Piercing Punishments – STRICTLYMISSBROWN

2 May

F/3f;   year: 2010;   time: 1 hr, 18 minutes

A long film from the rejuvenated  Miss Brown production company. Cute blonde Inga (actress Lava Valkyrie), dressed in detailed schoolgirl kit, will be one of the three morsels served up for us. She coaxes school staffer ‘Miss Fox’ (actress Xela Xaste) to take her to ‘Bodyworks’ for some intimate body piercing. Shop attendant Keeley (‘Keeley Macabre’) greets them and offers a display case of choices.

The three go in back of the store, where the action occurs; a sexy-looking treatment chair awaits, filled with promise for adult-film fans. Fox discusses her own piercings and is eager to help Inga off with her clothes to see what can be done. “Do you think Miss Brown will find out?” After displaying her own nipple piercing, she gets Inga’s blouse off then slowly removes her bra to examine her comparatively adolescent breasts. During this overtly lesbian play, Fox explains how much fun and “game playing” body piercing generates. Inga’s into it.

Down to panties only, little white boy-shorts. “Why don’t we have a look at your….lady garden?” Knickers teased down, a very naughty pubic shaving. Fox takes a peek. “You’ll be fine having a piercing there.” Back in the barber-like chair, buck naked, legs splayed. Fox plays with her.

Inga gets her undies back on, shopkeeper Inga joins them and readies her medical implements. Miss Brown arrives in the showroom–she is suspicious this is one of the places performing piercings for her students. Keeley tries to put her off but she enters the treatment room and confronts staffer Fox and student Inga, cowering in just panties on the chair.

Excuses aside, this violates school rules; Miss Brown must be a powerful lady; she is not only headmistress but can be town enforcer. She is going to spank EVERYBODY. Fox is sent to Brown’s car–we learned long ago that all good British disciplinarians travel with implements. Fox objects to dropping drawers in front of a student.

Brown wants to know WHERE Inga was going to be pierced, as she proceeds to service Inga in her own way. “Bend right over [the sexy chair]…stick that bottom out, Inga…I’m going to punish all three of you.” Brown slowly pulls Inga’s knickers down, in a style unique to her. Inga looks at the camera but somehow maintains her persona.

Inga’s bottom is totally rouge-red; Keeley is next. “Skirt off.” Onto the chair. Pink knickers. Brown keeps up the lovely CP banter. “Your bottom is a nice shade of pink…I can’t imagine what it is going to look like later this afternoon.”  Knickers down slowly, full view of HER lady garden. Inga has faced the wall, “knickers down,  touch your toes.” Keeley’s bottom has blotched and developed a sort of heat rash we see in vigorous spankings.

School staffer Miss Fox returns with Brown’s tools and is shocked to see the two red bottoms. Reluctantly she climbs into the chair, dress up, black panty-thong. Keeley and Inga are ordered to watch. She curses at Miss Brown, who yanks down the thong. With a stiff leather paddle, Brown smacks slowly and hard on the mature buttocks. She switches to a cane but lays only two strokes–sounded like the cane broke.

“Bottoms in a row…touch toes, all of you!” Brown can hardly disguise how much fun she is having.

Inga back on the chair for the paddle. The smacks are hard enough that the paddle shape is clearly discernible on her cheeks. At a pause she gets her knickers up but Brown takes them down and they continue.

Brown marches the girls out to the showroom, where they will be spanked over the glass showcase. She parades with a cane, a thicker one. Over the case, bottoms bare, 3 strokes on each pair of panties.

First now Miss Fox, Brown pulls off the panties again. “Nine more strokes, count them.” Zingers. Keeley next, her knickers down more gently–9 strokes. Closeup of countable marks. and last, undergrad Inga 9 strokes. The actress oblingingly arches her back and keeps her bottom out and available. Good thing no one stopped by to look at the tattoo and jewelry display.

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