2 May

M/5f;   year: 2009; time: 45 minutes

LUPUS goes to the well again for this series;consensus would probably hold that the predecessor films are the most exciting films to be made in the CP genre. If this is your first awareness of these films, give us a bit and we will rehash Wild Party I and II. Master caner Jan Z. an angry parent breaking up a pajama party in ‘Wild Party I,’ a drama teacher in ‘WP II,’ and here a ballet teacher, is a little older and paunchier (so are we, sir) but there appears to be no diminution in the supply of young bottoms coming out of Eastern Europe.

Five young ballet students cavort, skylark, dillydally, goof off, and otherwise procrastinate. One of the great preliminary scenes, before we enter the ‘arena,’ as it were, consists of a shower scene. Four naked girls shower side by side in a large open stall, twisting and turning in glorious wet pinkness so that nothing is lost. A guy enters the shower room–some of the girls grab for towels, others are unconcerned. He’s a student-friend with some prurient interest in the girls, we have to guess this  without sub-titles.

The guy joins the girls for a little party in a dressing room with a bottle of sangria-type booze. The girls drink and dance, smoke marijuana, and are soon down to panties or less. A little healthy lesbian by-play ensues. Jan enters later and finds the naked girls in various states of consciousness.

The girls are sent along, but the die is cast. Jan interrupts the girls’ ballet practice, shows them a DVD he made of  their naughty party through a security camera. He flexes a cane and offers them that awful choice.The girls huddle in the same fashion as they did in Wild Party II and reach the same decision. They agree to accept punishment.

The five girls,completely naked,wrestle a heavy vaulting trestle into the center of the room, a device used for some wonderful spanking by several producers. The five nudes gather at a barre along the wall and will come forward one by one to be caned.

Each session is quite different, as to variety, intensity, duration,and effect. The first girl, a short blonde, bends over the end of  the trestle, arms stretched out. She takes just five strokes, characteristic wicked sizzlers from Jan; she can’t hold position and has to be held down by other girls. She must have broken down in the filming.

The second girl takes her place,  a striking tall blonde with pigtails, whose bottom and figure attracted our notice among the girls, courageously takes position and receives at least 45 cane strokes. Her pale skin marks quickly, she quivers,and struggles to remain brave.

The third dancer, a tall brunette with long earrings, looks a bit stupefied. She takes about 40 strokes,some wild and low. The girls at the barre shrink away, cover their eyes and ears.

The fourth girl,a diminuitive blonde, provides the most entertaining caning, one of the sexiest we have seen, as if the  actress was quite unprepared for what was to happen. She looks like she is going to the electric chair as she approaches the trestle. She takes almost 50 strokes, but needs to twist and jump around fiercely after each one. Some of  Jan’s strokes catch her flanks as she wriggles.

The fifth girl, a tall redhead with the palest skin of all, quivers her way through over 60 strokes!

After the girls are dismissed, Jan gives a DVD, this caning or the  drinking party? to the brazen student who visited the shower room, but he is knocked out by a boxer and the DVD taken. So,in current parlance, we can imagine these girls’ travails will soon be going viral.


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