D set, but escalates into a caning worthy of the Eastern European films a few years later. Domme Dawn Deacon catches her maid in her fixtured B&D chamber leafing through a Domina magazine. The lighting and blocking of the scene are laughably terrible–a technician actually gets in the shot and the film editor left it alone. Positions and placements are often awkward. But we will forgive and forget all this by the conclusion–trust in it.

Mistress Dawn takes the lazy maid OTK. The maid is wearing a black latex maid’s outfit. Skirt up, loose red panties, pants down, a lot of yakking, not much spanking, the maid unzips her latex dress so the mistress can fasten her to a frame, wrists cuffed,  arms strung and spread, legs opened with a spreader bar, “X” position for a thorough handspanking.

All the equipment is handy in the room. The maid is bent over a spanking bench/trestle, panties gone for good, for a larger round leather paddle. The intensity increases, the chatter stops, and the gasping begins. Another paddle, a palmprint, but the size of a ping pong bat, stings as much. And last in this position over the horse, a hard wood paddle about the size of a vanity mirror–pentrating smacks.

The maid drags a low table from off-screen and lies face down on it, legs in a wide ‘V,’ for the cane, Russian style. Almost 20 strokes filmed, not all seen striking home, which makes sense when given the accrued canings we will be watching. The maid kneels up on the table, knees wide, for 10 more.

She drags in another fixture, the “whipping bench,” like a large padded stepladder/platform. The maid takes off her own bra and now wears just stockings. 10 cane strokes kneeling on the bench, then a position adjustment which serves as a rest break, followed by 10 more strokes. Flecks of blood are developing on her right buttock from the tip of the cane.

This electrifying beating is far from over. Dawn selects another cane, proudly notes the blood, and lays on fully 30 more cane strokes focussing on the left cheek. Repeats are worked in using facials and angles. Nevertheless,  the maid’s bottom is turning into a country road. Some talk, then eight more! Blood trickles down. More yakking, before Dawn snaps 15 MORE.

Dawn matter-of-factly dabs and wipes the blood off the maid’s right cheek and announces: “Final set….full force on your bottom.” Six zingers, counted aloud. Quite a day. Even with repeats, this was a thorough caning only for experienced players.

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