2 May

 MF/2f;   year: 1998;   time: 60 minutes

A droll theme and fruit for the imagination. The Todbury Town Council has set up a Marriage Correction Service; women are spanked at the Service for marital and domestic strife. This is hard work–somebody’s got to do it–and a staff needs to be trained. A long, older Moonglow, made in their ‘documentary’ style with screen text scroll, in a simple, flat, one-room set, and produced by spanking aficionados who know the erotic cues, containing thorough, legitimate spankings.

The Service hires disciplinarians, there is so much work to do. Actress Dominique Wright, as ‘Mrs. Horne,’ a studious-looking blonde in business attire and glasses, reports her first day. The male director shows her the office she will use; she notes the canes hooked over the pictures on the wall–are they decorations?

The director explains she must first actually experience the punishment techniques. Horne’s mild objections are rejected. It’s to be “strokes, not notes” to complete her training. She doesn’t know why she has to be spanked here–she has a husband for that at home.

Blazer off, careful positioning over the director’s lap–talk on the how-to of the OTK posture. A mild handpsanking starts, with the director illustrating how to hit harder if the “customer gives cheek.” When the director hikes up Horne’s skirt he is surprised to see her bottom already marked, showing red at the fringes of her white panties. It seems Horne was “practicing” at home with her husband. (We remember the delicious spousal practice session in CalStar’s ‘A Very British Compromise,’ where the wife absorbs some painful pointers for an official spanking she must admininister.) Horne will be back on the dole if she can’t spank hard.

The director displays the Service’s implements; she bends over the desk for the martinet. Panties down, “Oh, no!” and puddled at her high heels, just two of Moonglow’s blood-pumping cues. The director snaps hard strokes and explains–strike not too high, not too low, and watch the flanks. A second martinet stings more. Excellent closeups over the desk, knees locked, bottom high, Horne says it hurts. “If it didn’t hurt, there wouldn’t be much point in the therapy, would there?” Point taken.

The director clears the desk Horne will use, she lies full length, panties disappeared, in just blouse, rucked up skirt, and stockings, low heels. She learns what different tawses feel like, which is not so good. On her feet, the director retrieves the canes. “On, no, you mean they’re not decorations?” He makes her examine them–close facial as she fingers the rattan.

Over a high-backed easy chair, which elevates her bottom and forces her legs straight, she will taste the canes. Off with the skirt and the blouse, slowly and sexy. Just bra and elastic stockings. the director explains the cane grip and again where to hit–and that is the plump, round buttock. A dozen strokes with each of the two canes. This, after all, is instructional. “If it doesn’t hurt, we’re not doing the job. ” Point taken again.

Horne has gotten a sore and well-marked bottom but she has accepted all this as office procedure. The director asks what time her first appointment is. “Get dressed and be prepared to meet your first client.”

The actress Jenny Close, a tall, short-haired brunette, enters, insouciant, cheeky, smoking a cigarette, not-at-all-convinced, and just plain asking for it. Seated at her desk, uncomfortably, Horne reads Jenny’s offenses–looks like her husband turned her in! The girl doesn’t know what “this department” does. It’s “corporal punishment. ” “You’ve got to be joking…nobody has ever smacked me.”

Horne drags her OTK without much fuss and begins spanking on her red tights. Tights down, then silver panties soon follow. Hard spanking. She agrees to take her pants off. “You love this, don’t you…you’re a bitch.” Jenny suspects someone is watching through one-way mirror.

Over the desk for a hard and loud martinet. Top off, she’s naked, no bra today. Flat on the desk for the tawse. “Oh, God…oh, God…you cow!” Etc; Horne paddles even harder because Jenny sasses and won’t admit the charges.

A  very hard ping-pong sized paddle. “If anything is gong to teach you a lesson, it is going to be this.” Closeups. Her bottom surges up and down. Top-notch paddling and almost more than we could take, so erotic. Great to see a naughty bottom get comeuppance.

Over the chair, naked, black fuzzy front, for both canes, as Horne follows the formula. 15 strokes with one, then 15 with the other. “Oh, God, Jesus!” etc. The first good closeups of her pretty Demi Moore-like face occur here. She stands naked at the wall for our inspection.

One of the better from abundant Moonglow. We conjure a waiting room for naughty wives, squirming bottoms, receptionist, trsatment rooms, men taking their women to finish the job. Moonglow does list a sequel.

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