2 May

F/3f;   year: 2010;   time: 59 minutes

Another new production from actress ‘Miss Brown,’ again beautifully staged, with all the CP cues used to trigger the erotic fetish. No blocking errors, careful attention to knickers, and exquisitelyslow action at the climactic moments.

Two gorgeous  blondes, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and Inga, awake in bed, slowly strip off their nighties to give a little 1980’s nudie show, then put on carefully selected school uniform costumes. Inga pulls on tight white knickers. “They make my bottom look huge,” she complains,  “but Miss Brown will like them.” And she will not be alone in that.

Ms.Rutherford’s CP career is well underway here  by the year 2010. We’d like to think that her accepting a role with Miss Brown constitutes an homage to the lady’s contribution to the genre.

The girls report to Miss Brown’s house on a Saturday; she is acting as a tutor, it appears. They sit on the floor at a coffee table doing  homework, under the watchful eye of the soft-spoken, intimidating, smoldering volcano Miss Brown. A female assistant, Miss Jayney, steps into the room and eyes the girls with unnatural interest. This thin brunette assistant, played by actress Charlie Sinclair, reminds us somewhat of Miss Brown 20 years ago.

When Inga goes to the bathroom to wash ink off her hands, Jayney follows her in and makes an attempt to seduce her, pulling her panties down in front and nuzzling her. A surprised Inga gently rebuffs her and returns to work. Miss Brown spots lipstick on Inga’s collar, and suspecting a liaison in the bathroom, determines a good spanking is in order. We’re well into the film. Amelia is sent out of the room.

Inga, the actress ‘Lava Valkryie,’ must undress slowly. Despite gentle protests, she hands over her tie, vest, and blouse, and is down to innocent gymslip and panties. OTK she goes on the couch for a rousing patented left handed handspanking from Miss Brown. The actress arches her bottom high to accept the smacks. The actress is theatrically shocked when Brown teases down her panties. Next comes the 12 strokes, counted aloud, from a short wide strap. Full swings, sonorous cracks, early bruising.  Professional film makers work the set–wonderful closeups, and multiple camera angles.

Inga stands and presents a fuzzy frontal; Miss Brown collects her knickers like a souvenir hunter. She kneels up on the couch, another prized CP posture, for the short wide strap. Twelve hard strokes, counted. “Wow, what’s that?” Bruising begins. Inga returns to her schoolwork, Brown ensuring her bare bottom is on the carpet as she sits.

Lesbian Miss Jayney corners Amelia outside, where she has been awaiting a call-back by Brown. The actress is the estimable Amelia Jane Rutherford, whose credits we advise you to consult. There follows some brief lesbian play, as the girls fondle and undress each other. Jayney keeps Amelia’s panties. Brown calls for Amelia, who hurriedly dresses.

The ever-intimidating Brown sees what a mess Amelia is and directs a slow undressing—tie, vest, blouse, gymslip. There will be no knickers, we are keenly alert to this. Hands-behind-back, lovely nude presentation, Inga watches. “You are both going to receive 12 strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.”

Inga first, hands-on-table, naked; Brown uses a thick cane and has always been a relentless caner. The stripes are instantly angry and ripe. “Thank you, Miss Brown.” Amelia’s tawny pussy makes background in the shot–she winces at the strokes. The bend-over is exploited by roving cameras. Inga finished, she is sent home.

Miss Rutherford’s turn, hands-on-table, she implicates Jayney in the tryst. She shivers delightfully as Brown runs the cane over her bottom and thighs. Jayney is called in and made to watch the festivities and will be girl #3. Amelia chokes out her 12 strokes, much more fuss but only light markings. Sniffles, facials, sexy.

Jayney knew it was coming. She must undress and wears a tarty bra-and-panty ensemble. Tattoos. Not the schoolgirl the other two portray so well.  Brown lowers her thong with the same delicate elan we often see from her, a quintessential element of the ritual. 12 cane strokes counted aloud. Amelia observes. A third bottom, yet a third reaction to the same intensity caning. Huge welts. She is sent away. “Get out, now!” We wouldn’t fire her but keep her around so we could catch her once in a while.

Then, a last ritual CP touch. The camera follows Amelia Jane Rutherford’s cute bottom as she leaves the room.

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